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What is a NBA moneyline bet?

Moneyline betting is a classic bet type that’s part of a small betting group. With this bet, players bet on the final outcome of a match without thinking about the point spread. Remember that the moneyline bet is solely dependent on who wins. It’s a bet type that’s actively used for sports like hockey, football, baseball, and, of course, basketball (NBA). Unlike the 1X2 bet in soccer, the moneyline bet doesn’t offer the chance of a draw. A moneyline bet means that a fixture must finish with one side victorious. If a draw happens in regular time then over-time will be played until a victor is decided.

We can conclude that moneyline bets are two-side wagers. In most matches, one side is the favorite while the other one is the underdog. However, there are cases where two evenly matched clubs play against each other. As a matter of fact, those fixtures are best for moneyline bets and we will explain why below. For instance, lets imagine a match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns.

  • Phoenix Suns + 150
  • Los Angeles Lakers – 200

The team that gets the “+” in a moneyline bet is considered the outsider. The + 150 on the Suns means that for every $100 you wager, you could earn you stake back + $150 if they win. However, betting on the favorite, in this case the Lakers, is a bit different. The – 200 means that you will have to risk $200 so you could win $100. This means that if the Lakers win, you would get your $200 stake back + $100 as profit. Betting on the favorite means you have to risk more money; however, its more likely that the favorite will win the match.

What is a NBA lines and odds spread bet?

The spread is a two-side wager as well. As a matter of fact, NBA bettors prefer the spread bet to anything else. This bet type is very simple as it involves a point spread which evens the odds for both sides. As we mentioned above, most fixtures have a side that’s a favorite and a side that’s the underdog. When the favorite wins a NBA, usually it’s by a decent point margin like 8, 10, 15 points or even more. However, when the underdog surprises the favorite, they usually win by a very small margin. So, what if I told you that you can bet on the underdog without actually betting on that club?!

  • Atlanta Hawks +5 at – 150 odds
  • San Antonio Spurs -5 at – 150 odds

As you can see, the odds are the same and they always will be either the same or very close to each other. For instance, if you were to bet on Atlanta who are the underdogs in this case, they would have to either win the match or lose by less than 5 points so you could win the bet. So, you could win your bet even if they lose the match by up to 4 points. Additionally, if they lose by exactly 5 points, you don’t walk away with empty hands. This occurrence is known as the “push” and if it happens, your stake will be refunded.

On the other hand, lets say you want to bet on the favorite, in this case, the Spurs. To win your bet, they would have to win the match by more than 5 points. If they win by exactly 5 points, the “push” happens once again and you get your stake refunded. Nevertheless, whichever outcome you pick, if its correct, your win will be the same either way. In both cases, you will need to risk $150 to win a $100 as profit.

What is a NBA totals bet?

Last but not least, we have the most popular bet type regardless of the sport. Totals betting is the bread and butter of any experienced bettor. Bookies give the best odds when it comes to totals because they know that people love playing them. Additionally, totals betting means that you bet OVER or UNDER the total amount of points that will be scored in a match. The odds for Over or Under will be equal 95% of the time. There are cases where one outcome is a bit bigger or smaller than the other one because the fixture includes two highly attacking sides or two very defensive sides. However, this doesn’t happen a lot.

  • San Antonio Spurs Over 217.5 – 130
  • New York Knicks Under 217.5 – 130

This example allows you to bet whether the combined point total will go Over 217.5 points or Under 217.5 points. Whichever one you pick, you need to risk $100 to win $130 as profit. However, in NBA this bet can be two-fold. For instance, when the bet finishes with a .5 it means that the match can’t finish on the exact number of points. In our example, if you pick Over and it finishes with exactly 217 points, you lose your stake. However, the offered totals bet can be on a whole number like 230. An Over/Under bet in that case will have one more possible outcome. What if the match finishes with exactly 232 points? Once again, the “push” is called and the bettor receives his stake as a refund.