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How Honest are Casino Games?

Casino games are popular but sometimes casino players find themselves asking at some point, “are casino games rigged?”

The popular expression, the house always wins, makes new players wonder if it is true.

For experienced players, they doubt arises when they calculate their overall profit and losses over time and they realise that they have ended with losses.

In this article, we are going to check some facts about casino games. We will try to uncover if casino games are actually rigged in the favour of the house. Also, we will explain how you can still win if you play legit games at trusted casinos.

Let’s see how the casino games can be rigged.

House Edge and RTP: How they can rig a casino game

before we can discuss in detail whether casino games are rigged or not, we have to understand what rigged means actually.

The phrase, the house always wins, is unfortunately true. This is because the casino will always make money on its game in the long term as it is at a mathematical advantage.

However, if you think rigged means that you can’t win no matter how well you play, then you are wrong.

Legit casino games are not rigged to cheat you. There is always a chance that you can win, however, the casino will still make money because other players will lose enough to cover your win in addition to some profit.

You must understand two concepts about online casino games:

House Edge-Simply put, this is the mathematical advantage that the casinos have. It varies from game to game such as it can be as low as 0.5% in games like blackjack almost 4% for slot machines.

RTP-This is the average amount of money which is returned to players for example on slot machines it is usually 96% whereas, in blackjack, it might be 99.5%.

You can see a clear relationship between the house edge and RTP numbers. A house edge is a number that helps you calculate the casino’s profit on the game. The RTP is how much the casino will return to players in terms of money. Both these numbers are different ways of expressing the same thing.

Let’s better understand with an example.

 The house is on a slot machine is 4%. Simply put, for every $100 wager on slots, the casino will make $4. While the RTP on the slot machine might be 96%, that indicates the casino will pay back $ 96 to the players for every $100 wager.

However, don’t be mistaken from this example that the casino will only keep 4% of the money and return 96% for every wager. The house edge and RTP figures are averages. It is very much possible for most players to lose all their money to the casino, while one lucky player would win big.

This is why when someone wins a jackpot it does not mean that the casino will run out of money because they have made more in profits or can always make more in the future. This is why the house always wins and you can say in the sense that casino games are rigged in the favour of the house.

Popular Casino Games House Edges 

We assume that by now you have understood the concept of house edge and RTP, it is time to check out the house edge for some popular casino games. If you are aware of this, then you can easily pick the best casino game to achieve your winning goals.

However, before we can proceed you need to know a couple of things. First, the higher the house at, the figure is the potential payouts. Also, different bets within the same theme can alter the house edge. Lastly, the house edge is dependent on the game variant you play.

Here is the house edge for various casino games.

House Edge For Casino Games

Slot Machines, craps and keno have the highest house edges and casinos make most of their money on these games. This is the reason why these games are always permitted in casino bonus terms and conditions. But remember, it’s not a bad thing as these games also offer one of the largest potential returns to players.

Video poker is a game that has the lowest house edge. It varies depending on the variant you’re playing but there are some games such as Jacks or Better that have a house edge as low as 0.46% and can even fall to negative house edge played with perfect video poker strategy.

Now the onus is on you to decide whether you want to play games that offer potentially massive payouts but also have a higher house edge attached to them. Or, you will prefer games that allow you smaller profits but they give you a much better chance of winning?

Avoiding (Actual) Rigged Casino Games

We assume by now you understand that all casino games give the house a mathematical advantage. The extent to which this advantage works in the favour of a casino depends on the game variant and how often you play. Even if you win the jackpot, the casino will become profitable in the long game.

However, for some greedy casinos, this mathematical advantage is not enough and some Rogue operators try to steal money from the gamblers by rigging their casino games.

This is why you must always play with trusted and long-standing casinos to avoid getting ripped off by rogue operators.

Don’t let the negative ruin your fun because there are far more honest and legit online casinos then there are rogue ones. On average for every rogue operator out there, there are 10 legit casinos. You can easily avoid rigged casinos by learning how to spot them.

Here are some indications that the casino game might be rigged.

The game might not be powered by verified and let it safe software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, RTG, or Evolution.

You are losing more frequently than statistically, you should. The house edge table we have shared above must give you a clue of how many hands, spins or rolls you should win out of 100.

The casino operator doesn’t have a valid gaming license. Never play with the casino with no validation from any gambling licensing authority.

You have to be sharp enough to spot cloned casino games that appear to be from legit software providers but are actually rigged games. Glitches and other minor differences can help you easily spot cloned casino game as they do not have the same quality as authentic casino games.


Casino games are not always rigged in the literal sense. If you understand the concept of house edge and RTP, then you can improve your chances of winning. However, casinos always make money in the long game which is why it is said that the house always wins.

The precaution you need is against the rigged casino games offered by rogue operators. Don’t let them steal away your hard-earned money. Be aware of how to spot cloned casino games and you are going to be just fine.

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