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What are Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Bets and how the find best value BTTS bets?

Both teams to score or BTTS is often a curious term for several bettors. Simply put, BTTS is a simple and straightforward betting type. In both teams to score odds are weighed on both teams scoring at least one goal in the final score tally. Any other outcome i.e. any of the teams not scoring a goal will result in you losing the wager.

Alternatively, you have the choice to choose No Bet for Both Teams to Score, that implies you believe that only one of the teams will score all the games in a game.

Being easy to understand the BTTS market remains one of the most popular football bets attracting a lo of bets for most games.

Now the question arises, is there a good reason to choose Both Teams to Score over other bet types?

As a bettor, you need to understand that your long-term success depends on you choosing the interesting and unique bets within a betting market. Many bettors, especially novices have a tendency of betting in markets that have little to no liquidity, i.e. they are placing bets in markets that have few bettors, as a result, the waging amount is low. In such bet markets, you have fewer opportunities to balance each side of the bet.

Low liquidity markets have less attractive soccer betting odds and unrealistic opportunity to make profits from betting over the long term. This is why choose the more popular BTTS selections means that you have a realistic possibility of being profitable over the long term.

Both teams to score is a good betting market for both experienced and beginners 

The beauty of the Both Teams to Score odds lies in their simplicity. You are no longer required to monitor individual score lines, specific players or teams or a total number of goals scored.

You are only required to be concerned about BOTH teams scoring. Therefore, in a fixture, if the teams are unevenly matched, you only have to know whether the losing team is capable of scoring a goal rather than wondering how many goals will be scored or which team will score the next goal. If you are planning to add an easier route to placing bets, BTTS bets can be an interesting addition to your portfolio.

Easier bankroll flow 

Both Teams to Score bets are usually settled as soon as both the teams have scored, so there is no need to wait for the end of the game to settle the bet. This gives you the freedom to freely calculate your gains and immediately receive the payout that can you can add to your funds and use the bankroll for the next bet.

Best way to find values within BTTS odds 

If you have been betting for some time it will not be difficult for you to predict whether both teams involved can score or not. But that is not enough to be profitable with Both Teams to Score in the long run. You have to find values within BTTS odds. The easiest way to find values is to focus on key team performance metrics. We have already detailed top 10 football analysis tips to double your success.

Can you know goal-scoring games with specific pre-match profile or statistics?

Not so easy yet you can use the pre-match data to understand what game can be a goal-scoring match based on the influencing stats. Remember, focus here is not to find specific high goal-scoring games but to find opportunities where both the teams are most likely to score.

What factors can affect the goals scored within a match? 

Both teams score prediction depends on four main points:

  1. Attack Strength/Offensive strength
  2. Defensive strength
  3. Goals scored, and
  4. Goals conceded

Teams with high attack strength and goals scored are likely to score whole teams with low defensive strength and high goals conceded will likely to concede goals. This is as simple as it looks. You can make sense of the data easily looking at these four metrics only. Although there are a lot of things to know about, when predicting both teams to score bets, this much information will be enough.

Other than this, some other data can also help you select the nest BTTS bets.

Looking at the number of games played home and away for teams can give a clear idea of how likely both teams are likely to score. Let’s take a look at the different matched played within the English Premier League from 2018 to 2019. This is how it will look:

Both Teams to Score for Home English Premier League Teams

HomeTeam        PercentageBTTS               Avg. Home Goals Prediction        Avg. Away Goals Prediction

Manchester United         76%                                        1.15                                   0.61

Southampton                   76%                                        0.73                                   1.23

Fulham                             59%                                        0.89                                   1.78

Arsenal                             56%                                        1.56                                   0.82

Manchester City               56%                                         1.81                                   0.71

Tottenham Hotspur         47%                                         1.48                                   0.67

Both Teams to Score for Away English Premier League Teams

AwayTeam         PercentageBTTS               Avg. Home Goals Prediction        Avg. Away Goals Prediction

Arsenal                           82%                                           1.07                                      1.57

Manchester United         61%                                           0.74                                     1.47

Southampton                   56%                                           1.02                                       1

Tottenham Hotspur        56%                                            0.68                                    1.82

Fulham                            50%                                            1.35                                    0.83

Manchester City               35%                                            0.57                                     2.1

The table arranges the teams in a way that you can find real value for BTTS odds in the English Premier League. This provides you with better options to place bets as long as you have calculated the expected value to find a value bet.


Both teams to score betting market is full of opportunities if you have the best idea of how to understand the pre-match stats and focus on limited information. BTTS prediction is easy and it is one of the easiest types of soccer bets that gives you real opportunity to remain profitable in the long term.

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