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Buying Points in Online Sports Betting-Why, How and When

Online betting has become a standard now. The best sportsbooks are offering you the best betting lines and odds. After the Moneyline bets, point spread bets are the next most popular type of soccer bets that you can make.

If you are new to point spread betting, things can be a little confusing for you which is why OddsMax has put together this extensive guide on points and how do you use them for betting. Let’s start with our guide without further ado.Point-Spread-Betting

What is the point spread Betting? 

In high-scoring sports like the NFL and NBA, the points are used to handicap the favorite team for betting purposes, thus making a point spread.

The points in sports betting are values that are dependent on the score of the game.

For instance, if the Broncos and The Seahawks are playing and the Seahawks are favored by 10 points then the point spread here is 10. For winning the wager, the Hawks must win the game by 11 or more points. If you have bet your money on the Broncos, then you will win the wager; if the team ‘wins or loses’ the game by nine points or less. If the Seahawks wins the game by exactly 10 points then the bet will be a tie.

To move the point spread, you can buy points on the underdog team which will get you more points. If you are betting on the favorites, you can buy points that give away. I understand it does not make much of a sense, but we will elaborate with an example to make it easier for you to understand.

We will be considering that for every half-point you change, the point spread by you will need to pay 10% in extra juice.

The term “juice” is a slang for vigorish that is simply the commission that you pay to the sportsbook for putting a bet. 

Suppose you are betting Miami Heat -5-110 (you have to bet $100 to $100), now you can buy the half point on the heat to make a wager -4.5-120 (lay $120 to win $100). You can also but the Heat a full point to change the bet to -4 -130 (wagering $130 to win $100).

You will be doing the same if you wager for the underdog team. Suppose that Miami Heat was the underdog, then the point spread will be like +4 -110 when you buy points the bet will change +4.5 -120 or +5 -130.

In both basketball and football betting, you can only buy a maximum of 3 points whether it’s a pro or college game.

Buying points in betting is all about the numbers 

The buying point is simply changing the point spread when betting online to favor your chances of winning. When you buy points, you proportionally lower the odds, and its an excellent way to move the point spread in your favor whenever you are NFL betting. You can move the spread up to 2 points and for every ½ point, you buy you have to risk 10% more in extra juice. 

This summarizes what Buying Points is and how it changes your chances of winning when sports betting point spread.

Why points become important when you are betting online? 

There is no standard answer to this question. Each sports betting enthusiast has his own reason and purpose for buying points. Still, some common reasons include:

  1. To avoid the push

‘Push’ is referred to as the even when a favorite team wins by the exact points that are spread on them, then the wager is a tie and all bets are returned. To avoid this from happening, betting usually handicaps the odds by lowering points. For instance, 6 points spread on a favorite team can be reduced to 5.5 points, then there is no possibility of the team winning with exactly 5.5 that renders Push ineffective.

  1. Another important use of buying points is perhaps the most important and popular one: to increase the chance of winning the wager.

While reducing your spread by points makes it a safe play, there is still the possibility to improve your chances of winning by buying points on Game Total in Over/Under wagers.

For example:

Suppose a sportsbook is offering the point spread on a game between New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers that looks like this:

New England Patriots +7.5 (-110)

Green Bay Packers -7.5 (-110)

Here point spread is 7.5 and on a customary -110 NFL betting line, you will be wagering $100 to win $100. Clearly, the Patriots are the favorites, but if you think that Packers have the chance to win by 8 points that will result in a lost bet, you can buy a half-point to improve your chances of winning.

Now the New England Patriots are at +8 that makes it possible for you to win even when the Packers can score 8 points.

A Handicap Bet is the same as a point spread 

It is easier to get confused on some sports betting sites when you come across the term ‘Handicap Bet’. The terminology is used for a point spread across the United Kingdom and Europe. On these websites, you will find many types of handicap bets.

Let’s see what are the most common handicap bets available when sports betting online.

Standard Handicap Bets

These are standard point spreads that we already talked about. You simply calculate the risk and the payout depending on the spread and odds posted. A tie is treated as a loss in this type of handicapping sports betting.

No Draw Handicap Match Bets

One of the reasons why NFL betting is so popular is that punters enjoy that adrenaline rush from winning or losing the bet. That’s the fun factor of risking money is why bettors enjoy so much. Keeping this into consideration, many sportsbooks offer No Draw Handicap Match Bets. These are the bets on an individual game that are never going to end up in a draw. For instance, in the above examples when we moved the spread by ½ point, it eradicated the scenario of a tie.

Handicap League Bets

Handicap league bets are similar to the ordinary point spread, only this time you will be wagering on a team’s performance across the entire league. You will place the bet at the beginning of the season and will not be paid until the last game of the league has been played.

Asian Handicap Bets

Most people don’t know that Asian handicaps are a point spread. And no, you need not be Asian to place this bet!

The Asian Handicap sports bets are based on whole and half-point spreads that ensure that no wager ends with a draw.

What’s the difference between Asian Handicap and No Draw Handicap?

We are glad you asked. With Asian Handicap bets there is a possibility of ‘split handicap outcome’. It means you have the same line for whole and a half number points but they are treated as separate bets effectively.

The Asian Handicap bets are growing in popularity and more and more sportsbooks are including them. The reason for their increased popularity is that they help cut down the risk and variance that help prevent draws. Also, the exponential growth of these bets in Asian countries has earned them the name.

If we got you all confused, let’s understand Asian Handicap bets with an example.

Suppose for a game Asian Handicap odds offered on AC Milan is (-1, -1.5). You will be betting your half of the money on AC Milan at –1 and another half at -1.5. Let’s say the team wins by exactly one goal, then you will lose the -1.5 bet and the -1 wager will result in a push. Hence, if you bet $100 on AC Milan (-1, -1.5) you will get back $50 as the push resulting from the tie.

Wrapping Up 

We hope that this guide has made you understand the point spread. Buying points in online sports betting are one of the best ways to improve your chances of success.

OddsMax has illustrated the whole concept using examples and also shared some valuable sports betting tips. Point spreads are one of the best NFL betting types that are popular and a lot of fun too. When you are betting on your favorites in a game that you have no idea how the odds stand and which team can win, or if you know that your favorite team is not going to win outright, you can use points as the handicapping unit to move the spread in your favor.

The whole idea behind buying points is to improve your success rate depending on how you think teams will perform in regard to the odds a sportsbook is offering. When you are confident that a bookmaker is overvaluing or undervaluing a team, you stand a chance to make a lot of money by buying points.

Now you are ready to get your hands dirty wagering points spread.

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