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NFL Teams making to Playoffs After Starting 0-3

Mistakes New Football Gamblers Must Avoid

In America, most of the sports betting action is focused on football. By far, American football is the most popular sport to bet on in the United States.

The popularity, however, doesn’t equate to success necessarily. For gamblers, football action is only available for a few weeks and they have to make most of this time. If you are planning to be part of American football betting, but lack experience than it might be challenging for you.

In order to be profitable at NFL betting, you need to avoid some common mistakes that are usually committed by gamblers. Here are the specific and typical NFL betting mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Betting on the Home Team

It is not uncommon to see gamblers having a natural impulse to bet on their favourite teams in football. There are several reasons why gamblers get into this behaviour but most people think they are expert on the home team. This notion empowers the false belief and convinces them that they are making a smart bet. However, when you go beyond the face value and dig deeper you will realise that it’s a huge mistake.

Most of the sports bettors are merely fans who do not want any serious cash but want to add some excitement to watching sports. Obviously, they are rooting for their favourite teams and want them to win. This fandom can easily lead to a lost bet because gamblers simply overlook some glaring issues that are clear warning signs.

This is why you should keep in mind that best bets are not always on your favourite team but sometimes it makes more sense to bet against them.

Any successful sports better, hardly ever make bets on his favourite teams regardless of his sports. This is why you should not root for a team when you are in sports betting, your decision must be entirely driven by statistics and numbers.

  1. Reluctant to start small

We have seen, young gamblers often falling victim to this issue. Primarily college-aged gamblers are often preconditioned to adopt a “go big or go home” approach when it comes to sports betting. But at the core of this approach lies the reality that if you go big, you are going to go home empty-handed.

You might get lucky once in a while with a max bet, but in gambling, you cannot rely on your luck. Sports betting requires you to have a more sustainable and less chaotic approach.

In football, you do not have games for every day of the week like in some major sports such as baseball and basketball. Most of the football action is on Sundays.

The imbalance in scheduling creates a sense of urgency in sports gamblers who want to bet on as many games as possible in order to make some big money. This, unfortunately, forces new bettors to spread themselves too thin and in doing so they face some harsh realities. First of all, there is no way that they can research all the games they are betting on a single day. When they deprive themselves of adequate time to analyse each bet, they are setting themselves up for failure. Furthermore, if you blow your bankroll in a single day of gambling, you cannot be in the game for too long.

  1. Failing to not pick the lines properly

The ultimate truth about gambling is-it’s highly unfair. Whether you are playing blackjack, craps or putting your money into a sportsbook, you are always at a disadvantage. If you are any familiar with the gambling industry you must have heard the expression, “the house always wins.” This is the sad reality that gamblers must face.

As a sports bettor, you are already starting behind which is why you must take any advantage possible. The most transparent advantage that is readily available is the disparity that exists between online sportsbook.

When you bet on a football game, there’s a good chance that the odds and the lines are different depending on the sportsbook you choose. The odds are not only different between sportsbooks and gambling sites, but they also change as the week progresses.

For football betting, most of the lines are released on Sunday night. When it happens, the gambling public starts pouring in money into either side. If the public bet heavily on one side, the line swings in a certain way. This is why we recommend you should allow the lines to sit and get staple for a few days until you can predict their future movements.

  1. Betting on props heavily 

For beginners, it is easy to bet on props as they are easy to understand. Football betting can be complicated for someone with no sports gambling experience. All the options with the lines and odds can be confusing for new gamblers which is why they tend to choose prop betting which is straightforward and easy to understand.

However, the problem with betting on props is that it can be frequently less predictable than sports betting on straight games.

For Example:

In a football game, you might feel more inclined to bet on a certain quarterback to have more than 3.5 touchdowns. But there is no specific metrics to know what kind of game a quarterback is going to have.

You might argue that this is true for any kind of matchup, and you won’t be necessarily wrong. That being said, it is much easier to predict and rely on a team’s results rather than a given player. This is why new gamblers get attached to the idea of betting on props because they are easier to understand. However, we recommend that you view them as a fun side bet and not a way to make the majority of your money gambling.

  1. Ignoring daily fantasy leagues 

You might not know that daily fantasy is a great way to start betting on football. Sports gambling can be complicated and challenging to navigate at first but fantasy is straightforward. You can start with any daily fantasy site if you have any experience with fantasy football. There are some fantasy sites where you can place a variety of bets as with traditional sportsbooks.

Old school gamblers might not like the idea of daily fantasy but as a new gambler, you should not pay any attention to that sentiment. The daily fantasy continues to gain popularity among not only football fans but also sports bettors. It is very similar to traditional fantasy football but instead of just sticking with one team for an entire season you are free to pick a new team each week.

Daily fantasy is one of the best ways for inexperienced gamblers to familiarise themselves with sports betting.

As you will get comfortable with wagering, you will start to see and appreciate football from a gambler’s perspective. When you become part of daily fantasy then you naturally become more involved football fan instead of just been a casual one. You will start paying attention to particular teams and players in this skill will help you develop as a sports bettor.


Football sports betting might not offer as much action as MLB or NBA, but it remains one of the most popular sports for gamblers. With football betting, you can be a more involved fan as well as make some extra money.

But before you start with sports betting, there are several factors to consider. While it is true that football betting is not as complex as other sports, but some very common mistakes can cost you money.

This is why we have listed the mistakes new football gamblers make so that you can avoid them.

You might mistake to bet on your favourite team but we strongly advise against it. When your favourite team is involved you are more likely to bet from your heart and not the brain. Also, start by placing small bets instead of investing your bankroll on big bets.

Additionally, learn to find the best lines and avoid the tendency of betting as soon as they are released. You might be naturally inclined towards prop bets by the highly unpredictable. Finally, do not ignore the daily fantasy league as it will make you a more confident sports bettor.

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