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Top 10 Football Clubs In the World

Football is not just a game but a cult that also enjoys being the most followed in the world. Almost half of the population on the planet identify themselves as football fans. No wonder the money is also abundant in the sport. The popularity of football clubs also contributes to their earning. Several agencies keep an eye on the rankings of the soccer clubs to track their growth or fall.

Top 10 Football Clubs
Top 10 Football Clubs in the World


OddsMax has compiled a list of the biggest soccer clubs in the world for you. The top 10s in our list are the teams that had the most revenue and value in 2019.

  1. Paris Saint-Germain – $646 Million/94 Points

Paris Saint Germain
Paris Saint-Germain

Revenue in 2019: $646 Million

Total Valuation: $ 1 Billion

The only French club to be able to make it to the list, PSG is one of the biggest soccer clubs in all of France. Relatively younger than other clubs on the list, Saint-Germain was founded in 1970. With the recent investments from Qatar sports, the team has been able to get some of the most valuable players like Neymar into its arsenal. With four League titles, four Coupe de la Ligue, three Coupe de France, and five Trophée des Champions titles, PSG is on its way to becoming a world superpower.

With a total of $646 million revenue this season, PSG made a huge jump from last year’s earnings. The key sponsors for the team Emirates and Nike added $348 million to their earnings.

  1. Tottenham Hotspur – $511 Million/61 Points

    Tottenham Hotspur
    Tottenham Hotspur


Revenue in 2019: $511 Million

Total Valuation: $1.62 Billion

The Spurs have a distinguished reputation as they were the first British club to win a UEFA club competition in 1963 (European Cup Winners’ Cup). They also lifted the UEFA Cup in 1972 as the first British club, thereby becoming the first English soccer club to win two different European trophies.

Earning the 9th spot on the list of biggest football clubs in the world, Tottenham Hotspur has a remarkable $511 million revenue earning in 2019. From commercial partnerships and merchandising, the club made $129.53 million that included deals with their jersey sponsor AIA and technical kit sponsor Nike. From broadcasting rights sale, Tottenham added another $251.94 to the overall revenue. According to the accounting firm Deloitte, the club may witness an overall increase in their revenue because of their steady performance in UEFA Champions League and Premier League.

  1. Liverpool FC – $613 Million/120 Points

Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC

Revenue in 2019: $613 Million

Total Valuation: $2.18 Billion

Liverpool, with its record five European Cups and Champions League Titles, is the most successful English club in Europe. The football club is also the second most successful team in English Football only behind their arch-rivals Manchester United. No wonder the team attracts talent from across the globe and also has one of the highest fan following.

Taking the 8th spot on the list of the biggest soccer clubs in the world, the Reds has a pretty successful season earning a total of $613 million in revenues that included $190 million commercial tie-ups with sponsors like Standard Chartered and New Balance. Another $280 million came from a revised broadcasting rights deal.

  1. Arsenal – $520 Million/88 Points

Arsenal Fc

Revenue in 2019: $520 Million

Total Valuation: $2.26 Billion

Between 1989 and 2005, Arsenal has won five league titles and five FA Cups. The team continues to be ones of the biggest soccer clubs by fan following as well as in terms of revenue generated. Among the team’s achievements are double wins twice.

This season, Arsenal has generated a revenue of $520 million so far. One of the highest earners on the list, the team earned around $230.52 million through the sale of their broadcast rights and another $130 million through ticket sales. Also, Arsenal signed some major commercial deals this season valued around $133 million. Puma and Emirates are the main sponsors who contributed to its overall value. However, The Gunners were not able to qualify for UFEA Champions League 2019-20, which will make an impact on their revenue in the future.

  1. Chelsea FC – $597 Million/91 Points

Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC

Revenue in 2019: $597 Million

Total Valuation: $2.57 Billion

Chelsea is ahead of its London rivals Arsenal on the list of the biggest football clubs in the world. Today, the team has a fan following of 145 million worldwide. The club won its Champions League trophy in 2012 and became the first London club to win the title. With players such as Frank Lampard, Eden Hazard, and Didier Drogba, the club has built a formidable team.

On the business front, this season, Chelsea generated a revenue of $597 million thanks to its huge $ 213.59 million commercial tie-ups. Also, from the sale of broadcast rights, the team made $256 million. With the recent $66.82 million signings of Alvaro Morata, the team has recorded the highest valuation at $2.57 billion this season.

  1. Manchester City – $678 Million/89 Points

Manchester City
Manchester City FC

Revenue in 2019: $678 Million

Total Valuation: $2.68 Billion

Many people will be amazed to see Manchester City so high on the list, but thanks to their recent success and financial power, the team has garnered a valuation of whopping $2.68 Billion. In recent years, Manchester City has seen an amazing 523% growth in its fanbase. Also, the team has won the Premier League thrice in the last seven seasons.

With a total generated revenue of $678 million this season, the team has established itself as one of the wealthiest Football Clubs in 2019. With their recent sponsorship deals with Etihad Airways and Nike, they earned $296.23 million in revenue and another $265 million from the broadcasting sale.

  1. Bayern Munich – $751 Million/135 Points

Bayern Munich FC
Bayern Munich FC

Revenue in 2019: $751 Million

Total Valuation: $3.02 Billion

One of the most successful soccer clubs of all time, the German Bundesliga club Bayern Munich is the most successful of all German clubs. With over 45 million fans worldwide, the team is continuing its global expansion. Ever since the formation of Bundesliga, Bayern is the most dominant club with 28 titles to its name. Also, the team has won 10 of the last 14 championships it played.

The team rightfully holds the fourth position on the list of biggest soccer clubs in the world. This season the club generated a total of $751 million in revenue. A significant chunk of their earning came from the sponsorship deals with Deutsche Telekom and Adidas that fetched them $388.32 Million. This boosted its total valuation to $3.02 billion.

  1. Manchester United – $795 Million/151 Points

Manchester United FC
Manchester United FC

Revenue in 2019: $795 Million

Total Valuation: $3.8 Billion

Manchester United is a team with a rich history, that’s the reason it is the most successful English football clubs. With a record 12 FA Cups, 20 League Titles, a record 21 FA Community Shields, and 5 League Cups, there’s no doubt Man United is one of the biggest soccer clubs.

In terms of business, this season, the club had revenue of $795 million that pushed its total valuation to a whopping $3.8 billion. The Red Devils had a major portion of their earnings coming from $351 million commercial sponsorships deals with Chevrolet and Adidas. From its broadcasting rights sale this year, the club earned an additional $256.58 million.

  1. FC Barcelona – $824 Million/177 Points

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona

Revenue in 2019: $824 Million

Total Valuation: $4.02 Billion

Losing the top spot to the rival club, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona slipped to the second spot earning $72 million less revenue.

Barcelona is one of the most successful soccer clubs in the world, having won 20 European and World titles that include a record 4 UFEA Cup Winner’s Cup, 5 UFEA Champions League titles, and a record 5 UEFA Super Cups.

Lionel Messi’s Barcelona made earned $824 million revenue in total that included $358.68 million in commercial revenue from shirt sponsor Qatar Airways and kit supplier Nike. Selling broadcast rights for another $247.94 million, the club added wealth to its portfolio. An impressive ticket sale generated revenue of $161 million. This year, the team was not affected by the sale of star player Neymar.

  1. Real Madrid – $896 Million/184 Points

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

Revenue in 2019: $896 Million

Total Valuation: $4.2 Billion

A whopping revenue of $896 million brings Real Madrid to the top spot of the biggest soccer club list. After spending six seasons at the second spot, Los Blancos took its position at the top of the list after doing the best both business and the game.

Real Madrid has a record 33 La Liga titles, 10 Supercopa, and 19 Copa del Rey on their name. In European competitions, the club has a record of 26 trophies and a record 13 European Cup/UFEA Champions League titles. Winning the last three European titles in a row, Madrid is reigning at the top with 184 points.

In terms of business, Madrid has earned a total of €315.5 million in commercial deals with its jersey sponsor Emirates and the kit supplier Adidas. The club also earned €251.3 million from the sale of their broadcast rights and another €143.4 million from ticket sales this year. Interestingly, the valuation of the football club remains the same even after the departure of some expensive players, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

We hope the teams to prosper more and keep entertaining us with some good quality soccer. Let us know which is your favorite of the biggest soccer clubs in the world.

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