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The Craziest Super Bowl Bets Offered By Sportsbooks 

Super Bowl remains America’s most-bet sporting event each year. The craze for the tournament is such that it draws billions of dollars of action for the gambling industry.

In an attempt to squeeze in more dollars from the sports bettors, sportsbooks have tried all sort of creative ways. Adding more prop to the bets is generally an entertaining way for enticing bettors.


Over the years in Super Bowl betting, millions have been put on things not only on the field but also on events that take place in the announcing booth, the sidelines and more. Here OddsMax complied the list of the craziest Super Bowl bets that have been made in the past.

  1. Wings Out

Wings often make us think of the team from Philadelphia or Atlanta in context of Super Bowl betting, as both the teams have made it big in the game in recent years.

But we are not referring to the teams but we are talking about the tasty chicken that Americans devour during the four-and-a-half-hour spectacle. It might be hard for you to believe, but dozens of online sportsbooks have taken a bet on how many wings would Buffalo Wild Wings sell during Super Bowl 50, in the past.

The year before the great Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers matchup, Buffalo Wild Wings sold just over 11 million wings. For the year after that, the stakes were raised slightly and the line was placed at 12 million. Odds were set at -300 as the favourite.

Although the odds do seem risky, the people who took the bait were rewarded handsomely as well as Americans easily pushed the number past 12 million.

  1. Sports Mix

It was interesting and well as weird experience when several sportsbooks decided to combine the NBA and NFL into one single bet during the Super Bowl LIV featuring San Francisco and the Chiefs. If you think it was a parlay, no it wasn’t.

For the Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young was enjoying a scorching hot streak and was regularly posting 45-plus points while 49ers receiver Emmanuel Sanders was struggling on the gridiron.

The matchup by the sportsbooks proposed the Trae Young’s total number of points, plus rebounds, plus assists (-0.5), against Emmanuel Sanders’ total number of receiving yards during the game.

In the end, the 49ers along with Sanders came up short while Trae Young continued his hot streak and rewarded the bettors for choosing him in the matchup.

  1. Retiring as champions

Along the same lines, there was another wager was made available that combined the NBA and the NFL, however this time the proposition was more long-term.

One of the sportsbooks made a prop bet available for sports bettors offering odds on the likelihood of legendary Spur Tim Duncan and Peyton Manning, both retiring as champions.

This meant that bettors have to wait several months after the Super Bowl to know whether Tim Duncan will be able to hold up his end of the deal, however, the odds offered were astonishing +2000, no wonder some of the gamblers were more than happy to take the risk.

Peyton Manning was able to keep his part of the deal and he along with his team was able to take home the Super Bowl win. Tim Duncan, on the other hand, did not live up to the expectations and was unable to go out on top.

Bets aside, both these players had careers in the sport that will always stand the test of time.

  1. Fashion Show

In football, Bill Belichick is known for his style of wearing hooding with sleeves cut about halfway down his arms. To see his anything else would be a surprise for the fans. But what we cannot predict is what colour he might wear on a given day.

This was an opportunity for sportsbooks that they seized before Super Bowl 52. They offered bettors to put their guess to the test. The colours, Red or white, that Belichick seldom wears, came in at 10 to 1 odds.

The favourite was blue at -150 while the classic grey look came in at +130.

It was a win for the bettors picking the favourite Blue, as he walked out of the tunnel in blue.

  1. Pink in the air? 

During the Super Bowl 52, the bets available for punters was not only the game between the Eagles and Patriots, but there was one more event in the stadium that could be bet on.

The said bet offered was in context with the national anthem, and no it was not an over/under on the length of the anthem but something entirely different.

On that event, at -500 odds, gamblers could put on a bet on whether the national anthem singer for the night, Pink, would be airborne during any part of the performance.

Although the value offered at -500 is not great, it was a near-lock situation that enticed many bettors.

Unfortunately, for the entire duration of the song, Pink remained on the ground enabling those who risked their money to be rewarded even before the kickoff.

  1. Arrested Development

It might seem audacious but once the matchup between the Patriots and the Falcons was set up for the Super Bowl 51, one sportsbook offered a number on whether or not the players from the participating teams will be able to stay out of trouble in the weeks leading up to the game.

At odds of 15 to 1, sports bettors had a chance to wager on whether a Falcon or Patriot would be officially arrested before the game.

As the game is one of the most important plays of their lives both the Falcons and Patriots would likely to be at their best behaviour, that made taking this best a risky venture. But it is also true that the week when the teams arrive is known to be the party atmosphere.

Fortunately, none of the players was arrested and the wager was lost.

  1. Earthquake

San Francisco is known for being a seismically active zone and facing earthquakes often. Remember the infamous world series delay of the 90s because of the quakes? That time nobody thought of placing a wager on this happening.

Before the Super Bowl 50 matchup in Santa Clara, CA, some random sportsbook decided to put a wager on whether or not fans believed that there would be an earthquake during the live broadcast of the game.

While the uncertainty of the earthquake hitting the game is already high, the additional condition of the event happening during the live broadcast added an extra layer of uncertainty. The odds for the earthquake to happen came in at +1500, that’s interestingly not high enough given the uncertainty involved. Yet thankfully there were no earthquakes during the game.

  1. The Pre-Game

The Super Bowl celebration is not just about the game but it also involves the pre-game shows, and the announcers during the game as well. This time we are not indicating bets related to the national anthem.

During the Super Bowl season of 2015 several bets were made available for the shows leading up the matchup between the Seahawks and Patriots.

Some of the interesting bets and odds that were made available include:

Which coach will be first mentioned after the opening kickoff (Carrol at -110, Belichick at -130)?

Who will Obama pick to win the game (Seahawks at even, Patriots at -140)?

And also, how many times the phrase “deflated balls” will be mentioned during the game (over/under 3).

This was interesting to see some of the bet play out in a manner that was not expected.

  1. The Left Shark

Remember the dancing of the “left shark” during Katy Perry Super Bowl performance? It was truly a meme-worthy moment and will always have a special place in Super Bowl history.

This wacky legacy did make some of the sportsbooks create an opportunity for the bettors to bet on. In the Super Bowl 50, sports bettors would wager on whether or not the left shark would make a surprise appearance during the halftime show featuring Coldplay and Beyoncé.

The odds offered a nice value at +1000, but there was no repeat appearance by the great white.


The Super Bowl is the Christmas Day for the sports bettors across the US. Sportsbooks not only offer the usual wagers but also mix up the offerings with certain prop bets.

We already mentioned some of the craziest Super Bowl bets ever offered. For the next big game, get ready to make some money out of ridiculous prop bets.

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