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Multiple Bookmaker Accounts For Sports Betting Success

A common underestimation by many sports bettors is the importance of having multiple bookmaker accounts. Often you will find some punters telling you that a single bookmaker account is enough to make profits, but the experience of hundreds of seasoned gamblers has an opposite opinion. There are many reasons to consider opening multiple accounts, and we are about to provide you with enough reasons to support our argument. The obvious reason seems to be able to avail different odds for the same event and wager with the highest odds.

OddsMax has put together an insightful guide on why you need to have multiple bookmakers accounts for long-term success in sports betting.

High odds

Sports betting is a highly competitive market. To retain the players and keep them happy, the bookmarkers offer high odds. The betting market is relatively efficient and if you compare odds from most of the leading bookmakers, they offer quite similar odds. For example, if you decided to wager on a game between Man City beating Bournemouth, on Bet365 you will be offered odds at 2.0 while for the same game BetJoe offers you odds of 2.10. The higher odds will make a difference in the long run. However, if you do not have an account with BitJoe you will not be able to take advantage of the higher odds. You can always open an account with a bookmaker when you find a better opportunity, but you will lose the precious time and the price might change in the process.

The most effective way to notice odds difference within time is to use odds comparison sites like OddsMax. We can compare odds from over dozens of leading bookmarkers providing you with an easy way to find the difference between the odds that might not look that significant.

The odds different that might not look spectacular on the offset will make a significant difference once you realize if you are going to place 20 bets. You might be losing hundreds just because you are not making use of the highest odds available for you.

We advise you to have at least 5 bookmakers accounts in your betting portfolio. You can pick any sportsbooks and for easy comparison of odds, you can use sites like OddsMax.

Account Limitation

The sports gambling world is aware of the bitter truth-the bookmakers never like the winning players. When you have long runs of wins, continuously taking money from the sportsbooks, you are under high risk of account limitation. As a winner, you have to consider this danger and be ready to move on to another bookmaker is your account is limited. If you have multiple bookmakers accounts you are free to enjoy your winning streak for a longer time.

Furthermore, for punters playing arbitrage bets, it is important to keep aloof under the bookmakers’ radar to avoid account limitation. If they want to complete their betting strategy, they will need multiple bookmakers accounts.

Welcome offers

Next most obvious reason to maintain multiple bookmakers accounts is to reap the benefits of welcome bonuses. In order to get more business and attract new customers, sportsbooks are known to provide exciting offers as welcome bonuses.

It’s easy to understand. Suppose you want to place a $50 bet, why you should put your own money. Find a great welcome offer, put in the minimum deposit, usually $10, and put the wager with the bonus money you receive. Considering how easy it is to open a new account with a bookmaker you will have a lot of opportunities to exploit the welcome deals and make more profits. There is no doubt that the sports betting industry is very competitive and there’s always wagering requirements, but if you search enough you will find worthwhile Welcome offers.

Special offers

Special offers are the ultimate tools that bookmakers use to attract customers from their competitors. You can use these special offers to your advantage. League/tournament special bonuses, free bets and special offers will be very limited if you are associated with a single bookmaker, but when you have multiple bookmaker accounts, you are able to add extra cash to your bankroll continuously. If you want to regularly benefit from special offers, you will need to have accounts with multiple bookmakers.

Suppose you want to wager on two games simultaneously, you can do it through special offers. In such a scenario you will not be losing your entire wager, or if you get a free bet then you use the offer the maximize your profit and minimize the loss. Just bookmark the special offers page of the bookmakers you have an account with and you will be able to make better wagers already.

Multiple Sports

Often it is seen that some bookmakers are limited to only popular sports. What if you want to bet on less popular sports? If your current bookmaker is not offering all sports of leagues you are interested in, you can simply find another bookmaker offering you options that you are looking for. There is no sense in losing on the opportunities to make profits when there are dozens of bookmakers available. Make use of your sports knowledge to maximum by betting on multiple sports via multiple bookmaker accounts.

Following tipsters

If you have found your sports betting success with the help of a tipster, then it will be useful if you open accounts with multiple bookmakers.


When you and your friends are making the same kind of the winning bets with the same bookmaker, soon he will realize that the accounts are either linked or have the same source of information in some way. It can result in your selection odds being shortened, your account being limited or worse, removal from the market. Why risk your chances of making profits when you all can easily place tips with separate bookmakers that will ensure you keep profiting from your tipster information for a longer period of time.

User Experience

Bookmakers differ not only in their terms and conditions but also in the design navigation and other factors that largely influence your experience.

When you open accounts with multiple bookmakers you get to learn about their special terms and conditions regarding withdrawal/deposits, betting markets, commissions, technology and more. Once you have experience with them all, you can easily decide which bookmaker is best in terms of user experience. 


If you are a frequent traveller you will face licenses issues with bookmakers. If you are not in the country where you are living, it is very much possible that you may not be able to place a bet when you want too as your bookmaker’s website might not be accessible. The best way to avoid this unpleasant situation is to open an account with a bookmaker within the country you are presently in. Also, it is helpful to check the country restrictions of a bookmaker when opening your account.


There is no success formula to how many bookmaker accounts will get you the most profit. It all depends on how well you analyze the betting opportunities, what odds are being offered by various bookmakers and how wisely you frame your strategy. Most experienced bettor maintain 3 to 5 bookmaker accounts to profitable for a longer time.

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