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The 13th NFL Round is upon us but before talking about Sunday’s games, we must recap what happened Thursday night. There were 3 Thanksgiving games as they paved the road for Sunday’s fixtures. The 3 fixtures included the Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys, and New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons.

The Bears defeated the Lions 24-20 even though the beginning of the game looked like it was going to be a blowout in favor of the Bears. Mitchell Trubisky was able to engineer a 50-yard touchdown drive to start the afternoon, as he was aided by a poor call on a late hit out of bounds on the kickoff return. However, the Lions came back in the game but eventually it wasn’t enough to turn things around. In the 2nd match of the evening, the Bills won 26-15. Anything the Cowboys thought off was easily stopped by the Bills. Allen was the star of the show as the Bills ran riot Thursday night.

Last but not least, the Saints defeated the Falcons 26:18. The Saints started off strong and had a 26-9 lead at one point and even though the Falcons came back in the match, it wasn’t enough to turn things around. Nevertheless, those matches are done and we need to look forward to Sunday. Below, you will find our predictions for the 13th NFL Round.

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San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens >> click here for live odds

We can safely say that this fixture may indeed be the one we get to watch in the Superbowl. Both teams just thrashed their opponents in prime time. The 49ers destroyed the Packers in a game which could have been Aaron Rodgers’s worst game in his season. The Ravens, on the other hand, played a perfect match against the Rams and defeated them 45-6. Both of these sides are high-quality opponents and the 49ers and Ravens had an easy time defeating them. This is due to the fact the both squads were created with one idea in mind, to protect a lead. We believe that’s what going to decide this game. Whoever takes the lead first is probably going to be the winner.


Since this is a high profile game, betting on a winner might not be a wise decision. We believe the 49ers are either going to win in a very tight fixture or they will lose by a very small margin. That’s why there can be two approaches to this fixture. The first one is to put a + 5 spread bet on the 49ers while the other one is to bet on solely on points. In this case, we believe Over 45 points would be the perfect bet.

New England Patriots at Houston Texans >> click here for live odds

Here we have the Sunday Night Football fixture. The Houston Texans have been really unlucky to be created in the Brady era and we are saying this because they are 1-10 against the New England Patriots. Not only that, most of those wins were blowouts. However, the Texans came close to beating the Patriots several times. Two years ago, in Deshaun Watson’s second career start, he nearly led the Texans to a rare win in Foxborough until Tom Brady led a touchdown drive to take a 36-33 lead with 23 seconds left. During that same year, they almost defeated them in the divisional round of the playoffs. However, Brock Osweiler’s incompetence doomed the Texans to yet another loss against the mighty Patriots. This time around, it’s also hard to believe that the Texans can upset the Patriots and defeat them. Maybe the best they can do is a narrow loss.


We are expecting a victory for the Patriots. It might not be a spectacular one like some of the recent ones against the Texans; however, we believe they will win by at least 5 points. With that being said, we are backing a – 3 Spread bet on the New England Patriots.

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks >> click here for live odds

Monday Night Football brings us a fantastic match up between the Vikings and the Seahawks. If the season ended today, these would be the two wild-card teams, but neither would be satisfied after missing out on a division crown. The Seahawks are one game behind the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West and the Vikings are only a head-to-head loss tiebreaker behind the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North. If neither can take the division lead, this game will have to do. If both teams fail to take the division lead, then this game will have to do. It’s very possible that this game decides who will get the number 5 seed and possibly face the Cowboys or the Eagles. The loser, of course, will have to satisfy themselves with the number 6 seed.

The Seahawks are the ones with the better score but the Vikings could be the one walking away with a tight win.


We expect a very close match between these two sides. Additionally, we expect both teams to score 20+ points. For that reason, we are backing a Over 49 points outcome.

Full NFL Round 13 Predictions >> click here for all NFL Live Odds

Above, we made predictions about the most exciting games of the 13th NFL round. However, we have to mention the rest of the games as well. Below, you can see our predictions for the rest of the fixtures.

  • Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers  – 10 Spread Bet
  • New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals  – 3.5
  • Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts  – 3
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars  – 1.5
  • Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins  – 7.5
  • Green Bay Packers at New York Giants  – 7
  • Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers  – 1
  • Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals  – 4
  • Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos  – 2
  • Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs  – 9.5

For more NFL Predictions, tune in with us next week!

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