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top 10 soccer moments of decade

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade (2010-2019)

Another decade has come to an end and 2020 is here. We have compiled the list of top 10 soccer moments of decade.

For football, the past decade has been full of action and interesting interventions. As we step into the new decade, let’s take a quick walk down the memory lane and revisit the best 10 soccer moments of decade.

10 Best Soccer Moments of Decade

2010: Andrés Iniesta leads Spain to win against the Netherlands in World Cup

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

In 2010, the football World Cup was hosted in Africa for the first time. Spain won the game against Netherlands courtesy of Andrés Iniesta’s last-mile winning goal.

The game was quite an affair that also saw referee Howard Webb brandishing 12 yellow cards during the cagey yet feisty final in Johannesburg. It was a record number of times yellow cards used in a World Cup final.

The game got out of hand too a couple of times. One such moment was when Dutch defender John Heitinga was sent off in the 109th minute. For many, it remains a mystery how Nigel de Jong was allowed to play even after kicking Xabi Alonso during the play.

Ultimately, the game was settled by Iniesta whose winning goal highlighted the international dominance of Spain during the period. Iniesta celebrated with a T-shirt tribute to the former Espanyol defender, Dani Jarque was tragically passed away in 2009. Spain also went on to win the 2012 European Cup after the World Cup triumph. It is considered to be the best soccer moments of decade.

2011-Barcelona claims European Champions League from Manchester United in final


Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

Barcelona’s win against Manchester United at Wembley was the highlight moment of 2011 for the soccer fans.

Under Pep Guardiola, the team lifted the 2011 Champions League after a 3-1 impressive victory. Going into the game both Barca and the Red Devils looked the closest match on paper and even the game was even at 1-1 at half-time, but it was the other half of the game that entirely cemented the win for Barcelona and gave the team status of one of the greatest European soccer clubs.

In Sir Alex Ferguson’s own words, “Nobody’s given us a hiding like that but they deserve it.”

“They play the right way and they enjoy their football. They do mesmerize you with their passing and we never really did control, Messi. But many people have said that.

“In my time as manager, it’s the best team I’ve faced.”

The 2011 Champions League cup was the third European title win for the club in six years. What’s more impressive is that it was Guardiola’s 10th trophy as the in charge of the team in three years.

2012: Sergio Agüero claims the Premier League title 

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade
Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

The most thrilling moment for football fans in 2012  and best soccer moments of decade was when Manchester United reached the Premier League final.

It was easily the most dramatic Premier League season ever. In the final game, Man United has to beat Queens Park Rangers and they will be lifting the league title that has evaded them for 44 years.

As the clock ticked into the injury-time, the Roberto Mancini led Red Devils were trailing by 2-1. It was the moment when the game was heading in an unexpected direction with Manchester United ahead but Edin Džeko had other plans. His 92nd-minute goal bought the teams to even, however the winning goal from Sergio Agüero proved to be the title-winning kick of the season.

The goal left millions of United fans heartbroken and players in tears.

2013: Sir Alex Ferguson bids adieu to football 

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

On May 8, 2013, Ferguson announced his retirement from soccer at the age of 71.

At the time of retirement, United has won its 13th and the final Premier League title under the leadership of legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

With a staggering 38 trophies won by the club under his guidance and career spanning 27 years as the in-charge of Old Trafford, it is a spectacular achievement that no other manager had and most probably will ever able to best.

Speaking about the decision, Ferguson told, “the decision to retire is one that I have thought a great deal about. It is the right time.”

“It was important to me to leave an organization in the strongest possible shape and I believe I have done so.

“The quality of this league winning squad, and the balance of ages within it bodes well for continued success at the highest level whilst the structure of the youth set-up will ensure that the long-term future of the club remains a bright one.”

Ferguson was succeeded by David Moyes who was handpicked by the legendary manager himself.

2014: Germany handed Brazil a ‘sete a um’

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

During the 2014 World Cup things were going quite good for Brazil. Easily breezing through the group stage and defeating Chile and Colombia in the knockout phase, all the team has to do to book a berth in the final is to get past Germany. It is the breathtaking and best soccer moments of decade.

But the game night at Belo Horizonte was about to turn a nightmare for Brazil and curse their football in a way that they can’t truly recover.

Brazilian team had 204 million supporters as their fans when the Scolari’s side was down 1-0 just after 11 minutes into the game. By half-time Brazil was down 5-0, as if the humiliation was not enough Germany’s André Schürrle added a sixth and a seventh goal as well.

The 7-1 lead earned Germans an easy lead into the second half and went on to win the World Cup that year.

But the 7-1 loss or the “sete a um” became a kind of gallows humored verbal meme used against the Brazilian side.

Now when you are having a bad day in Brazil, you are greeted with Sete a um.

Drop your keys? Set a um.

Get locked out of your own house? Set a um.

We would laugh, but the Brazilian soccer team won’t.

2015: FIFA corruption scandal rocks the entire sport fraternity 

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

Following a major inquiry by the FBI, the US Depart of Justice indicted several top officials of the world football governing body, FIFA in the summer of 2015.

The controversy engulfed the entire football community. What followed were a number of arrests and the overall controversy ended the career of two most powerful figures in the football-FIFA President Sepp Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini.

2016: Leicester’s Premier League ‘5000-1’ Story

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

What can be one of the most remarkable underdog stories in soccer, the 2016 win of Leicester was that once in a lifetime game for which the bookmakers offered a 5000-1 odds.

In words of former Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore, “If this was a once in every 5,000-year event, then we’ve effectively got another 5,000 years of hope ahead of us.”

In 2015, Leicester City replaced Nigel Pearson with Claudio Ranieri who many experts predicted would struggle to keep the club in the top flight.

Despite the doubts, the Foxes made an impressive debut that season. Leicester topped the table on Christmas Day 2016, even after starting at the bottom exactly 12 months before. In the League teams like Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal were struggling to keep up in the game while Leicester was gradually climbing up.

Finally, in 2016, Leicester City became the sixth club to list the Premier League Cup.

2017: Neymar reaches the transfer no other player has ever reached 

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

In 2017, Neymar got the attention of the entire football family when on 3rd August Paris Saint-Germain paid €222m for signing him making him the most expensive player ever in the history of the game.

The Brazilian’s transfer from Barcelona to the Ligue 1 giants was a long dramatic affair that even put Paul Pogba’s €105m transfer to Manchester United in 2016 into shadow.

2018: Ronaldo scores the goal of the decade

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

Football history is filled with masterstrokes. If we narrow down the last decade then none will stand out as much as Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic overhead kick. Have a look before reading further:

The 2018 Champions League saw Ronaldo leaping almost 7.5” to score against Juventus leaving goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon helpless.

Such was the amazement of the goal that the Portuguese soccer star received a standing ovation from the home supporters.

2019: Liverpool refuse to give up against Barcelona

Top 10 Soccer Moments of Decade

The most recent memory of the decade from 2019 Champions League semi-final tie between Liverpool and Barcelona.

Mohamed Salah missed the game due to injury and Jürgen Klopp’s side had little scope of a comeback after being down 3-0.

But that night the Reds showed football fans what can happen if you refuse to give up hope.

Divock Origi bought the game to 3-1 until half-time that was furthered by the half-time substitute Georginio Wijnaldum who stunned Barça with to level the score after the interval. But the unlikely goal by Origi sealed the win for Liverpool.

That night the Reds went on to clinch the 6th Champions League cup.

Which moment of the decade is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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