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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here you can find Weekly Tennis Betting Lines and odds which get updated every 30 seconds throughout the whole season. OddsMax presents the best spreads, moneylines, and total bets from premiere offshore sportsbook BetJOE.com

Live Tennis Lines & Odds available during matches!

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What is a Tennis moneyline bet?

We have to make sure that you understand that tennis bets are different to the ones we explained about the “North American” sports. We could give them the same names, like moneyline and totals; however, they are different. Let us explain how tennis betting works. First off, we have the moneyline bet which allows you to pick a winner between the two tennis players. A tennis match can’t end with a draw so the moneyline bet is the most used one. However, there is one more outcome that can happen in a tennis match.

That outcome happens when a player willingly concedes the match because he/she is unable to continue. This mostly occurs when a player sustains some kind of injury while playing. If this happens, your bet becomes void, regardless of how the tennis match was going. Even if your player was winning, your bet will be void if the other player concedes the match. If your bet becomes void, it means that your stake is refunded to you.

What is a Tennis lines and odds spread bet?

As a matter of fact a spread bet for tennis doesn’t actually exist. The games and sets in tennis are different than points or goals which is why a classic spear bet is impossible. However, there is a bet that can be considered a spread bet and we can compare it to Handicap Bets in soccer. As we all know to win a tennis match, the player needs to win 2 or 3 sets, depending on the tournament. Now, instead of simply betting on a winner with the moneyline bet, you could place a handicap bet. For instance, you can bet that a player will win the match with a -2.5 Set Handicap. That means that you win your bet only if that player wins 3:0 in sets.

Additionally, this bet can be two fold. Instead of betting on the sets, you can bet on the games in one set. For instance, you can bet on a player to win the 1st set with a -3.5 handicap or spread. That would mean the player needs to win with at least a 4 games difference. So, a result like 6-2, 6-1, and 6-0 in that set will give you a winning bet. If any other outcome happens, you will lose the stake. Remember, you can also bet on the opposite outcome as well, just like with the other sports. You could bet that a player won’t lose the match with a + 1.5 spread. In this bet, the player can’t lose the match with more than 1 set difference. So, if he wins, your bet wins but you also win if he loses 3:2.

What is a Tennis totals bet?

Last but not least, we have the most popular bet type regardless of the sport. Tennis has totals betting just like any other sport and it’s quite popular as well. However, totals betting in tennis can be two-fold, just like with the spread (Handicap) betting. You can bet over/under on the amount of sets played but you can also bet Over/Under on the amount of games played in a certain set. The Over/Under set totals betting is mostly used in big Grand Slam tournaments because there players need to win 3 sets and the usual bet is Over/Under 3.5 or 4.5 sets. On the other hand, Over/Under games betting can be very diverse. Players can play as little as 6 games in a set or as much as 13 games where the set ends 7:6 in favor of one of the players.