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What makes esports lucrative and what it means for esports betting?

The competitive video gaming world in the last several years has seen increasing growth. The trend is on an upward curve with more and more players joining the gaming industry. Not only the competitors are increase but the popularity of video games is also on the rise in terms of viewership.

Many believe that esports may just be beginning but for future generations, sports might mean something entirely different. To understand what makes esports so popular we must know what esports actually is.

The Primary Esport Genres

Esports is not just the video games we used to know a few decades ago. Today, esports is much more than just being a hobby offering gamers to make a competitive and well-paying profession out of their love for video games. But the increasing popularity makes us wonder what makes esports popular.

First, you have to understand that esports refers to a range of games from card games to old-school arcades. But we really don’t associate these games when we think of professionals playing esports. When compared to the games that are played at the league level these games are nowhere that popular.

If you are a video game fan then it will not be difficult for you to make a guess what types of esports draw the most crowd.

It’s fighting sports games.

Also known as the combat games, these video games allow you to play as a single-player or partner with other players. Combat games like Smash Brothers and Mortal Kombat have been around for years. But the gaming industry took a turn around 20 years ago when the Real-Time Strategy or RTS games like Starcraft were released. You were given the ability to build an army and fight against your opponents together. In fact, Starcraft became so popular that in South Korea it became an unofficial sport with televised tournaments, sponsorships and scholarships. Some experts even argue that Starcraft was the reason behind esports gaining mainstay attention.

Then followed the FPS or First Person Shooter games that soon got to the top of the chain due to their straight forward tactic, you shoot the opponent before they shoot you. Games like Counter-Strike are now enjoying huge popularity and are making it clear that spectators enjoy team efforts. The team-based scenarios garner the most interest.

These kinds of games are known as the MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games that is where most of the happening esports scene is.

How MOBA Games Work

MOBA games allow players to select an avatar or a hero that they can personally use t battle against the opponents in a game. Both the teams are provided with a generic army of soldiers that continue to generate throughout the game.

The job of these generic soldiers is to provide support to the main hero. Their objective is to destroy the opponent’s base, the team which loses their main building first loses. Each player’s avatar starts at level 1 and as the game progresses and players kill the opponent forces, they gain experience and levels. The levels increase the power and abilities of these heroes impacting their game style.

What Makes MOBA games special?

The generic armies continue to go down the main paths and it is up to the players to choose where they want to attack during the game. They can attack in several strategies like putting multiple heroes in the same lane to push deeper into the enemy territory while ignoring the other opponents.

But in doing so they risk of losing the undefended paths to the opposing armies that will put their chances of winning at risk. This is why it is a constant game of attack and defence, back and forth that can be played with varying strategies.

MOBA always remain interesting as anything can happen anytime and the flow of the game can change in an instant. You have a chance to make strategies with your teammates.

It’s All About the Money

Money is the primary driver of the interest in about everything in life, the more the money involved the higher the interest. In esports, there is no difference and the gaming industry seems to be generating an excessive amount of revenue.

If we take a look at the most recent high-paying events, The International 2017 for Defense of the Ancients 2, a popular MOBA based game event had a total prize pool of 25 million dollars. We know this is unbelievable but have a look at the price money:

First place winner received $10,862,683

Second place winner got $3,950,067

Third place winner was awarded $2,592,231

Am sure this might encourage you to quit your job and start playing games full time. But, we do not want you to make a decision based on these figures alone as they are from one of the largest esports events. The money factor is not the same for all esports.

How Do Other esports Compare?

As we mentioned, if a particular esports has money behind it doesn’t mean all the sports have such huge reward money. Many of the fighting game tournament usually reward you anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000, that too only if you make to the main world stage.

Maybe you are one of the best players in the world in an esports but that doesn’t mean you will make an equal amount of money as others. It all depends on the viewership and the sponsorship that surrounds a particular esports. Its more or less comparing a professional hockey player to a professional soccer player. Both are part of the mainstream professional sports, but the game that gets more money for its players is the one that garners most crowd.

Hence, the money rewards come down to which esports you choose and how is its viewership and sponsors backing the game.


Viewership is one of the primary reasons why esports growth has witnessed such unmatched explosion in recent years. Not only fans fill the event held at stadiums to the brim but the numbers of fans watching the event at home are also staggering.

For instance, The International 2017 event registered over 50,000 attendees at the event but the viewership from home was many times that. On the opening day, at the peak, the viewership reached over 7.4 million people through varying streaming services. This was the largest viewing number that the event has experienced since its start.

This also gives a clear picture of what we can expect in the coming years from such events in terms of viewership.

What It Means For Esports Betting

More tournaments 

The higher the viewership and increasing popularity of a particular genre of esports will mean a higher number of tournaments. For example, in 2017 there were 16 DOTA 2 tournaments held.

With more and more genres of esports becoming popular year on year basis, it is most likely that we will have many tournaments to wager on.

As an esports bettor, you must keep an eye on all important tournaments to familiarize yourself with the teams and the players.

Find out where the money is 

It is important that you know which esports is popular around the world by staying up to date with the most popular esports. Know what types of esports bets you want to involve in and what are the risks involved.

The more popular an esports is, the more likely will be the competition and lower odds. Understand the teams and their respective advantages and disadvantages that you can use for wagering.

Benefits of less popular esports

A more popular esports will have all the information easily available and more competition with a little edge over the opponents.

You will be more profitable by picking less high-end games that are still popular. Less covered esports give you an edge to do your research and make a strategy to be beneficial when betting.

For esports betting, you must remain up to date with current trends. Understand when and who to wager on to become profitable in the long run.

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