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Common Football Betting Mistakes

Top 10 Football Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Football betting is one of the most profitable sports to put your bets on. To be successful, you have to be informed and know the punter’s most common betting mistakes to avoid.

Common Football Betting Mistakes
Common Football Betting Mistakes

Impatient attitude

If you believe that real betting is about luck only, you will lose more than what you will make. Professional betting is about patience, discipline, and research. So don’t get fooled when the bookies advertise those who won a few million. That may be just one person out of the millions who lost. So, being impatient is the major mistake in football betting.

Don’t follow the experts blindly

Don’t ever bet on the games blindly. This involves putting faith and bankroll in the hands of the experts or gurus. For the beginners, NFL Network and ESPN have various shows and talking heads. The former players who host such shows can provide you valuable insights. But always remember that they do this without thinking about the odds and lines. So the best thing you can do is to take the insights from them and use them as one of the factors to make your football betting strategy work.

Betting on your favorites only

This is something that we all have been guilty of at some point of time or the other. But this is not a problem if you do that sporadically. The main problem is when you bet on the favorites consistently every week, you may have higher chances of losing. And this is when you get into trouble. So the casual bettors and beginners feel that they know everything about their team. They are blindfolded by favoritism and cannot judge some shortcomings. Keep in mind that there is no room for betting on your favorites only in football betting.

Don’t look for 100% results

Note that there is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed result. You should thus not waste your time and money on such options. Instead, try to focus on creating a foolproof betting methodology, and to have more betting returns.

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Not taking into account the starting line-ups

Some betters make a very big mistake that they do not think of the starting eleven. Indeed, the starting line ups are out an hour before the fixture starts and so the punters have sufficient time to consider the starting elevens of both the teams before they place their bets.

Ignoring the stats

Another crucial aspect of successful football betting is to consider stats for every player and the team like score history, matches won and lost, goal difference, average shots per match, etc. Statistics have been crucial for punters, but these days, every little detail is recorded, categorized, and monitored, so the football fans have access to a lot of data. There are surprises, and this is the unpredictable nature of the game that makes football so appealing. So sometimes a small team without any previous wins but with great ambitions can create furor by beating the odds. However, these are exceptions, and generally, the better team is the winner. Another important thing you should avoid is not to consider a favorite for a game. Rather, you should use your judgment and knowledge to assess the probability of the teams winning.

Betting emotionally

You may have seen a lot of people getting emotional while following their favorite games. Similar is the case with betting. You get too excited while placing bets. So being a little emotional is fine, but making a decision based on your emotions can be a very risky affair. It is important to know that overreacting and then emotional betting can cost you a lot of money.

Using wrong betting sites and complex betting systems

The world of betting is flooded with fraud. It is a very common practice that a lot of sites can deceive you. So randomly following some sites can cost you a huge amount. You must thus bet with the well known and recognized bookmakers only. Whatever you do, make sure that it doesn’t fall for any illegal bet markets and bookmakers. It is advisable to choose authority sites in sports betting. A lot of sites also provide you free betting tips. They provide a great option to learn the basics. So, it is important to ensure that experts recommend the sites. Use this knowledge and implement it accordingly. At all costs, avoid browsing the betting sites randomly as they can cost you a lot of money.

Stick to one bookmaker

As you all know, we have a variety of sites available to bet on. As a human, we stick to what we actually love or trust. Know for the fact that the only bookmaker you prefer the most is not going to give you the best betting each time you wish to place the bets. To avoid this, realize that the odds provided to you by the bookmaker may not be in your favor at all times. So it is important to shop around and do a little research to know the ones that are offering the best services. Also, do a comparative study of the bookies and see which is the best and why.

Expecting big money to come instantly

 There are a lot of bettors who believe that they can win big by having multiple bets and playing with a small amount. Most of the bookmakers know this and are there to take your money. And so they are seen encouraging the punters to bet on the multiple selection bets, thus making it a large sum. The professional bettors focus on small yet accurate odds. And so when they win, they withdraw the capital and put the same kind of bet with profit. This way, they manage to build a larger amount in the bank.

So, these are a few common football betting mistakes that a lot of bettors do. Put all these points mentioned above into practice and see that you will earn money and lose less. Have we covered the common list of mistakes? Are there any other mistakes that people make while betting in football? If you think we have missed some, let us know in the comments.

Always remember:

  • Write down all bets and focus on a limited number of bets at a time
  • No live bets, accumulators bet on their own team
  • Do proper research, do not double the stake, and be careful with the bonuses
  • Have fun while betting


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