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The previous NFL week was one of the most interesting ones so far. It was filled with excitement and unexpected results; however the 14th round has the potential to be even better. December marks the start of the last month for the regular NFL season. That’s why the matches in this round are so important for several teams, especially for the ones who are on top of their leagues. The big matchups find San Francisco in New Orleans with first place in the NFC on the line while the Patriots host the Chiefs in a rematch of last season’s AFC Championship Game.

In the last round, the Patriots lost to the Texans unexpectedly thus leaving the door open for the Bufallo Bills who could go up top eventually. However, first they need to face the Ravens on Sunday. They defeated the 49ers in the last round and took advantage of Patriots’ loss to take the 1st position from them. Additionally, it put the 49ers in jeopardy of losing their 1st spot in the NFC. As a matter of fact, now they have to play against the Saints who are right next to them.

However, that’s not all because Monday night brings us a match between the Seahawks and the Rams. If the Seahawks win, they could leapfrog the team that loses in the fixture between the 49ers and the Saints. Nevertheless, more about that below, including betting predictions for all the fixtures of this NFL week.

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Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills >> click here for live odds

The Ravens are currently nursing an 8 games winning run and they will surely want to continue that streak. In the last round, the Ravens managed to beat the 49ers in a match where the weather was just horrible. It’s important to note that the 49ers are at the top of the NFC and they also have the best defensive record of the league. So, bad weather + the best defensive record and the Ravens still managed to score 20 points in the game. On the other hand, the Bills have a run defense which ranks outside of the top 10.

The Ravens are capable of scoring 30+ points against anyone. They scored 37 against the Patriots, 45 against the Rams, and 41 against the Texans. It’s hard to see the Bills defense being able to keep up with that. However, if they do get a result, the Bills might find themselves fighting for the 1st place in the AFC in these last regular season rounds.


As we mentioned above, we believe the Ravens are going to win this one in a high scoring fixture. Because of the low score in the last round, the total lines given by bookmakers are much lower than expected. Before the game against the 49ers, the Ravens scored 40+ points 3 matches in a row. Their offense will definitely get back on track which is why we are backing an Over 43.5 points outcome. Additionally, a – 3.5 spread bet holds value as well.

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints >> click here for live odds

The 49ers were edged out in the last round against the Ravens. The match could have gone either way but sadly the best defense in the league couldn’t stop the defeat. However, the 49ers don’t have time to think about that defeat because they are about to travel and face the Saints. As you know, many believe the Saints to be the best all around team in the NFC. Another loss will see the 49ers drop from the 1st position on the table. As a matter of fact, they could end up 3rd after this round if results don’t go their way.

The Saints have a two-fold advantage against San Francisco. They played and won their last round match on Thanksgiving night which was Thursday meaning they had more time to rest. Additionally, they are playing at home and this should be enough to give them a small edge. However, we are expecting a very close match because San Francisco haven’t lost by more than 3 points this season. If we count the home advantage for the Saints, the betting line should be even or close to that.


As we said, we are giving a small advantage to the Saints. However, if they win, it won’t be by more than 3 points. So, by going with a +3 spread on the 49ers, you would win the bet even if San Francisco surprises the odds and wins the match. On the other hand, we are expecting a high scoring match as well. This makes Over 45 Points a high value bet.

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots >> click here for live odds

The holding Super Bowl Champions were surprised in the last round as they lost to the Texans. That loss saw them lose the 1st position on the AFC table to the Ravens. To make things worse now they have to face the Chiefs who have been excellent lately. The biggest problem New England have at the moment is their offense. So far in the season, they have definitely proved that they can’t win high scoring games. They have lost 2 games and in both the Patriots allowed more than 14 points.

On top of that, the Chiefs have the best player in the league in Mahomes. He actually took the mantle from the one and only Tom Brady who plays for the Patriots. With that being said, it’s unlikely that the Patriots can hold the Chiefs to under 14 points. That means New England will need their offense to step up in case they can’t hold the Chiefs to a lower score. Losing another match will most probably mean the Patriots are not going to finish 1st in the league before the play-off starts.


Recent meetings between these two teams have been incredibly high-scoring with 55 total points or more in four of their last five games. However, the Patriots’ offense has been struggling the whole season. They have needed their defense to play elite football to keep them on top of the league. Facing the Chief’s offense will be a real test for them as we are expecting another high-scoring fixture. We believe an Over 49 Points outcome is highly possible. Additionally, a lot of experts are expecting a Chiefs victory on Sunday.

Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams >> click here for live odds

A big NFC West match-up comes to Sunday night as the Seattle Seahawks travel to Southern California to take on the Los Angeles Rams. Seattle is right in the thick of the race for the top seed in the NFC, while the Rams are right there fighting for the second Wild Card. Since, the 49ers and Saints are playing against each other, a win for the Seahawks will see them jump over one of those teams and sit on the 2nd position. It suits them better for the 49ers to win because the Seahawks already defeated them this season. However, they lost to the Saints which is why they are currently below them even though both teams have the same total score.

Nevertheless, the Rams need the win as well. They have a 7-5 score at the moment and are now just one game back of the final Wild Card spot currently held by the 8-4 Minnesota Vikings. They already faced the Seahawks earlier this season and lost by just one point 30 to 29. Now the Rams have home turf advantage and it might be enough to bring them a much needed win.


This will be an interesting fixture since they play on Sunday night and they will know the outcomes of the previous games. Those results can give both teams a motivation to win the match. Nevertheless, we are sure that it will be a very close match. Predictions are split as some are prediction a narrow win for the Rams while others think the narrow win will be taken by the Seahawks. We will back a + 2.5 spread on the Rams.

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Above, we made predictions about the most exciting games of the 14th NFL round. However, we have to mention the rest of the games as well. Below, you can see our predictions for the rest of the fixtures.

  • Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears: – 3 Spread Bet
  • Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons: + 2
  • Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings: Home Side Victory
  • Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Over 49
  • New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles: Over 46.5
  • Denver Broncos at Houston Texans: Home Side Victory
  • Miami Dolphins at New York Jets: Over 44
  • Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns: Home Side Victory
  • Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers: + 13.5
  • Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars: – 2.5
  • Pittsburgh Steelers  at Arizona Cardinals: Over 43
  • Tennessee Titans  at Oakland Raiders: – 3

For more NFL Predictions, tune in with us next week!

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