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Live Betting – How It Works, Benefits & More

Live betting, also called ‘in running’ or ‘in play’ betting is the process of placing bets on a sports event after it has begun. For instance, you can place your bets on different factors of a football match after it has started and throughout the duration of the game.

Live betting provides players the great experience of entertainment, flexibility and money making. Available online because of being highly technical in nature, live betting enables players to get into action with a multitude of latest betting options. So if you have not heard of the term live betting or are looking forward to learn about it, just sit back and relax. We are here to walk you through each and every aspect of live betting- how it works, benefits and more. By the end of this post, you will be ready to get in action and prove your skills by making some money in live betting.

Explaining Live Betting

Basically, online sportsbooks that you use will have a set of odds on a game or event before it starts. Well, these odds change many times after the event actually starts, depending on what actually happens in the event. So if team A were odds-on favourite before the start and team B takes some lead after some minutes, the odds will change and reflect this scenario. Team A may be the favorites but now they have fewer chances to win. This will thus raise their odds.

So, a person wanting to bet on Team A will have better odds than they would get if they place the bet before the match started. You need to remember that it is not just goals in a soccer match which will change the odds. Each and every action during the sports event will change the outcome, changing the betting odds during the process.

Well, the odds are decided by individual sportsbook using an algorithm that frequently updates the details. Then, as per what is happening in the match or event and also the past results of similar events, odds are changed and placed accordingly.

Benefits of live betting

The truth that we can place our bets on so many sports and events is the biggest benefit of live betting, the other being additional wagers. These two top benefits alone give us better and greater betting opportunities. With more options to consider, we have greater chances of finding wagers that provide good value. Well, believe us, when we say that it is a good thing, you got to believe it.

The ever changing odds also present a great advantage. Bookmakers are skilled at setting the odds accurately, thus making it tough for us to find the value. However with live betting, they need to make changes to the odds very fast based on the action that they are watching. So they don’t have much time to put much thought into the adjustments. This thus makes it easier for us to find value.

Further, it should be noted that adjustments that the bookmakers make are based on their own opinions of how the event is turning out to be. As knowledgeable and skilled as they are, you need to remember that their suggestions or views are not always right. So by analysing the action on our own, it is possible that we will be able to make right judgements every now and then. To make this possible, we need to have deep understanding of the sport as well as the players/teams involved in the event.

Live betting can offer us great opportunities to hedge the existing wagers to manage the risk. We can thus use hedging tricks and strategies to cut the losses when things are not in our favour or to lock some guaranteed profits when things go as expected.

For example- let’s say you have backed a player to win the football match and after an hour or so you don’t see that he is playing well as expected. You can simply place another wager backing the opponent to offset some or all of original wager. In such a case, you will end up being forced to get a loss irrespective of what happens. So, sometimes it is better to take small loss when the outlook changes rather than risking a bigger loss.

If you love that high paced action and are constantly looking for some edges during a match, live betting is definitely for you. For all those who haven’t had the privilege of facing it yet, it is one of the most fun times that you can have in sports betting. Obviously there is a lot of action in traditional sports betting and for some they would prefer to get bets out of way and get back to enjoy the game. For others who love fast pace events, it doesn’t get better than live betting. We can tell you once again how much fun and enjoyable it is but your best step will be to give it a shot on your own and see what works for you.

In some sports, once you lay down the bets, that is it. But if you like live betting, you can change your betting position quickly during the match. If you see that the team you bet on starts to lose, you can decide to lay off your odd at a low betting price to avoid losses. Well, it is important to note that in play betting allows hedge betting that helps the bettor to reduce the risks involved.

Summing up

As you can observe, live betting is a great style of betting, thanks to the last technological advancements. So if you are intelligent enough who knows how to analyze the games and feel the vigor, you have that potential to be a successful bettor at live betting. Just make sure that you have completely gone through the tips, tricks and strategies used in live betting and have fully understood the different aspects of it before you take that step. Further, make sure that you read through strategies carefully so that you can attack as an intelligent bettor and make some real profit.

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