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Types of Soccer Bets You Must Know- Ways To Bet On Soccer

Soccer is followed by over 3 billion fans, that’s almost half of the world’s population. This is why it’s no surprise that the sport attracts wagers amount to millions of dollars. It is more fun for the fans to test their knowledge of the game and earn by taking on the bookmakers.

If you are just getting started with soccer betting then you need to there are several ways to bet on your favorite team or player. Soccer is not like other games where there are limited betting options. While some of the wagers are quite straightforward there are some that require a complex approach.

OddsMax advises you to learn about all types of soccer wagers whether you want to use them or not. Don’t worry we are going to help you understand the main types of soccer bets including the complicated ones. Our ultimate goal is to put you in a position where you can find the right bests in the betting markets.

  1. Full Time Result

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to put a wager on a soccer game is the Full Time Result. There are a few different ways to bet on the full time result that includes the most tradition win-draw-win market.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Germany vs Netherlands  / Full Time Result

Germany 1.52
Draw 5.24
Netherlands 3.25


This is an example of a game between Germany and the Netherlands. You will notice the difference between the odds for possible outcomes. Germany the game favorites have lower odds as compared to the Netherlands which is the underdog (for the sake of example). You simply pick an outcome to wager on. There is no technicality involved here.

However, there are some other ways to bet on full time results in a soccer game too.

1.1. Double Chance

Safest for all bettors, the double chance wager involves betting on two outcomes out of three. You win the wager if any of the selected outcomes are true. It essentially means you get two chances to get it right.

Let’s understand with an example. Here’s a double chance market for a game between Germany and Netherland.

Germany vs Netherlands  / Double Chance

Germany or Draw 1.06
Germany or Netherlands 1.20
Netherlands or Draw 2.98


Suppose you wager on the first outcome i.e. Germany or Draw. This wager will be successful if either Germany wins or the game ends in a draw. However, if the Netherlands wins then it will be a loss.

In the double chance market, you will always find much lower soccer odds than a traditional win-draw-win market because it is much easier to win double chance wagers.

1.2. Draw No Bet

Another relatively safer and straightforward betting option is the Draw No Bet. In this market, you only have two selections to choose from. There is no draw selection, the bet is essentially cancelled if it’s a draw and you end up getting your stake back.

A typical Draw No Bet market for Germany vs the Netherlands would look like:

Germany vs Netherlands  / Draw No Bet

Germany 1.06
Netherlands 2.98


If you choose Germany then you will win if Germany wins, lose if the Netherlands wins and will get your stake back if it’s a draw.

In Draw No Bet, the odds are a little bit better than Double Chance, but still less than a standard win-draw-win wager.

1.3. Handicap Soccer Betting 

The wagers discussed so far were relatively straight forward, but now the complication starts. Handicap betting is a common form in the US. If you know about betting point spreads, handicap betting is almost the same.

In handicap betting wagers, teams are awarded or deducted goals for the purpose of wagering. Most sportsbooks allow you to choose the number of goals awarded or deducted, and depending on your choice offer odds accordingly.

Don’t get confused, it all with make sense with this example.

Germany vs Netherlands  / Handicap Betting

Germany (-1)     2.60 Netherlands (+1)   2.10
Germany (-2)     5.82 Netherlands (+2)   1.10
Germany (-3)     11.0 Netherlands (+3)   1.00


In the above example, there are three distinct options to choose from. As Germans are the favorite, all options involving them have deducting goals. The underdogs, Netherlands have all awarding extra goals options. This is the standard practice, but some bookmakers offer opposite handicaps too i.e. goals are awarded to favorites and deducted for the underdogs.

Let’s assume you decide to bet on Germany (-1) in the game. It implies that Germany has to win with at least 2 goals for the wager to win. For example, if Germany wins 1-1, then essentially wager will be lost as the final outcome will be (1-1)0-1. Same goes if Germany wins 2-1, then the outcome will be reduced to 1-1 which is a draw. For your wager to win, Germany has to win with at least 3-1 so that the final result will be 2-1 when the handicap is applied.

In the case of the Netherlands, a wager on Netherlands (+1) means the team only have to draw the game and you will still win the wager. For instance, if the game ends 1-1, then the final score after applying handicap would be 1-2. If you pick Netherlands (+2), then the team can lose with a single goal, but still, you will win the bet and so on.

Handicap betting is an excellent way to manage risk versus reward.

1.4. Correct Score

A correct score wager as the name suggests is based on predicting the exact final score. This is a lot harder wager is often chosen by creational bettors who are not serious about making money with soccer betting.

You will often be tempted by high odds, however, you must not spend too much time or money on Correct Score.

  1. Half Time Result & Half Time/Full Time

Don’t let the name confuse you, these bets are very similar to win-draw-win market with a twist. They both involve half time results

A simple Half Time Result wager is based on solely predicting the result of a game exactly at half-time. Just like the Full Time Wager, here too you have three options.

Germany vs Netherlands  / Half Time Result

Germany 1.65
Draw 4.24
Netherlands 2.98


If you choose Germany, then the team should be winning at half time for the wager to be successful. The same goes if you choose a draw or Netherlands.

The Half Time/Full Time wager is little more complex, but we assume you already made sense of it based on the title. In this type of bet, you have to predict the result both at the half time AND the full time.

Germany vs Netherlands  / Full Time Result

Germany/Germany   3.40 Netherlands/Netherlands   9
Germany/Draw   13.00 Netherlands/Draw      14.00
Germany/Netherlands   42.00 Netherlands/Germany  22.00


In the above options, the first selection is the half time result and the second option is the full time result. You will have to get both the outcomes right to win the wager. For instance, if you choose, Netherlands/Netherlands, then the team must be winning at half time as well as when the game is over.

We don’t recommend you spending too much time with this type of wager as predicting the full time result is hard as it is coupling it with half time result will be a train wreck.

  1. First & Last Goal Scorer

Another straightforward wager in soccer, this type of betting is usually preferred by fans who are not particularly looking to make money but to support their favorite players. The wager simply involves guessing the player who will hit the first goal or the player scoring the last goal. Bookmakers typically will offer offs for every player taking part in the game.

  1. Total Goals (Over/Under)

A highly popular form of soccer betting is to water on total goals or betting the over/under. All you have to do is predict if the total numbers of goals scored in a game are going to be higher or lower than specified by the bookmaker. The simplicity of the total goals wagers is the reason why they are so popular.

Germany vs Netherlands  / Total Goals

Over 1.5     1.30 Under 1.5    5.60
Over 2.5      1.70 Under 2.5   3.25
Over 3.5       3.65 Under 3.5   1.50


*The reason why total goals in this type of wager are represented with half a goal (.5) is to prevent the possibility of a tie. 

Suppose, you think that Germany will score 4 goals in the game, then betting on Over 3.5 makes sense. However, to be on the safer side you can choose Over 2.5.

Both Teams to Score or BTTS is a new option in soccer betting being offered by some sportsbooks. It is a type of total goals wager in which you have to predict whether both teams will score or not. You will have two options to choose from, YES or NO.

  1. Outrights/Futures

The longer-term wagers, Outrights or Futures are not based on the outcome of an individual game, rather on the outcome of the whole league, championship or cups.

A simple example of an Outright wager would be betting on the winner of the EURO 2020. This wager requires you to have a pretty good understanding of the team you will be betting on. A disadvantage of Outright soccer betting is the fact that your bankroll will be tied up for long (maybe months) before the final outcome.

These are the most popular types of soccer bets you all must know. We also strongly recommend you to read 5 proven soccer betting strategies to double your winning chances.


OddsMax has assorted the most popular soccer betting types just for you. More options mean more opportunities to find a value wager and increase your chance of making money.

What we have shared is a quick glimpse of different types of soccer bets, but we advise you to explore more and gain knowledge that will you make the right wagers at the right time. And stick to the golden rule-you don’t have to use all types of bet, just experiment and learn what works best for you and stick to that soccer bet.


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