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Soccer betting Mistakes

Foundational Live Soccer Betting Tips To Improve Winning Chances 

Soccer is unpredictable for several reasons that is why even the expert analysts are surprised by the results. No matter how good understanding of the game you might have or how well the team or the players are performing there are several factors that cannot be anticipated beforehand that can affect the performance of a team. From injuries to travel and whether the predictability of a game remains low for several reasons. To compensate for these issues, bookmakers allow for in-play or live soccer betting.

Simply put in live soccer betting you can make your bets while the match is going on at any time through the entire duration of the match from start to the end. This gives you the opportunity to gauge the performance of the teams, players and account for other factors to make a wise decision.

If you are a beginner to live betting then you can find it a little difficult to get hold. To make things easier for you, OddsMax is going to share some important tips that will help you to succeed in live soccer betting. We have already put together a guide on how live betting works and what are its benefits. Still here are some amazing tips that are tried and tested to improve your chances of winning with live soccer bet.

What we are sharing are foundational tips that if implemented properly will propel you a higher profit. Once you know the basics you will have a lot better chance of making a profit with live soccer betting odds in the long run.

Learn how to read the live soccer betting odds

Live betting differs from other forms of soccer betting as it takes into account actual events of the matches as they happen. This is why the live soccer betting odds are constantly shifting. At a certain point, one of the teams will be dominating the scene while another time the other team will have the upper hand. As a beginner, you will not notice but odds movement is a major determining factor in live betting.

As a live bettor, you need to know and understand the ins and outs of the sporting event otherwise you may end up with huge losses. As there is so much movement of the live soccer betting odds making sure that you do not confuse these odds with the pre-game odds that are available on the sportsbooks.

Placing a large bet

It might seem counterintuitive but in live soccer betting, you are recommended to wager a large sum of money. The profit you make from a live soccer bet is determined by the amount you stake with. The larger amount you stake the bigger will be a payout. Live betting is kind of rewarding to bettors are high risk-takers.

As with other forms of soccer betting, you need to take control of your emotions and not allow them to override your logical thinking. It might seem like every day common sense, but with live soccer betting when the odds are constantly changing you have to keep emotionally disciplined.

It is often seen that most bettors are not able to keep a track of live soccer betting odds and often after losing three games in a row they take a back seat. Problem is these bettors take into account the amount they have already lost and it affects their confidence letting their emotions take better of them.

The common trend with most bettors is, the moment they lose three games in a row, they tend to take a back seat and stay away from betting altogether. They consider the amount they have lost which affect their confidence in crushing their emotions.

Grab the right moment

We already explained how the live soccer betting odds movement is important as they fluctuate throughout the game. You need to keep a keen on these movements and find the best movement to make a bet that will give you the best value.

You will have a good opportunity to make profits when you will get high odds. The higher odds mean a bigger payout. An important factor is to keep a track of the higher odds movement and when you find that the odds are moving any higher, then you should seize the moment and wager. With live soccer bet, timing is everything.

You have to work on developing the intuition to find when the odds are not going to move any higher.

Wait before you bet 

Live soccer betting requires patience which is why you have wait for a while when the game commences before you put the bet. Observe the game, take notes and process the information that might be necessary while keeping an eye on the odds. Keeping track of the odds movement will provide you with insight into the minds of oddsmakers and how they are reacting to the events of the match.

Professional tipsters might help you 

If you feel that you do not have the potential, knowledge or resources to make right choices during live soccer betting on who or what to bet on, then don’t be discouraged as it is a common problem of most beginners.

Fortunately, there are many sports tipsters who offer their knowledge through their online services. Tipsters are experts who know exactly what they are doing and put all their research into their picks. They share their tips and live soccer betting predictions that can help you beat a bookie.

There are a number of good tipsters out there, you have to pick the best one depending on their stats, recent wins, losses and reviews. The sports betting predictions shared by these tipsters are transparent.

We hope the shared tips will help you better your live soccer betting tactics and will provide you with enough help to be profitable.


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