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Tennis Betting Tips: How Profitable Tennis Bettors Win

If you are a regular on our blog, you will know that we keep covering sports betting but not much about tennis betting tips. So here we are with a post on how to make most of tennis betting lines that you find on OddsMax.

In tennis betting, you need to have a combined understanding of several factors including a variety of betting markets, strengths and weaknesses and nuances of players. Among other things you need to know how each tournament tours are particularly different in terms of surfaces and quality of fields.

Before you can begin also needed are the head-to-head players records from a wide range of sources that are available online.

Here are the tennis betting tips that will serve you the best.

The Markets

There are dozens of tennis betting markets to choose from. Of these the most frequented ones are head to head bets, number of sets, set and match handicaps, correct set score, outright tournament winner and amount of ace.

In tennis, due to dominance by some of the world’s best male and female tennis players, there are loads of short prices available for bettors. This is why you need to learn about finding the right bet at the right price.

Tennis betting is quite different from other sports as there is a clear advantage at the beginning as there will always be huge favourites. It does not make sense to bet at 1.01 odds where you will make money with the player only when he wins the match 99% of the time, that is almost not possible in a major tournament.

Your foremost tennis betting tip is to find the right bet at the right price.

Research Methods

Similarity with other sports in tennis is there’s a pile of valuable data to be consulted before betting on any tennis match. You will find the best information on WTA and ATP websites that you can consult before betting on any tennis match.

You will find all the information on these websites from head-to-head records to data on the recent form of the players, these are the sites that you must bookmark if you want to get started with tennis betting.

Make sure you also research about the performance of the players on certain surfaces. It is often seen that some players breeze past their opponents on a grass surface but struggle to maintain the same performance on a clay surface. This is why the surface on which the game will be played is also an important consideration.

Again, you can rely on ATP and WTA sites for this data as they have a detailed breakdown of the players’ performance on clay, grass and hard court, providing their overall records and winning percentage. Your tennis betting strategy must include researching the past editions of the same tournament as a vital step in the overall process.

You will realize that the stats show some players who are sitting at the top of the table who have a knack for punching above their weight during particular events and also at certain events, but their ranking state otherwise. So, it is another important tennis betting tip to have a 360 degree of a player’s performance and ability.

Knowing the Players

Just like any other sport, tennis is also full of contrasting personalities who do not match in their styles, abilities and on-court performance. It is an obvious advantage to know the strengths and weakness of the players who are at the centre of your tennis betting.

Some of the tennis players can perform very well against certain opponents even when they are ranked lower in the table. While there will be players who are just unreliable to bet on despite possessing precocious talent due to their lack of mettle.

In tennis certain tour professionals tend to either struggle or perform well against left-handed players.

When contemplating a tennis wager, you need to weigh all these factors.

The more you analyze and scrutinize the results, the clearer will be the betting opportunities to you and give you a chance to make real profits.

Tennis is a game where tournaments are long and tiring and it takes a huge physical toll on the players. If you are wagering during a particularly hectic tournament it is important to have a good understanding of a player’s schedule.

If you find a favourite who is travelling extensively and whose performance is waning, it might be an opportunity to wager as an upset could be around the corner.

Serving Up Winners

Aces market is a venture to consider as we mentioned before, knowing the big servers well is the only way to capitalize on this market.

This is particularly true in case of men’s draw in which there are many power hitters who like to keep the points low by not letting their opponent even to get a racquet to their servers. On ATP’s site, you will find detailed breakdown information on the biggest servers of the game.

Most powerful servers are men who are tall, having a clear advantage but their taller height becomes a disadvantage when they have to play groundstrokes as they are less capable on that front.

When a tournament included two big servers then you can expect the matches to last longer paving a way for betting on the total amount of games if the pricing is offering value.

Tournament Betting

Tennis is just like golf in the context of long-odd shots where the outright winner market is worth considering.

Major tournaments like the Grand Slams are dominated by the likes of Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, for outright betting you can consider the lesser known tournaments where value exists.

In such tournaments, the ranking will assume favouritism for events, but actually, these numbers should never be taken at face value.

Your winner pick must always include the stats like recent form, injuries, schedules, potential opponents and the progress of the underdogs. When all of this data is taken into consideration you will know at what point or venue a player has a clear advantage.

Knowing the players will help you pick the right results and make a bet as long as you can get big enough odds to make profits.

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