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Online Sports Betting Bonuses: What You Need To Know

Most savvy gamblers over the years have realised they can maximise their gambling bankroll if they can find the best freebies. In sports betting, the freebies or gamblers bonus offers are available in many forms.

When visiting casinos, gamblers find them in forms of free spins or free buffets, but when you gamble online the key phrase to look out for is bonuses.

Online sports betting bonuses can be as varied as the freebies you find with brick and mortar casinos. It is true that the sports betting industry is extraordinarily profitable and the books want your money. But the competition in this industry is incredibly cutthroat which is why sportsbook offers betting promotions to attract more gamblers. In this post, we are going to look at various ways to stretch your gambling bankroll by exploiting online sports betting bonuses.


Online Sportsbooks Always Want More Gamblers                                                        

Online sportsbook uses betting promotions to lure you through their virtual doors. If you are joining in as a new customer, you should expect a lot of sportsbook bonus offered as an incentive for joining. Often you will find tons of betting promotions and other freebies waiting for you when you join any sports betting website.

For existing customers, the comparable luxuries are offered as well. If you put a lot of money into sports betting, then the betting promotions offered to you can be even better than those offered to new customers.

Here, we will try our best to tell you everything about the online gamblers bonus. We will explain the different type of betting promotions available and how they work.

When betting promotions are being offered from all sides it can get overwhelming. This is why you need this information to receive absolutely the best value from these offers.

Know the basic of sportsbook bonus

Gamblers bonus is essentially free money and an amazing way to boost your bankroll.

Everyone loves free money however you should not lose focus and only chase bonus like online free bet ahead of better lines offered by competitive sportsbooks.

The rule of thumb is, winning is 100% more valuable for your bankroll than any bonus that you receive. 00There is no gamblers bonus that can match the value that you received by merely winning.

Suppose, you are presented with a choice where one sportsbook is offering you a decent moneyback bonus on the wager whereas, a competing sportsbook is offering you an extra 1/2 point on the spread.

Which option will you pick?

Always, and we can’t emphasise enough, but you should always pick ½ point.

Betting promotions are fantastic but they are no match for better odds or higher payouts.

Now, in some circumstances, you might be offered the same line by multiple real money sports betting sites and one of them might be offering a free money bonus. This one is a no-brainer, take the free money.

Reducing the Vig

Some of the most popular betting promotions you will see offer a reduced juice bet. Of any gamblers bonus you receive, these pets are some of the best values you get.

Sportsbooks operate by taking a percentage of bets as payments for allowing you to be part of the action. This percentage is referred to as the vig or the juice.

Sportsbooks are always on the lookout to attract equal money on both sides of any particular pet this is how they become profitable no matter what the outcome is.

In an attempt to keep the interest of bettors, sportsbook sometimes offers you a better payout in form of reduced vig bonus. It is a kind of sportsbook bonus where if the usual betting stake of $110 is required to win $100, you may be offered $105 to win $100.

You might think what is the big deal about $5 saving, but you are missing on the bigger picture. If you’re betting $ 10,000, then this $5 bonus quickly turns into a $500 bonus.

Veteran gamblers know that when the house reduces the juice, it is an opportunity that must not be missed. They understand it is a gamblers bonus that presents an opportunity to make money by winning less often.

You can find this betting promotion offered randomly for random games across different sports. If you find a sport you are reasonably knowledgeable about and you find reduced vig bonus being offered, do not pass on the opportunity.

The Deposit Bonus

For the sports betting industry, the deposit bonus has become a standard for attracting new customers. Whether you play with online casinos, poker sites or sportsbooks, you will find all of them offering deposit bonus.

Deposit bonuses are pretty straightforward. The sportsbooks match the amount of money you make as a deposit and offer you a percentage of that deposit as a bonus.

With a deposit bonus, you can boost your bankroll to almost 100% as there are some online sportsbooks that offer you full gamblers bonus on deposits. But the 100% deposit bonus is matched up to a certain dollar amount.

For example, you might get a $100 deposit bonus for a $100 deposit. However, you might not be able to get a 100% bonus for all amounts. The sportsbook might have kept bonus to a maximum of $200.

This is common with most online sportsbooks which is why we recommend you read the fine print associated with any bonus before you sign up. The flashy 100% deposit bonus banners do not mean that you will always get the matched amount as bonus.

It goes without saying, there are some specific conditions that you need to meet before you can manifest the bonus amount into cash. The online sports betting sites have put these restrictions because they do not want depositors to just deposit an amount and immediately withdraw the total amount. Without these restrictions, people will just rip them off of money and the sportsbook would go bankrupt.

This is why you might find some sort of minimum play requirement before you can withdraw the cash. This is to protect the interest of sportsbooks.

For sports bettors is who want to be in the game for a long, the deposit bonus is a fantastic way to boost the bankroll. But if you are interested in depositing a small amount and placing a few bets, then deposit bonus is not the best option for you.

The deposit bonus draws a huge number of new customers but before you sign up for online sports betting to avail these bonuses, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Free Bet Bonuses

One of the most popular betting promotions is free bets. This gamblers bonus has become very popular as more and more bettors are making use of free bets to try their luck.

Basically, free bet bonuses are offered as the first bet you place with a sportsbook as a covered bet in case you lose. However, the online betting free bet is offered for certain dollar value, often within the range of $10-$30.

Do not expect that you will get straight cash back if you lose the online betting free bet. The covered bet will be added back to your account and you can only place another bet not get any cashback.

There is not much to think here. If you see a free bet on offer, you should always take the offer as you are playing with the house money so it’s a win-win for you. If you win the bet, then great as you will not need the bonus and if you lose, then you are going to have a freebie bet waiting for you.


Betting promotions are of many different types and variations. The gamblers bonus is offered by almost every sportsbook you sign up with for online sports betting. Here we have covered the most common versions of the betting promotions you will find online.

By making use of sportsbook bonuses, you can simply post your bankroll or even make your betting action more exciting. The only catch is, you should always read all terms and conditions of the bonus before making any deposits.

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