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Best Sports Betting Blogs to Follow: Top 10 Sports Betting Blogs

Sports betting is not as easy as it might seem, this is why we often rely on sports betting blogs as well as tipsters to improve our chances of winning. Blogs especially provide us with deep knowledge about different sports betting markets, teams and odds. However, many of the sports betting blogs that you will find are sponsored by bookies, these are not reliable blogs. As these blogs primarily care for their partners, they mislead readers with false information to ensure that bookies make money while bettors lose.

This is why we are here with the list of top 10 sports betting blogs that you must be following to educate yourself and get a better hang on responsible betting.

The blogs we have picked for this list are the ones that responsibly curate information and publish articles that are highly informative and helpful. The share information without being biased and if you are losing money regularly, then it’s time you consider the information shared on these blogs.


Let’s take a look at the top 10 sports betting blogs you must follow.

  1. Pinnacle Sports

We know that we said blogs run by bookies are not worth it, but Pinnacle Sports is the only exception that offers quality information even though it is sponsored by bookies.

You will find a plethora of information and tips about sports betting. There is a lot of information available for beginners who want to get started with sports betting and even for professionals who want to refine their betting strategies and improve their winning odds. It is still difficult to understand what bookies get out of running such a wonderful blog to help bettors win more but it is one of the best blogs you can follow.

Pinnacle Sports covers all the information related to sports betting from psychology, statistics to great betting strategies that are used by experts in the field. All the information shared is written by the expert guest writers who have experience of sports betting. This is why we recommend you to follow this sports betting blog for information and insightful strategies.

  1. Daily25

This blog follows the life of prominent Australian sports bettor, Steve. He is one of those people who has shattered the strategies of bookies regularly to the extent that now sports betting is his full-time job. With Daily25, Steve shares his personal insights into the world of sports betting.

By following his blog, you can learn about sports betting starting from the very basic terms to the most advanced aspects. It is a personal blog, which is why the information is not only limited to general tips and tricks but also stats, results and educational posts that Steve has learned on his own. You will be enlightened with the best sports betting information, which is why Daily25 is on our list of top 10 sports betting blogs to follow.

  1. OddsMax Blog

It might seem that we are blowing our own horn, but we can’t help it. At OddsMax, we work hard to get the most educational and insightful information for our readers. We have made our blog to help beginners and expert bettors alike.

Apart from information about results, odds and tips for the upcoming games, we also share tested and tried sports betting strategies that anyone can use to improve their winning odds. All the information is curated, edited and written by the experts in the fields of sports betting. We also share the latest sports betting news so that our readers can always be on the top of their game.

  1. Punter2Pro

Run by a British fella, Punter2Pro is not just another sports betting blog but specialises in offering intelligent analyses, expert sports betting tips and opinions by successful sports bettors to make you a smarter gambler. It is one of the top 10 sports betting blogs because apart from comprehensive reviews, it also covers best tipsters, value betting as well as describe experiences, both good and bad, and answer questions from the learners.

He even tells you how to get your money from bookies when they don’t want to pay you after a win. You can rely on the reviews about the sports betting products shared on Punter2Pro because he honestly covers all the pros and cons.

  1. Sports Betting Dime (SBD)

Started as an experience-sharing platform by two sports bettors, Randy McInnis and Zack Garrison, today Sports Betting Dime (SBD) has become one of the top-rated online sports betting blogs on the internet. They intended to create a sports betting site that highlights the critical information useful for sports bettors that sportsbooks often don’t.

Sports Betting Dime editorial team offers best sports odds, news, pre-game betting analysis and tips on a regular basis. They also have dedicated pages for diving deep into major league sports including football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

  1. FiveThirtyEight (538)

This is a sports betting blog founded by Nate Silver who is most popularly known as an American statistician and writer who mainly deals with baseball.

In the beginning, he tried to create a baseball model called PECOTA, that try to forecast the advancement of baseball players. His popularity came, when he was about to forecast the results of 50/50 states during the 2012 US elections. He is also the author of the book: The Signal and the Noise- why so many predictions fail but some don’t.

After he became popular, his blog 538 came to limelight and we recommend you to follow this sports betting blog for in-depth information on NBA and MLB. Today, this blog not only covers sports betting news but also topics like health, science, politics and culture.

  1. Matched Bets

With over 30 years of experience in the betting industry, Matched Bets is one of the top 10 sports betting blogs that you must follow to find out great opportunities in the matched betting realm. The team behind this sports betting blog has a vast experience in different sports betting domains which is why the information they share is extremely useful.

They also offer tools that sports bettors can to make money from matched betting such as OddsMatcher and Acca Backers tools. Another benefit you get from their blog is the information on the upcoming games and how the odds are shifting.

  1. 12Xpert

Joseph Buchdahl, the owner of this blog is a lot better than most sports betting blog writers because not only he writes posts on sports betting but he has also authored several books on sports betting. He is like an entire package who tells you a lot about sports betting as a whole.

He is really an expert in the field and writes for some of the biggest sports betting blogs like Pinnacle. It doesn’t matter how the new you are in the context of sports betting or if you have ever placed a bet before, you can always easily learn the ropes of sports betting following his blog.

He has more than one website, where he shares information about football and other sports. He shares historical odds data set for many major European football competitions that reach more than 10 years ago. You can also download p-value calculator from his website that helps you identify whether your results are mere luck or outcome of a skilful strategy.

  1. The Church of Betting

This is not a clever wordplay but just as Christians go to the church to communicate with God, the same way smart bettors go to The Church of Betting for educational information on sports betting tips that improve their chances of winning. This blog is run by a Bulgarian named Nenko.

On this blog, you will find reviews of the best and most reliable betting tools as well as educational articles on various sports betting markets. You can use this blog to improve your sports betting psychology especially if you deal with arbitrage betting or value betting. Even for esports betting, this is one of the best blogs to follow.

  1. Gods of Odds

Launched in 2019, Gods of Odds is a new blog to the scene. Still, it can make to the top 10 sports betting blogs to follow because it has content focused on the basics of profitable sports betting.

On this blog, you will find several insights to the tipster industry along with highly analysed and educational articles from the expert writers. We are sure that you will enjoy this blog because of its enormous potential to help you improve your sports betting strategy.

We hope that these top 10 sports betting blogs are all you need to keep above the game and become profitable sports bettor in the long run. If you think we missed on some exclusive sports betting blogs or have suggestions, please leave a comment.

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