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Top 10 Soccer Goals of the Decade

Soccer is a game that never ceases to amaze. With another decade over, football fans are looking into another action-packed memorable decade that beings with the year 2020. But before we move on, it is only fair that reminisce the past decade by recollection the most amazing soccer goals of the decade.

While picking up the football goals that defined the decade between 2010 and 2020, OddsMax had a very hard time. There were some truly spectacular scores that were mandatory to be included. We think we have done the best possible job of assorting the best football goals for the last 10 years. We looking into both clubs and national teams. Also, we considered all tournaments and friendly matches.

Top 10 Soccer Goals of the Decade

  1. Arsenal’s tiki-taka

Nobody was ever again able to look at Arsenal after the players came along to plot the poetry in motion.

During the 2013 Premier League match against Norwich, Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere finished the goal, but other players involved got things into motion too.

This goal truly is the display of Arsenal’s football talent at its best. Even some people it was better than the Invincibles era. For so many reasons this tiki-taka goal makes it to our list.

  1. James Rodriguez’s volley against Uruguay

This goal made James Rodriguez join the force along with elites.

During the World Cup quarterfinals against Uruguay, Rodriguez conjured what became one of the best volleys of the decade that fans and foes marvel at equally.

That is why the soccer goal by James Rodriguez was a Puskas Award Winner.

  1. Olivier Giroud vs Crystal Palace – January 2017

At the beginning of the 2017 New Year, Olivier Giroud must have decided to goal some of the best scores. It is not uncommon for strikers to set such resolutions.

We have reasons to believe this because, by the end of the first day of 2017, Giroud has scored the best across that the fans cannot believe actually materialized.

While using his heal, he scorpion kicked the ball past Crystal Palace’s Wayne Hennessey after latching on the cross by Alexis Sanchez. The goal was absolute brilliance that required an incredible level of athleticism and made us understand how talented Giroud is.

No matter how improbable that finish was, but it was the beauty of soccer at its best.

  1. Payet’s free-kick that left physicist gasping 

There is no doubt that the gone decade has experienced some impressive soccer from Dimitry Payet not once or twice but on many occasions.

His goal against Manchester United was impressive on so many levels, but the one we picked for our list of top 10 soccer goals of the decade is the one he fired against Crystal Palace. The goal defied the laws of physics and truly bend the ball in a manner that not even Leo Messi will be able to replicate that beautiful motion.

  1. Pavard’s Argentina Eliminating Goal

Remember the game that sent Argentina back home during the FIFA World Cup in Russia?

Benjamin Pavard made sure that Argentina never makes it past the knock-out stage when he decided to send the ball flowing into the net.

If you watch the score in slow motion, then you will realize what it makes one of the best football goals of the decade on our list.

5.- Wayne Rooney Overhead Goal at Manchester Derby 

Overhead kick goals were the highlight of the soccer in the past decade. It was like they were no more incredibly difficult to perform.

During the Manchester derby, his spectacular 2-1 victory against Old Trafford in February 2011 made most of us skip a heartbeat. By the time Rooney has already become Manchester City’s regular tormentor that was taken to a whole new level when he deflected a cross from Nani inside the penalty area to shoot an overhead kick that went straight past City’s keeper Joe Hart.

  1. Messi’s Copa del Rey final score 

Messi is a footballer who has given fans innumerable moments to cherish.

With so many goals to choose from, we decided to stick the most Maradonial of all that took place during the 2015 Copa del Rey final against the Athletic Club.

Messi’s solo effort when he dodged several defenders to score a goal that nobody believed is even possible, makes for one of the best soccer moments of the decade.

  1. Ronaldo’s Magic for Juventus 

We understand you already knew that the gravity-defying goal by Cristiano Ronaldo for the Juventus during his first game for the club.

The goal was the deal maker for Ronaldo that gave Juventus the confidence in their decision to sign the star Portugal player for the next few years.

Such was the beauty of the goal that for the first time rival fans applauded for Ronaldo, we don’t think we can blame them.

It was one of the best soccer goals of the decade.

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs England 

As we mentioned at the beginning that we will consider friendly matches too for our list of top soccer goals of the decade.

Here’ one that happened during a friendly game between Sweden and England.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic no introduction as the master od spectacular football goals. His game is a sheer pleasure to watch and a nightmare for the opponents.

The one that became one of the best goals of the decade was when he was able to overhead kick the ball into the next over a distance that we believe is impossible to repeat for any other soccer player. The force of the kick and plasticity are signature attributes of Zlatan that we are yet to see in another player.

  1. Papiss Cisse vs Chelsea – May 2012

Theoretically, if you were to set up a panel of physicists to find out how Papiss Cisse’s goal against Chelsea materialized, still you will not find the answer.

During the play that took place in May 2012, Cisse has already scored one brilliantly when teammate Shola Ameobi chested the ball into the striker’s path that made for a goal that brilliant simply because of its simplicity.

Cisse simply let the ball bounce twice before swinging his right foot at it in a way that the outside of his boot sent the ball in a bending motion. Chelsea’s star goalkeeper Petr Cech was trying to grasp what is happening in front of his eyes and as a coping mechanism, he decided to fall over backward but it was not helpful. The ball went flying over him into the net and made what some experts believe is one of the greatest football goals not only of the decade but in the entire English football history.

These are our picks for the top 10 soccer goals of the decade. Which one is your top pick? Do let us know in the comments below.

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