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5 Proven Soccer Betting Strategies To Double Your Winning Chances

Those looking to make profits from their knowledge of football via a bookmaker, often stick to a mix of research and instincts as the base to form a decision on wagers.

Yet, we have seen bettors with profound knowledge of the sport getting caught out without an adequate soccer betting strategy.

Even the most successful soccer bettors know that things don’t always pan out in a match as predicted. In general, this is true for any sport. This is why, despite having full confidence in your ability, you must use a soccer betting strategy, to double your chances to win.

This guide analyses some of the best soccer betting strategies tested to allow punters to win in the long term.

Generally, the system designed by bookmarkers is to favor them more than the customers, but thankfully the competition between the bookies for customers creates opportunities for you to win.

  1. Football accumulator offers

Football accumulator bets are very popular. In accumulator bets, you can select more than one match and put a single wager on all of them. The soccer odds on each selected game are multiplied. In this strategy, you get an excellent price as there is no limit to the number of matches you can pick to bet.

However, you have to be aware of the fact that in the long run, your expectation is terrible as the bookmarkers are ahead of the players. Every match has a certain margin that favors the sportsbook, and by multiplying the margins of all selected games, they become even more significant. This is the reason why bookmarkers promote accumulators.

A popular accumulator betting is the one where you get a refund of your stake when only one selection fails to win. This option creates an excellent opportunity to place a successful bet without risk as you lay each selection of the accumulator on the betting exchange. Well, laying means betting against a specific outcome.

Now for the strategy to work, you have to select games in the accumulator that are not played at the same time, and there’s at least 2.5 hours gap between every match. Remember, the whole strategy is based on the concept that if you lose only in one of the games in accumulator selection, then you get the refund of your stake.

Once you find enough matches for the selection, place your wager, and lay the selection at the betting exchange. Initially, you will be laying against the original stake. When one selection loses, you must not stop and keep laying. But the second time you lay against the refund, the sportsbook offers, and this time the stakes are much smaller. Keep repeating the steps until you have hit two losing selections. By this point, the profit is already there in your betting exchange account.

When done right, you can profit up to 20% on the back stake with the strategy, however there you must be aware of terms and conditions put in place by the bookie. Usually, there is a minimum price for each selection and the number of selections that qualify for the accumulator promotion. Also, there’s an additional commission charged by the betting exchange that you have to calculate.

  1. Football price boosts

The price boost on soccer matches is another popular football betting strategy. Simply put, the sportsbook gives you enhanced odds on a certain market for a limited time. It can be the first goalscorer, the match-winner, or anything else. Often football price boosts are available for popular competitions like the English Premier League and the Champions League.

The increased soccer odds already boost your chances of winning, but you can take it a step further and secure profits irrespective of the outcome. The strategy involves placing a bet with another booking on the opposite outcome on odds or laying the same result at a betting exchange. This ensures that you will get profit, no matter what happens.

In some scenarios, the maximum bet is limited for prices that are boosted by some sportsbooks. But there are opportunities each week, and if you are diligent enough, you will find games where the arbitrage is possible. One of the most successful soccer betting strategies, football price boosts are entirely risk-free.

  1. Football Matched Betting

If simplicity is what you want in your successful soccer betting strategy, then football matched betting is the most profitable one. A free bet offer is all you need for this strategy that almost every bookmarker offers. Also, most sportsbooks have welcome offers in the form of free bets. Then there are other limited-time free bets as well.

Football matched betting depends on you finding a free bet offer that you can use to win without any risks. In this strategy, you back a certain outcome at the bookie and lay it a betting exchange. As you utilize the free bet offer, you will have guaranteed profit, irrespective of the outcome.

One of the simplest betting strategies soccer free; there are a few different phases involved in football matched betting. Let us illustrate it with an example:

Let’s say a bookmaker offers you $10 free bet on soccer for placing a wager of $10. Here are a couple of steps involved:

Phase 1: You have to put a qualifying bet to get the free offer. For example, you decide to wager $10 on Newcastle to beat Arsenal at home. You also lay Arsenal (bet against) at another betting exchange. Usually, because of the difference in the odds, this will bring a small loss, but you will get a $10 free bet to make up for the loss.

Phase 2: Now its time to use your $10 free bet. You follow the same strategy as phase 1. Back a particular outcome at the bookmaker and lay the same outcome at a betting exchange. You aim to get 80% of the free bet, i.e., $8 in this case.

Final calculation-In total, you invested $20. In the first step, you may lose $2 to odds differences. In the second step, you aimed at making a profit of $8 from the free bet. You have a total amount of $18 (from the initial investment after $2 loss) + $8 profit from the free bet. You got a return of $6 with an investment of $20.

Football matched betting is a sweet, simple strategy to make profits, and there’s no shortage of opportunities. If you can find better odds, you can make much more profit than the one in the example. However, to avoid any risks, check the terms and conditions of the promotion.

  1. Football refund offers

During matches, you often see refunds promotions from time to time. This is another popular soccer betting style where you get your wager back in certain cases.

An appropriate example is the classic football return in a game that finishes 0:0. Usually, when a match ends 0:0, a lot of bookies allow you to get a refund if you place a bet on another correct score. This is just one example, but there are plenty of different promotions that allow you to give your bet back under certain scenarios.

Football refund offers give an excellent opportunity to make some profit. Let’s see how this strategy can earn you the most profits. In the above example of 0:0 moneyback, let’s say you have to bet on another correct score. What you have to do is to find a score option where the soccer odds of the bookie and the lay odds at a betting exchange are particularly close.

Now place the bet at the bookie and lay the same outcome at the betting exchange. The next step is to place a lay bet against the 0:0 score. The odds are low enough for a 0:0 score that creates an opportunity to win. Finally, you place an underlay bet, which is similar to laying but with a big difference. In underlay bet, you avoid getting similar results whatever happens.

This soccer betting strategy aims to make huge profits if the bet at the bookie wins or break-even if the lay bet at the exchange wins.

Almost every football refund offer follows a similar principle. You find the best odds for the back option to bet at a bookie and lay the same odds at a betting exchange. Then you calculate the lay price that can be refunded. If the amount is low enough, there’s a profit to make.

  1. Betfair football trading systems

In all soccer betting strategies above, you realize the importance of a betting exchange. With betting exchanges, you have the flexibility to trade live, back or lay various outcomes, and much more. Betfair is the biggest betting exchange that offers the largest number of markets and unmatched opportunities to make a profit.

Lay The Draw

We recommend Laying the Draw football strategy to use on Betfair. Been around for a while, the strategy doesn’t give you as much profit as it used to, but still, there are opportunities to make profits at low risk.

Simply put, you lay the draw in a certain game. But the strategy is a little bit more complicated than this. First, you find a match where one of the teams is the favorite to win, usually a home team. Then you lay the draw. But you don’t wait for the game to end to make a profit; instead, you can secure a win much earlier in the game.

At some point in the game, the favorite team will be ahead, and at that instance, the draw price will skyrocket. This is when you will be able to back the team at much higher odds as compared to the lay price you put before the game. And this is how you guarantee a profit irrespective of the outcome.

In the worst case, there might not be a goal until the 60-70th minute, and you will be heading for a loss. However, you can back the draw in such a scenario at smaller odds to cut the losses significantly.

But if the things go south and the underdog team scores first to get ahead, you must not panic and wait till 60-70th minute. If the favorite team manages to lead or level the score, you are in a good position. However, if the underdog is ahead by two goals or more, by backing the draw at a higher price, you can make huge profits. If the underdog is ahead with one goal, it’s a tricky situation, and you can risk it, hoping they keep the lead.

This football betting strategy is simple and becomes profitable if you stick to two rules:

Selection of best games-do research and pick games where a team is expected to win.

Be patient-this strategy will most probably get you more wins and losses of only a fraction of the investment. To make larger profits, don’t close a game as soon as the favorite team is ahead. Ideally, you should wait until half time before closing the bet.


With experience, you will learn to find good opportunities and be eligible to put high-risk wagers, till then, it is better to stick to the best football betting strategies that offer the highest odds to double your winning chance. We are sure, you will improve your chances of winning using the above-mentioned strategies and tips.

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