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How to Ensure Consistent Win in Esports Betting

Esports betting is something we have been covering for a while now on our blog. With the passing years, it is becoming more mainstream and is going to expand even more. As esports is going to grow as an industry, esports betting will also develop. Whether you like it or not, esports betting is going to present more opportunities for bettors.

Winning is what every bettor cares about. Whether they are playing for the profits or just for the thrill, they all want to win. No surprises here, who the hell wants to lose money?

If you want to make some decent profits from esports betting, then this article is especially for you. Here we are going to focus on tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning esports bets. We will share the strategies you need to know for securing long-term results beating the online sportsbooks.

Winning Esports Bets Online: What You Must Do

We will start with focusing on the things you must do to improve your chances of winning online esports bets.

Chose a Reputable Bookmaker

This one is a no brainer, but how do you know which bookies are reputable enough?

Most beginners do not know but there is a sort of street code for recognizing reputable online betting platforms.

The problem is we cannot include the entire guide for choosing the best esports betting site here. Lucky for you we already have done a detailed guide that we linked.

Pay attention to the Social Media chatter 

As far as esports betting is concerned social media platforms are the best source of news as most of it is the word of mouth. The social chatter usually covers topics varying from prominent community figures, players, teams and events. But every once in a while, you come across news that even bookies might have missed and that’s your chance, to make a +EV wager.

Learn a bit about Stats

Sniping for the valuable info on social media platforms can only get you so far. You’ll still have to do the dirty work; you’ll still have to spend a ton of time looking at teams’ stats, head-to-head matches, per-map statistics, and all that good stuff. It might be time-consuming, but stats-crawling is a great way of eliminating silly wagers and understanding the value complexity of the match at hand.

Experiment With Different Bet Types

Match-winners are good but it can be dull to stick to the same. Have you ever tried esports props? Try them, you are going to enjoy we bet.

Irrespective of which bookie you choose or what esports appeals to you, there will be plenty of different bet types available for you.

Learn to mix up the bets and have some fun, as you never know what might appeal to you. 

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is a required skill that every bettor much have. Always be mindful of your spending and calculate your bets according to your default betting bankroll. You will need a comprehensive esports betting strategy to properly manage your bankroll. The more control you are in your betting methodology the more successful you will be.

Have Fun

You got it right, the whole idea of esports betting is not making profits only but having fun at all times. If you are not having fun, then esports betting will start to feel like every other chore. Experiment with your bets and never forget the fun!

Esports Betting Online: What You Shouldn’t Do

Knowing what you need to do to increase your chances of winning is not enough to ensure a higher winning rate, you should also know what NOT TO DO.

Don’t Force Bets

Force betting is one evil that has troubled even the most experienced bettors from time to time. If you are not confident how a match will go, don’t bet on it-plain and simple. If you do not find any opportunity to bet on during an esports game, there are plenty of other sports, go try those.

Avoid Betting on Your Favorite Team

Most bettors commit this mistake, the beginners in particular but it is best in your interest to avoid betting on your favorite team. If you want to be a successful bettor who gets long-term betting profitability then you have to learn this golden rule of sports betting.

When you engage with your favorite team, you are not just betting your money but you are also allowing your emotions to cloud your judgement.

You will be doing yourself a favor by not betting on your favorite team. You have plenty more opportunities that don’t need you to get involved emotionally.

Don’t Trust the Odds

The odds are interesting numbers, often they push in one team’s favor. While most of the time these odds reflect realistic outcome probability, but it’s not always the case, especially for esports bets. As the esports betting market is still highly volatile and bookies don’t have all the information or enough resources to keep updated with the live matches. This is why in esports betting you don’t have to always trust the odds. Instead of blindly trusting the odds, put your faith in news and stats and invest more in pre-match betting research.

Bookies are Not Your Friends 

Another common misconception that plagues most inexperienced bettors is they tend to think that bookies are their friends.

You might be illusioned by all the welcome bonuses and free bets that you are showered when you join. But at the end of the day, bookies only want your money. So, don’t be naïve enough to think of them as your friends.

You are not there to make friends either, you are there to make money. Keep up that attitude if you want to make successful esports bets.

Never Chase Losses

The worse of all mistakes is chasing your losses to make up for them. Chasing losses mean when you lose too much money with your initial set of bets, then you go and deposit even more money to try to recover your losses.  

If your plan does not go right, you will end up losing even more money widening the losses. What are you going to do next? Put in more money to recover?

Chasing losses is a vicious cycle that will cripple your betting bankroll but can also cast a shadow over your personal budget. We cannot emphasize enough how much of a danger chasing losses is, avoid it at all costs.

What You Need to Know About Esports Betting 

What we told you is only the do’s and don’ts but we have more to share with you. General knowledge about esports betting which is usually taken for granted is important just like everything else.

To be consistently successful in esports betting you must be able to understand the current meta, know the pro scheme and must of aware of key players and their performance. It will not only make you a knowledgeable esports betting enthusiast but a hardcore esports fan, too.

Another important aspect that you need to keep in touch with is the esports betting lingo. You will find the subject more or less similar to that of sports betting but with a few distinguishable differences.

Most Popular Disciplines

According to many experts, CSGO betting remains the most popular in the industry. The first-shooter game from Valve sits comfortably at the top of the list in terms of betting volume. The next spot is also taken by Valve’s masterpiece, Dota 2 while the third spot is occupied by League of Legends.

As esports, these three games remain the most popular esports betting options for a large number of bettors.

Apart from these three, few other games keep joining the list and then drop out at a steady pace. The latest addition to the list is the Valorant. It’s not being a year, yet it is beating the likes of King of Glory, Overwatch and Rocket League in popularity already.


Moneyline is a common phrase that refers as a match-winner. It is a simple esports betting option with a rather simple principle.

You just have to pick the team you think will win the match and you are done. There is nothing complicated about Moneyline esports bets.


Although simple, moneyline wagers can’t get you too far, if you are in for the long run, you need to pump up a bit now and then. As we mentioned before esports props can be a thrilling entertainer and break the monotony of the match winners.

But what are props?

Also known as “specials” or “prop bets” they represent all the other types of bets except moneyline or match winners. Due to such variation in esports, the quantity of prop bets is more than you will ever find with any other sport.


Like with sports betting, esports wagering is also about finding value rather than anything else. But, this begs the question,

What can be considered as the value in esports betting?

The concept of value is simple. A bet has value if it pays more than it should for the winning scenario. It is a fairly complex topic and we have already covered it in detail here.


A very common term that any sports bettor will be aware of already, parlays are gradually making their way into esports betting as well. Simply put, a parlay groups several wagers into one single bet. The difference here is that the odds multiply with each other, as well as your stake. This is why parlay bets have a much higher value than you would get with several single bets.

Let’s understand this with a quick example:

NaVi to win at – 130

Mousesports to win at +120

Pro to win at -160

If you were to bet $100 on these three singles, i.e., $33.3 each then you will get a total of $186.29 including your stake if you win. However, if you put these three wagers in a parlay, you will get a whopping total of $632.50 (including your stake).

The catch being, if you lose just one bet in the parlay, you will lose all of them. With three singles there will be no such risk.

So, yea, higher rewards of parlays come at an equally higher risk.


Can you get rich esports betting? 

While opportunities are plenty in the esports betting industry but realistically speaking, your chances of getting rich just betting on esports is next to nothing. Do not get lured by those fake websites and testimonials, be on the ground.

There might be rare of the rarest stories where someone got rich overnight by online betting but it’s no guarantee. Luck is a factor here along with knowledge. You will need to be extremely high in both to get rich with esports betting.

Are online esports bookmakers legit and safe?

At OddsMax, we have listed some of the best Esports Bookmakers that you can trust with your money.

Although if you pick any other bookmaker for esports betting on your own make sure that they are accepting standard payment methods, such as credit cards, Skrill, cryptocurrencies, Neteller, and others. If they don’t then it’s best to stay clear.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned esports betting enthusiast, the tips and tricks we have shared here will come in handy.

With that been said, we do recommend that you use these tips in addition to your pre betting research to be truly successful consistently.

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