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Worrisome Weather and Football Handicapping

Weather and Football Handicapping – How Are They Intertwined?

Weather can be a spoiler for many of us, but some sports are more affected than the rest. NFL and college football games top the list. This is why football handicapping always consider unpredictable weather conditions before making a decision. If you are an ardent bettor then you need to consider weather as a variable in your calculations.

OddsMax is going to help you understand the basic impact of different kinds of weather on the overall betting strategy that will help you avoid common mistakes that punters often make.

Types of Weather

Impact of Cold Weather

Cold weather shows the most impact on the quarterbacks. You can think how hard it can be for them to keep their hands warm and functioning which makes it harder for them to keep a grip on the ball. The colder it is, the harder it gets for them to go to the pass effectively that can very much affect the outcome of the game. However, the effect of winter goes deeper than that as it makes it hard for other players to keep loose and warm. If a team is explosive, then it might suffer in cold weather conditions. Furthermore, when it’s cold, it hurts more when you are hit. If a team is playing against physical opponents then it can be a long day for the team. Don’t forget that cold weather often brings along snow or frost that can make conditions even worse. The ball is not dry anymore which can lead to a weak grip. Kicking the ball harder due to cold is even tough and it impacts the kicking game. If a team is playing in a foreign country, unadapted for the weather conditions, the more difficult it will be for them.

Impact of Hot Weather 

Most bettors think that its cold that is the most problematic weather during a game, but we strongly disagree. The impact of heat is often underappreciated which is why most of the time heat is not accounted for as a factor that can affect the outcome of a game. However, during months like September when there is extreme heat on the pitch, it can be extremely hard for players to stay hydrated. Keeping a firm grip on the ball can also be an additional challenge. Teams that are not used to such hot temperatures are worst impacted. However, when putting your wager on a team, inspect how hard they have practiced in hot conditions. Second, for heat to impact a game, it needs to be very extreme, which doesn’t happen often.

Impact of Rain 

Nastiest of all, rain can be the real sport spoiler as it can easily change aspects of a game. Because of Football handicapping, sports handicappers, it can mess the final score. During rains, visibility can be a problem for receivers while quarterbacks have to struggle with getting a grip and visibility too. The running becomes a hazardous task because of poor traction that can severely affect the game outcome. Poor traction is particularly challenging for the defense. If you are betting on a game that is to be played during a bad weather condition, you have to consider factors like how the field surface is before the kickoff, how effectively drains work and how rains affect the field. Some of the modern fields have synthetic surfaces that are virtually unaffected by the rains.

Impact of Wind 

Most problematic for the quarterbacks and the kickers, wind affects the accuracy of the ball when it’s in the air during a throw. The more inexperienced the kicker is, the bigger the factor the wind becomes. Check how much a team relies on the passing of the ball. The more it relies on it, the greater it will be affected by the wind. Now before you make a decision, you have to take a scientific approach here and consider how strong the wind is, from which direction it is flowing and how it affects the stadium where the game is being played. Stadiums that are geographically located where strong winds are common and come from a particular direction, they are more likely to be built to minimize the impact of the wind.

Key mistakes you should avoid 

Now we have detailed you on how weather conditions affect the outcome of a game, you can use the information for football handicapping. But before wrapping up, here are the two most common mistakes you must avoid.


It is commonly seen that the general betting public overreacts to the impact of weather conditions. We all know how accurate weather forecasts are. This is why you must not base your calculations on predictive statements. Also, do not overestimate the impact and don’t follow the crowd. People have a tendency of overreacting just like with other things such as benched players, injuries and replacements. As a handicapper, your real job is to make a pick, considering the weather appropriately but also counting in how the public reacts to the particular weather.

Ignoring the setting

Sometimes bettors do a complete analysis of the weather conditions and from where the teams come from. It is good to think of everything but most importantly, think of where the game is going to be played. The outer weather conditions don’t have any effect on the game if it is being played in a dome. When football handicapping, remember that some fields and stadiums are more affected by weather than others.

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