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Online Gambling vs. Gambling in Person: What Need You To Know

Online casinos have become a lot popular in the past few years. Gambling at land-based casinos is still a craze among the majority of serious gamblers. For beginners, it can be confusing to choose between gambling online and gambling at land-based casinos. Both methods have their strengths and weaknesses.

To make the right choice you must be aware of the pro and cons of both online gambling and gambling in person.

For years, the only way to legally gamble via casino games was to visit the nearest brick and mortar casino. Now, for people who are not living in the state of Nevada or other places with casinos nearby, have a really difficult time. Before online casinos became a reality people have to travel to these casinos as they have no other real option.

However, it all changed when the internet took hold and online gambling sites became more and more popular. Suddenly everyone was able to gamble online from the comfort of their homes. Online casinos provided the much-needed alternative for people who don’t want to travel all the way to a land-based casino or for some reason you do not want to hassle uncomfortable situations.

This started the competition between a real money gambling site and land-based casinos that we know of today. For people who do not know the key differences between the two can have a very hard time deciding which way to go.

For some people, it might be hard to believe that technology has reached a point where they can use their real money to gamble online whereas there is a part of the population that is untouched by the experience of land-based casinos and what do they have to offer differently.

In this article, we are going to dive deep into the pros and cons of betting online versus betting in person at casinos. We aim to explain the basic process between the two and help you understand the differences.

Gambling Online and Gambling in Person: The Process

To truly understand how gambling in-person and online gambling differ, we need to understand what each method entails.

It is important because some of you might not be aware of the other option or you are basing your decision on your experience. Also, you may have never ever engaged in any real money gambling before and need guidance.

Whatever your case might be, we are going to detail each method before we cover the pros and cons of online gambling and gambling in person.

How to Gamble in person at a casino

Step 1: Travel to the casino

One of the biggest advantages is that land-based casinos have is the jurisdiction permit they enjoy. As compared to online gambling, more jurisdictions allow in-person gambling at casinos.

For example, in the United States, it was only the states of Nevada and New Jersey that allowed gambling at casinos. But over the past few decades, as much as 50 states have made it legal to run licensed land-based casinos. Although, it is not that now everyone in the world has a casino near their home but there are a lot many choices than a few years ago and almost everyone is within a driving distance from a land-based casino.

Step 2: Have cash available 

For gambling in a casino in person, you will require to have some cash on hand. You will be using this cash to buy chips at table games to make your wagers. If you are planning to play stand-alone games in casinos like slot machines, video poker or such, then you can directly put your money into the machines.

Most casinos have ATMs available over the property so that you can get cash easily. It is not much of a hassle but you will be more comfortable if you already have cash available rather than looking for ATMs once you reach the casino.

Step 3: Choose the game to play

Land-based casinos are roughly broken into table games that are played by multiple people at once and stand-alone game such as slot machines or video poker.

One of the problems with land-based casinos, if crowded it can be problematic for you to find a spot to play sometimes.

Fortunately, most of the casinos are open 27 hours a day so you will most likely find a spot to play at table games.

Step 4: Cashing out

Once you are done playing at a land-based casino, you have to cash out whatever money you have one. This is an extra step because you don’t win real money but chips. You have to cash out these chips at the counters.

When you are playing at these casinos you will receive tips from table games like poker or blackjack and redemption tickets from slot machines, video poker and other stand-alone games.

If you do have some winnings when all is said and done, you can redeem your chips or tickets to get your money. There are redemption windows all over casinos. Also, you will find self-contained kiosks that allow you to trade from redemption tickets to cash out without any human interference.


How to Gamble at Online Casinos 

Step 1: Choose a website 

Today, hundreds of gambling websites offer you an opportunity to play casino games for real money. Even there are websites where you can play live casino games. Some apps allow you to play casino games on your mobile. This is why your first major step is to decide which online casino you want to play with.

As there are so many websites where you can gamble for real money it can be confusing to pick one. This step is important since you will have to provide your personal and financial information to get started. You cannot trust every other gambling site with your sensitive information.

It is easy if you choose from one of the top-rated online betting websites. We have reviewed over at the dozen online casino websites and picked the most reliable and absolutely safest gambling sites on the web. The websites that we recommend are Betfair, Betway, BetJoe and Spin Casino.

Step 2: Sign up and fund your account 

Once you have found the gambling websites that make sense to you, the next step is to sign up and fund your account. For the signup process, you need to provide your personal information and pick up a username and password. You will also have to choose the method of funding your account so you can make wagers and win money back into your account.

Most gambling websites today offer you the option to directly play games into the browser and you do not have to download anything on your computer. However, with gambling apps, you might have to download them on your device for use.

Step 3: Choose the game to play 

Once you successfully set up your account, you will have to find your account and allot a bankroll to play the game of your choice. Most of the gambling websites we have listed above provide you with a wide selection of games to choose from.

You can play the games as long as you wish or until your bankroll has been exhausted.

Step 4: Collect your winnings 

This is actually the step where online gambling differs from gambling in person. To access your winnings, you have to put in a request for the withdrawal of funds. You will be required to specify a method for withdrawal to begin the process. How long it will take to get your winnings depends entirely on the website.

Online Gambling: Pros and Cons 

We assume that you understand how both the methods of gambling are accomplished. Now, you will be better able to understand the pros and cons of each. What might be of benefit for one form of gambling can turn out to be a drawback for the other.

Pros of Online Gambling


It’s a no-brainer that online gambling allows you to gamble with real money from the comfort of your home at any time. You do not have to travel anywhere or have cash in hand to participate in casino games and win big. All you need is a device connected to the internet.

If you are you will find a great variety of games that you can choose from. Most online casinos offer more games than land-based casinos. As there is no restriction of physical space, online casinos can have as many games as they want.

Another benefit is you don’t have to ever worry about finding a spot to play your favourite game.


Gambling websites packed with advanced technologies have raised a point where they make wagering from anywhere at any point seamless. Some of these sites have their apps that you can download on your phone and play as much as you want. Most of these websites have mobile sites so you can access casino games at any time.

For most gamblers, the idea of visiting a land-based casino is not realistic as it cannot be done regularly. But with mobile gambling websites, you can play casino games daily.


When you are gambling at online casinos you do not rely on employee running the game or other players. This is why playing casino games on such websites is extremely fast. Whereas, at land-based casinos, you have to deal with other players and dealers and the overall pace of the game might be too fast or too slow for your liking.

With online casinos, you are in control of the pace of play. You can play more rounds in the same time as you would be able to win a casino.

Cons of Online Gambling


Not every gambler trusts technology. If you are someone who is not used to dealing with computer and portable devices, then playing online casino games might seem alienating.

Although intuitive, online casino games can be confusing for some people. This is why not everyone prefers playing casino games online.

Payback Process

With online casino games, payment is not immediate. If you have been gambling in person, then you might be used to the idea of getting your money immediately after completion of play.

If you are playing casino games online, then you will have to wait for the process of withdrawal to complete before you can receive your winnings.

Lack of Atmosphere

Some people go to a casino for its atmosphere. Bright shining lights and the excited crowd is something you cannot experience with online gambling. Even the cool graphics and fun sounds of online casino websites cannot replicate that experience.

This is a major drawback of online gambling websites because they lack the atmosphere that land-based casinos can offer.

Pros of Gambling in Person


When you visit a casino, you just don’t gamble but have a lot of other fun as well. Most casinos are lined up with high-end restaurants, live shows and shopping centres. They are like a one-stop entertainment centre.

To further entice visitors, casinos offer reward cards that players can use as they gamble on different games. The more you play the more points you accumulate and then you can use these points for the amenities located on the site.

Instant payback 

As we mentioned above, with online gambling you have to wait for a few days before you can realise your winnings, gambling in-person offers you a chance to receive instant payback.

When you are gambling in person, you get to experience the thrill of handling your winnings immediately as you cash out. That instant gratification is a great advantage of gambling in person.

Social experience

Playing at online casinos can be a solitary experience. This is a game where land-based casinos beat websites hands down. Offer you a much more social experience, you get to be part of a community and have fun together while playing games. This is why most people plan casino trips as a group experience with friends or family.

It can be a lot of fun to be with people even when you are not winning big.

Cons of Gambling in Person


Online gambling is a hassle-free environment. You can play at your own pace without any interference from other players. But when you’re playing at a casino, it can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with the protocols of a certain game.

Not to mention, the idea of every other player watching while you make your move can be a daunting experience for beginners.


To reach a casino you have to deal with traffic and take long trips. Playing at a casino is fun but you have to deal with traffic, big crowds and the peer pressure which is not for everyone. When you’re playing casino games online, you do not have to deal with any of it.

Lack of variety

When you gamble at a casino, you are not offered the same variety of casino games as you get with online casinos. This is why you might not be able to play the game you want when you are playing at casinos.

With online gambling, a simple search can give you hundreds of results where you can play a game of your choice.


Whether you choose to gamble online or in person, you have to choose by truly understanding the pros and cons of each.

Both methods have their strengths and drawbacks. We hope we have made them clear enough for you to easily make a choice.

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