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Welcome to our NBA Betting Predictions for the weekend. Seeing how NBA teams are playing pretty much every day, there are too many games to cover. That’s why we have decided to cover the best and most important matches this weekend. We will be starting with a Thursday night fixture between the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets. Friday night we have, the Celtics against the Nuggets and of course a match-up between two of the best sides this season, the Clippers vs the Bucks. Last but not least, we have Toronto once again on Sunday night. They will be facing the Philadelphia  76ers who are one of the best teams on the East. Below, you will find the betting predictions for the above mentioned NBA fixtures.

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Houston Rockets at Toronto Raptors >> click here for live odds

The holding champions lost the finals MVP at the end of the season but they are still performing really well. Most people had written them off but the Raptors are still one of the best teams in the East. As a matter of fact, on Tuesday they lost their 1st home match of the season. They lost to the Miami Heat in overtime but have no time to think about it because they have to face the Rockets on Thursday night. The Rockets, on the other hand, are still struggling with their performances. Harden and Westbrook are playing great basketball but without serious contributions from the rest of the team, Houston will have trouble winning once the playoffs come. They lost their last match in double over-time against the Spurs even though Harden scored 50 and Westrbrook had a 20+20 double-double game.

These sides already played two matches this season back in October. Both won their home game and both those games were high-scoring ones. That’s exactly the outcome we are expecting for this one too. Houston have been in a great scoring form while Toronto have been playing good defense. Since the Rockets don’t bother with defending too much, it will be an open game which will give Toronto a chance to score more points. If both sides have a good night, we might be getting a 250+ points fixture. Toronto will do their best not to lose two home games in a row while the Rockets need to put the embarrassing match against the Spurs behind them as soon as possible.


Picking a winner here might not be smart since it’s still early in the regular season and teams are not favoring playing defensively. This gives advantage to teams like the Rockets who put all their cards on their offensive play. For that reason, we are expecting an open game where a lot of points will be scored. We are backing an Over 230.5 points outcome.

Denver Nuggets at Boston Celtics

The Nuggets are one of the best teams in the West and probably the only ones that will be able to challenge the Lakers and Clippers for the Division title. At the moment, they are on a 2 games losing run including a defeat in the last match where they played against the Lakers. To make things worse, now they have to travel to face the Celtics who are one of the best teams in the NBA. The Nuggets are very good defensively, thanks to players like Jokic. Playing good in defense will come in handy once the playoffs come. Last year, small details decided and it could have been the Nuggets in the finals if a couple of things went their way. However, this year they are even stronger and they just might go all the way.

The Celtics, on the other hand, are finally looking like the Championship winning Celtics of the past. Even with Hayward injured, Walker, Brown, and Tatum are playing fantastic. Their performances have seen the Celtics to a 15-5 score so far. That’s the same score as the Raptors which makes the Bucks the only team on the East that’s better than the Celtics. Against the Nuggets, the match might turn into a defensive affair but fans all over the world will be excited about the outcome of the first match-up between these sides.


The Celtics have a small advantage because they are playing at home; however, both teams are very similar when it comes to points scored and points conceded. Both sides are at about 110 points scored per game which is why we are backing an Over 215.5 points outcome.

Los Angeles Clippers at Milwaukee Bucks

Friday night brings us one more fantastic fixture. Clippers are considered the number 1 favorites to win the Western Conference while Milwaukee are surely the best team on the East. It will be a fixture where last year’s finals MVP Kawhi Leonard will meet the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo. The latter has been one of the best players so far this season while Kawhi has missed a lot of games due to load management. However, we believe he will feature in such an important game even though it’s early in the season.

They met once this season and Milwaukee won that one even though the Clippers were playing at home. Giannis scored 38 points back then but it was Williams who was leading the Clippers with 34 because Kawhi, as well as Paul Georg weren’t playing. We are hoping he will play this one so we could watch a really fantastic match-up. However, this time the Bucks will play at home which is definitely an advantage.


Picking a winner for this fixture is hard and it will definitely depend on which players run on the field. However, we hope that the Clippers will field both Kawhi and PG13 on Friday night which is why we are backing an Away Side Victory.

Toronto Raptors at Philadelphia 76ers

Last but not least, we have the Raptors in action again on Sunday night. This time around, they will play away from home against the 76ers. Both Toronto and Philadelphia are considered to be the teams that will be fighting for the Eastern Conference Championship. Add the Celtics and the Bucks and you have the strongest 4 teams on the East. Philadelphia have been on a 4 games winning streak and the last time they lost was to the Raptors. However, the Raptors were playing at home in that one.

Philadelphia finally have a Simmons who can shoot jump shots and they have probably the best center in the league in Embiid. The 49ers have one of the strongest 5-man squads in the NBA. However, their bench is much weaker compared to most teams which is where the 49ers are struggling. Sometimes players need to be rested or have to sit down because of faults and it’s at those moments that the bench needs to deliver. Nevertheless, they lost to the Raptors by just 5 points last time but now Philadelphia have home turf advantage so they should win this match.


This match could go either way as both sides have a strong defense but they are no strangers to open high-scoring games. For that reason, we believe that going with a winner might be a better option. Philadelphia will want to protect home court which is why we are backing a Home Side Victory.

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The NBA brings a lot of matches during a week in the regular season. Since, we can’t cover all of them, we decided to bring you reviews and betting predictions for the most exciting fixtures of the week. Additionally, follow the above mentioned link for the full offer of NBA odds and markets at BetJoe.com.

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