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How to Become a Pro Sports Bettor and Change the Game

If you are an avid sports betting fan, then at times you must have pondered overturning your pastime into a full-time profession. Now, most people spend hours thinking about how to change the dream into a reality, we are here with a guide that will help you turn into a pro sports bettor.

The prerequisites of becoming a pro sports bettor are to dedicate yourself to the craft entirely. It is much more work than you can imagine but the rewards are immense as well.

Let’s understand what it takes to be a pro at beating online sportsbooks.


It’s not going to be easy

Be aware that the life of a pro sports bettor is not a reprieve from the routine 40-hour workweek. That being said, it is a major upgrade from the monotone as everyday life.

Not everyone is cut out to be a pro sports bettor, successful gamblers have to be willing to make sacrifices but that the end the experience is truly gratifying.

One of the qualities required from pro sports bettors is the ability to decipher data and efficiently use analytics to ensure positive returns. No professional sports bettor has ever even come close to a 75% winning percentage. This is why you need to keep your hopes low. If you win close to 54%, even then you will be making a decent profit. Most of the pro sports bettor earn enough to outweigh the losses and keep afloat.

Why would you want to be a pro sports bettor?

A career as a sports bettor at a professional level is extremely appealing because of many distinct advantages.

You will be in 100% control of the daily grind which is an incredible relief as you will be in control of your work hours.

You can work as per your convenience and there is no pressure from anyone at any time. You will be in total control of your schedule which is enticing.

We don’t have to tell you how priceless is the feeling to make your schedule. You have true freedom to live your life on your terms. In addition to deciding when to work, you will also have the benefit of choosing how much you want to work.

It will be a transition to be a pro sports bettor from your current career, but as like any other job change you will have to ease into the transition. Once you get comfortable in your new career, you can decide how often or less often to work.

The flexibility you attain by becoming a pro sports bettor does not end here. You will also have the luxury to choose where to work. All you will need are devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops and you can work from anywhere on the planet provided you have a good Internet connection.

We forgot to mention, you don’t have to wear any dress, there is no limit to your earning potential and the pure adrenaline rush are more reasons why you should become a pro sports bettor.

Characteristics of a Pro Sports Bettor

You do not require any particular skills to become a pro sports bettor. Anyone with the necessary determination can become a successful gambler in this field.

However, some personality traits improve your chances of being a success as a pro sports bettor. If you find yourself lacking in these areas, then you might want to work on them to improve your chances of success.

To begin with, you need to have a genuine interest in becoming a sports bettor as well as knowledge of sports.

Being a diehard sports fanatic can be counterintuitive as it can bring emotions into decision making that can spoil your strategy.

An interest in sports will help you be content as a pro sports bettor because as we have seen that the promise of money won’t be there long enough to keep you over the hook. At some point in time, you will start getting bored and things will get stale. But, if you are actually interested in sports it will keep things enjoyable for you.

The importance of knowledge should never be underestimated in sports betting. You have to keep learning about the craft, strategies, teams, leagues and the sports you are betting on. The more research you do the better is your chances of being a success.

We cannot think of a professional gambler on the planet who has ever maintained his long-term success just out of sheer luck.

Being comfortable with numbers is also required quality for a pro sports bettor. It does not imply that you need a PhD in mathematics. Most of the sports betting maths is easy to comprehend as it is basic. You need to familiarise yourself with the concept of probabilities and odds very well.

If you think you have high emotions, then you need to work on keeping them under check. When you become a pro sports bettor you will have bad weeks and losing streak. If you are not able to control your emotions than such situations can get to your head. Just remember that sports betting can be fairly rewarding but you have to be willing to accept good with the bad.

You have to learn to be realistic if you’re not already. You’re never going to win every bet you make. Even if you can break even, that’s a great start. You have to win 52% of your bets to get even. This is why I always think of sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint. Keep your expectations under check in your first month.

Set Goals

When your goal is to become a professional sports bettor, you have to measure your every move. Keep a tab on your progress and an eye on your spending. Having specific goals to work towards, will help you keep things on track.

Do not set goals that are too big too early driven by high hopes. Keep your eye on a realistic goal throughout your first year and steadily work towards breaking even.

We have seen some sports bettors work by setting monthly goals. We strongly recommend against this habit as sports betting is very unpredictable and a bad week can easily sidetrack an entire month.

As we said sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint.

Log your wins and losses

To be more successful as a pro sports bettor, you have to continually fine-tune your approach. For this, you will require an accurate record of your best as well as worst bets.

When you log your wins and losses, you will see patterns emerge. Study these patterns to understand where your strength lies to make more profits. Understanding your weakness will help you keep away from betting games that are not for you.

Manage your bankroll effectively

No sports bettor has ever succeeded without the firm staking plan. If you want to become a pro sports bettor, you need to learn how to manage your bankroll effectively.

For instance, if you plan to earn $ 5000 every month from your bets, you will have to put in enough cash into action to support this goal. Pro sports bettor can never take enormous risks. As your income will depend on every bet you make, bankroll management can make you or break you.

Having the most analytical mind will not help you if you can’t manage your money correctly.

There is no place for emotions

We have mentioned it before and say it again, keep your emotions under check. Sports bettor who bet on a team because they are emotionally associated with them and want them to win are doomed to failure. You must always place your bets on numbers and statistics.

It is very easy to get carried away when you are on a winning streak because suddenly you have this burst of confidence and energy. We have seen sports bettors making bets without putting in enough efforts once they are on a winning streak.

This approach can spell disaster for pro sports bettors. Eventually, you will be on the string of losses and if you do not keep that feeling of euphoria under check, you will want to double down and get back all your losses in one fail swoop. This mentality will destroy your sports betting career. Avoid it!


Life as a pro sports bettors can be exciting as it is unpredictable but rewarding. To become a pro sports bettor, follow the steps we have listed above. Never shy away from putting in the research before you start your career as a sports bettor. The characteristic traits we have listed are important to earn dividends far down the road from your new career.

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