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Make Fixed Odds Football Betting Work For You With These Tips

As a soccer fan, we all have got opinions. We all have favorite teams, players and even tournaments. While most people rest in their chair, sharing their expert opinion in front of TV, there are others who want their knowledge to be heard. If you think you have the insight that can help you make the right choices, you can use your football knowledge to make some serious money through fixed odds football betting.

If you are an active football enthusiast entirely confident on your insights and understanding of the game, then you can infinitely improve your chances of winning playing fixed odds with any sportsbook. On the internet, there are dozens of websites sharing detailed information on how fixed odds football betting works and what techniques can make it work for you, but at the core, all these techniques can be condensed to a few key points.

Hone your knowledge For Football Betting Odds

Do not add any odds selection to your bet slip just because everyone else is doing the same. Before putting your hard-earned cash against any team or player, widen your perception to understand every possible angle that can be a make it or break it factor in the overall betting strategy. Just because you are a Manchester United fan it doesn’t mean you willy-nilly put a bet in favor of the team against the odds.

To make fixed odds betting work for you, stick to the stats. That being said, there’s a huge volume of data in form of stats that can easily drown you, which is why you need to pick from some valuable resources. To become successful with fixed odds football betting, you must know about:

  • Home from and Away form of the two teams
  • Head-to-head records
  • Player form
  • Injuries and suspensions
  • Upcoming fixtures

If you have the deep knowledge of these factors, then you will automatically gain the level of insight required to put a smart wager.

Respect the Bookies

You have to give credit to bookmakers for coming up with the soccer odds that rarely go completely wrong. The sportsbooks employ a whole team of odds compilers and numbers bods to come up with the prices that calculate the probability of an event happening close enough to protect their long-term financial stability.

If you are about to throw the event where Leicester City win the Premier League at 5000/1 odds in our faces, remember that according to numbers that is not going to happen again in next 5000 years. Being optimistic is one thing, but blindly believing in too good to be true odds, is outright foolish. The scenario of a soccer event with 100/1 odds occurring is 50 times less likely to happen than an event with a 2/1 odds. Now that’s a solid scenario you need to think of.

Don’t jump the ships 

Once you are able to find some fixed soccer odds tips that work for you, never waver away from those strategies no matter how lucrative other methods appear to be.

Do not get a cold-feet the moment you are about to click the ‘place bet’ or handling your slip to the bookmaker. If you have followed the above two tips then you must have done the due diligence of the fixed odds offered by a sportsbook and also looked at all the angles then there is nothing unforeseen to worry about. Make sure you see the bet through, in the end, you will be glad you did.

Stake Sensibly

Most bettors lose in this segment simply because they are not disciplined enough to stick to their guns and stake sensibility. We understand when you have some impressive fixed odds betting tips at your disposal the temptation to spend more money than you have planned is high.

But it is a typical rookie mistake that costs many punters dearly.

Football betting is extremely unpredictable which is why no matter how favorable are the fixed odds, no bet is guaranteed unless it happens. You must respect the staking plan you had in place at the beginning and do not go overboard even when you are enormously confident. This is the mantra of the most successful soccer bettors. Such punters keep to a level staking, meaning they bet the same amount on all the wagers no matter what the odds are. This is why they are able to sustain long-term profits and keep their losses to minimal.

Track and Improve 

“What can be measured, can be improved,” is the golden rule to get good at sports betting. There is no other way to know how successful you are as a bettor, than to keep track of your wagers. If you rely on your bankroll for that then you will be missing a lot of insights.

Keeping a track helps to identify which type of football bets suits you best. It might be you are a pro at win-draw-win markets but a total disaster in correct score, first goalscorer, etc. For long term success, you need to know where your strength lies and eliminate the weak points. That’s how most successful punters become so fine bettors.

Fixed odds football betting is a wide arena, try to focus on a specific area to ensure that you get better with experience. Practice makes perfect, which is why sticking to a particular market type will hone your expertise and provide you with the insight that will make predicting the outcome like second nature to you.


Fixed odds football betting can be fun and profitable, provided you do your research and find the strategies that work for you. Once you are confident enough that you have done your homework and fully understand the prices offered by bookmakers, wager an amount that you are comfortable losing. Never wager more than 5% of your bankroll, and count on getting better bet after bet, not at once.

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