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Understand Bet Brokers

Understand Bet Brokers: How to make more many at better odds 

Not all bettors are created equal, there are season gamblers than there are the professionals who put a large stake.

The professional bettors wagering large stakes do not want to face limitation hassles often placed by bookmakers which is why they need the services of bet brokers. The bet brokers cater to bettors looking to place a large bet without limitations such as stake restrictions and account closures for winners.

Understand Bet Brokers

The bet brokers make money by charging a commission on the stakes placed (deposits or withdrawals) through their platforms. Depending on the bet broker services you hire, the actual cost varies.

In this discussion, we take a closer look at what advantages do betting brokers offer and how their services are different from standard betting exchanges or bookmakers.

1. High Stake Limits

The foremost benefit that a bet broker offers is the ability to place large stake without limitations.

Standard bookmakers always have a bet limit in place that is disappointing. It is not uncommon for bookmakers to regularly refuse large bets in order to keep the books balanced or to avoid the risk of value betting and paying you a hefty profit. Either way, it can be frustrating for loyal customers to get imposed with low limits.

Therefore, they look for an alternative.

Betting exchanges might come to mind as alternatives, but as we know the liquidity on exchanges for some sports is low unless you can enter the bet just at the right time such as shortly before the start of the event. This is why there is a need for a site that will accept large stakes at any point.

Betting brokers fill this void in the industry. These services have the resources-the technology, bookies partnerships and access to overseas sportsbooks. This enables them to accept bets that otherwise you will struggle to place.

For a bettor on the outside, the bet broker account behaves just like any normal betting account, but behind the scenes, several transactions occur to make sure your total stake is placed successfully.

2. Centralisation 

One might argue that with enough separate sports betting accounts you can achieve the target of putting a large stake. Perhaps, you can.

But if you think about it the approach it is inefficient. You have to do constant price checks, additional bankroll management and the admin responsibilities increase multiple folds. It is not practical as well to keep a tab on all the betting accounts when you are in need to capture the bets at the optimal price.

With a bet broker account, you can control, if not all, most of your bets from a centralized betting account. These accounts often reveal the maximum stake you can put with a bookmaker or sportsbook with one click. This saves you a lot of time that you cannot afford to lose when betting during a game.

3. No Quibbles

Bet brokers offer one of the best benefits of incentivizing the stakes and not the losses.

For a bet broker, an ideal customer is the one who regularly:

Deposits & withdraws

Places stakes or accumulates a large turnover.

Betting brokers are not like traditional bookmakers and they earn a commission from transactions. This is why whether you win or lose is irrelevant to them. This is why one of the biggest benefits here is that you are very less likely to face withdrawal hassles when winning big as you might with bookmakers who begrudge large winners who dent their bottom line.

As betting brokers have nothing to do with winnings, they always keep customer satisfaction as their top priority. It is important for a bet broker to instil trust in their customers to keep getting the repeated business, that gets them the commission.

4. Interface to Overseas Bookmakers

Let’s face it, the number of bookmakers you can legally access from your country are limited. Online gambling is governed with licensing, regulations and legal policies.

What if you want to bet on particular sports or markets, but they are only available to overseas bettors?

Betting brokers provide you with an interface for a vast range of odds offered by sports betting vendors both inside and outside your jurisdiction. You can place bets with bookmakers that are not in your jurisdiction via bet broker account.

5. Price Sensitivity

At a bookmaker site, you have typically limited to avail the odds that are currently being made available. What if you want the price to improve before you can place the bet?

In most cases, you will have to keep refreshing the page until you are able to capture the odds you are looking for.

With a bet broker account, you have much-needed flexibility in the way that they allow customers to enter the stake and minimum odds, then you are free. Bet brokers will work their utmost best to get the bet you were looking for.

6. Best Odds

Bookmakers will hardly ever offer you the best value. This is why bettors look for alternatives such as:

Betting Exchanges-they offer fantastic offs and the best options but they are hampered by the lack of liquidity in some markets.

Sharp Bookmakers-they also provide great odds and decent limits but sharps such as Pinnacle are not available in all countries.

This shortage of best odds offers force you look for every industry-leading sports betting site such as Pinnacle, Betfair, BetJOE and SBO and pick the best prices for your selection. This is where a bet broker comes in. The only difference is there’s a commission factored in but the odds work out at significantly better value as compared to standard Bookmakers.

Most profitable betting strategies make money within the 1-10% range, it becomes important to look for the highest possible odds.

The Disadvantages to Using Bet Brokers

There are some cons of bet brokers that you must be aware of.

Trust. A bet broker account if often without the same level of protection in place as you enjoy with high profile and standard bookmakers and betting exchanges. You are just letting them manage your money out of faith.

No additional offers. If you enjoy to place multiples or get into casino betting from time to time or enjoy offers and bonuses, then bet broking account is not going to offer any of these frills. It is simply the sports betting in its most basic form.

Commission. There are no standard commission rates and it differs between brokers.

Turnover requirements. You have to pay special attention to the minimum turnover conditions as these tend to be highly strict at bet brokerages.

Not always the best odds. Although you will find the prices better than most standard bookmakers, some of the bet brokers are into offering volume. You have to have a clear vision, what do you prioritize-price or volume.

You can easily overcome these disadvantages by making sure you are betting only with the most reputable, legitimate and reliable bet broker services.

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