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Free Esports Bets: What You Need To Know 

With esports, you have a unique opportunity to make profits from gambling. If you can combine your knowledge of esports and betting in general, you can profit over time.

Not to mention, that you are not going to win every wager you make, but still can make most of the free bets that many esports betting websites offer. Making use of such bets you can get your money back from a lost wager.

However, not everything is about advantage and free esports bets do have cons as well. This is why we have put together this guide to help to consider the pros and cons of free esports wagers before you can start putting your hard-earned money into it.

How Does a Free Esports Bet Work?

When you signup a new esports betting site you will often be greeted with welcome free bet offers. Usually, you will be greeted with welcome offers like “Free Bet Worth Up to $25!”

Such deals theoretically offer you first wager for free. But, as you can guess this offer also comes with some strings attached. If you are not aware of such an offer, then this is how the basics work:

You sign up to the new esports website and make a qualifying deposit.

You place your first wager.

If you win, you collect your profits and move on.

But if you lose, you get the opportunity to earn back your losses up to a certain amount.

Remember that most sites provide this offer only for the first bet. Hence, if you lose your second bet, you are even if you were not able to utilize it for the first bet.

Speaking of the terms and conditions that are often attached with free bets might vary a little from sportsbook to sportsbook, but the most common T&Cs associated with free bets are:

Rollover or Playthrough-The number of times you must wager the bonus over before cashing out, e.g. 10x.

Time Limit on Playthrough – The time limit put over by betting sites (generally between 30 and 90 days) to meet rollover.

Maximum Bet- You cannot bet over a certain amount when playthrough is active.

Minimum Odds –Betting sites impose minimum odds to avoid gamblers betting on heavy favorites to meet rollover.

Benefits of Free Esports Bets

For esports betting, free wagers have become quite popular for multiple reasons. We have listed the main benefits of free esports bets below:

Insurance on the first bet

Normally, you don’t get a chance to win back your losses. No matter of the outcome, your wager stands. With a free bet however you get the insurance on your very first wager. It gives you an opportunity to get back the loss if you lose.

If you win then you do not have to worry about meeting the terms and conditions to earn back your losses. But if you lost, then you have an opportunity to recoup the money.


You will not have a hard time looking for free esports wagers. There is quite an abundance of free wagers in the esports gambling arena. Almost every, online esports betting site offers you free first bet offers and the ones that don’t, give you decent deposit bonuses.

Free bets will be available for you most esports betting sites. They make a good starting point to experience any sportsbook.

Positive Expected Value Opportunity

We mentioned at the beginning that esports betting gives you a chance to win long-term profits. For successful gamblers, each wager comes with a positive expected value (+EV).

It goes without saying that you need to be highly skilled to be able to place +EV bets. To reach that point you will have to spend weeks, months or even years to reach that level of professional mastery. While at the beginning you won’t be at able to that easily locate +EV propositions but with a free bet, it is always possible. If you lose your wager, you will meet the playthrough and get your funds back without losing much or any amount of money.

Easy to understand 

Free bets are relatively easy to understand. You do not have to go through length texts on terms and conditions to figure out how free bets work. Esports free wagers are quick to learn and you can know about the related T&C’s in the bonus section.

Just give the listed terms and conditions a thorough read and once you understand them, go ahead and proceed with making your bet. It is important because once you lose your first bet, to be able to regain your money, you have to satisfy the playthrough and meet the wagering requirements.

Disadvantages of Free Esports Wagers

Till now we have focused mainly on the upsides of free esports bets, but the downsides must be kept in mind before you jump to a conclusion.

No benefit if you win 

Some bettors are under the false impression that free bets have no risk involved. You will still have to make a deposit and put up the stake for the first bet. And, you truly benefit only if you lose your first wager.

If you win your first wager, you keep betting as normal. While a win immediately is a nice feeling, but you are not getting any benefit out of the bonus in this case.

Not as lucrative as deposit bonuses 

Most esports free wagers will be worth between $20 and $50. For the best advantage of these deals, you should bet the higher range of the offer.

Even then, you do not make as much money as with the average deposit bonus. With deposit bonuses, you typically get a 100% match on your first deposit of $100 or more. That being said, you do have to satisfy a higher rollover to be able to benefit from deposit bonuses, but still, you have the opportunity to earn more cash.

Strings attached 

We already mentioned, how free bets are not exactly free. To benefit and earn your losses back, you must lose your first bet. Now, it is fortunate that most sports betting sites offer you fair terms and conditions so that you have a solid chance to earn the losses back, still you need to meet the rollover by wagering enough.

A playthrough can range anywhere from 1x to 20x the bet amount. If you are available a free bet offer with higher rollover, you will need some serious cash.

Forced to bet more 

Free wagers are essentially a way to make bettors wager more. You do not get free money upfront with these bets, you have to risk more cash.

When you lose your first bet, you will have to keep betting until you satisfy the rollover. For example, if you take a $30 free wager offer with 20x playthrough applied, you will have to bet $300 in total.

Free bets force you to continue wagering until you meet the terms and conditions.

Should you take benefit of free bet opportunities?

If you have experience and money, you will be better off availing esports deposit bonuses. After all your aim should be to get the most possible bonus cash possible.

This doesn’t mean that esports free bets are worthless. They certainly do offer some benefits. You get insurance to cover your first bet, almost always get +EV through these wagers and on average you are going to be profitable from these deals.

There is no sinister play here as sportsbooks are more than willing to write off their losses to you instead of acquiring you as a new customer.

Above all, anyone can benefit from free bets as you do not have to be skilled as a professional sports gambler. Just familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and you will be good to go.

How to get most out of free esports bets? 

Always ensure that the terms and conditions of such offers are in your favor. In most cases, the free esports bet offers will be legitimate, still, make it a habit of knowing the terms.

Also, you need to have enough bankroll to satisfy the playthrough. For example, if you calculate that you will need $300 to get back your lost funds, then deposit the same amount just in case. It’s a good idea to look for the offer that is going to give you the highest amount back.

Among others, read about the site you are dealing with. Reviews, feedbacks and experience of other gamblers will tell you about the banking options, features, customer service and other factors related to the esports betting site.


Free esports bets make not be exactly free and have risk involved, still, they offer a solid opportunity to avail bonus when deposit bonus offers are not available.

Due to their +EV, abundance and simplicity, free esports wagers are highly recommended.

Free esports wagers can earn you the losses back provided you lose the first bet. However, to benefit from the offer you have to meet the requirements like playthrough.

If no better offers are available, free wagers are always worthwhile.

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