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Factors To Consider When Choosing an Esportsbook

Benefits of picking esports betting are obvious. In our beginner’s guide to esports betting, we detailed how the number of markets and welcome bonuses makes esports markets so popular.

Just like with sports betting, there are sportsbooks for esports as well. These are called esportsbooks and you need to choose them wisely. It is natural that you will choose a market sportsbook that has the market you want to bet on. For instance, if you are a DOTA fan, you will pick the betting websites that have plenty of lines for this game.

Another important factor to consider that is that the esportsbook that you pick must be offering you bonuses with a fair amount of cash as well as friendly terms and conditions. While these are the apparent factors while choosing an esports betting site, there are other factors that are not so evident.

Still, these factors remain important and make all the difference between whether you will like or do not like a specific sportsbook. Here we cover some of the features that we think you must consider.

Overall Reputation for Esports Betting Sites

Some of the betting sites might entice you with a wonderful interface, with an attractive homepage flashing a $200 deposit bonus offer that might make them look great on the surface.

But when you join these sites, you might be up for a surprise, that too not a pleasant one. It might be the site might be hiding a rotten operation that is not so obvious when you look which is why you need to go deeper than just the homepage and other few pages.

Before you even make a deposit, you need to spend enough time researching the reputation of the esports betting site. If you do not know how to proceed, here are a few questions that you need to ask:

How are the reviews of the site?

Do customers seem to be generally happy with its service?

How is the customer support rated mostly?

Has the operator been flagged for slow payouts?

Who is the parent company of the site, and is it well received?

While asking these questions, keep in mind that no esports gambling website that has been in the business for long will make everyone happy, there will be customers who might complain. But that must not affect your decision.

But it is also true that you have to avoid the esportsbooks that are regularly receiving negative feedback across the board from the bettors. This is because the laundry list of bad reviews and complaints is a clear sign of danger ahead.

Sites that are run by a reputed parent company, make payouts on time, has a good customer base and provide reliable support can be relied on.

Available Deposit/Withdrawal Options

Sometimes bettors spend a lot of time researching and finding the best betting site only to come to the realization that they cannot find out that they cannot make the deposit.

This is why one of your first steps when evaluating an esportsbook should be the banking section. Your goal is to find the best site that has at least one of the available deposit and withdrawal methods.

Here are some of the common banking options that are available throughout the industry:



    Bank transfer


    Bitcoin Cash








    MST Gift Card






    Western Union


Depending on whether you are in a regulated or non-regulated market, the number of available deposit/cashout methods will vary. For example, bettors in the US are usually limited to Mastercard, Visa and Bitcoin.

While those who are in regulated esports betting markets have a lot many options to choose from and usually have many of the options listed above.

Now you have to make the best of the situation, hopefully, you will have access to a broad range of deposit methods. If you have limited deposit/withdrawal methods, you will have to make the best of the given circumstances.

Underlying Bonus Terms and Conditions

The size of the bonus is one of the major picking factors when you are choosing an esportsbook. You do not want to settle for a tiny bonus if you are planning to make a large deposit.

That being said, you have to be wise not to jump to the first big free bet or deposit bonus you see. What terms and conditions regulate the bonus also play a major role. These terms and conditions decide, actually how easy it is to make use of the bonus and cash it out.

When considering a bonus, here are the important points you must acknowledge:

Playthrough: This is the amount that you need to wager with in order to cash out the bonus

Time to claim offer: It differs from esportsbooks to esportsbooks, but usually give you a week or less to claim the bonus

Time to meet playthrough: The period you have to meet the rollover, e.g. 60 days

Minimum odds: Betting on the heavy favourites will make it a lot difficult for you to meet the playthrough

Market restrictions: Not always you have all bets available for all games, at times bets will be confined to a certain game

Depending on the esports betting site, the terms and conditions will vary, but these are some of the most common terms and conditions that you come across again and again.

General Terms and Conditions

These are basic rules and conditions that usually rule an esportsbook’s operations. The general terms and conditions cover everything from the legal gambling age in the respective state/country to opening betting accounts.

Whenever you will check a site’s long list of terms and conditions can be intimidating, but if you pay a closer look they are not as scary as they seem.

As betting sites are also liable to the local jurisdiction, they try hard not to be in crossfire with the governing bodies in case someone breaks laws to place a bet.

It is always a good idea to read the general terms of any esportsbook you are going to deposit funds with for the first time. We are sure you are not going to find anything too alarming, but still, you need to go through the general terms and conditions.

Check Out for Reduced Juice in Place of a Bonus

It is one of the biggest turn-offs when you do not find a bonus when you signup at an esportsbook. It is common to expect a welcome bonus when you are a new customer.

However, we still do not recommend you to immediately discount an esports betting site just cause you do not find a bonus. There’s a solid chance that such sites might be offering reduced juice, i.e. vig instead of a welcome bonus.

The vig refers to the small amount that bookmakers that from the losing side of the bet. It is a common practice and usually, 10% juice is charged with wagers that offer -110 odds.

Some sportsbooks offer you an incentive to choose them in the form of a lower vig and this is known as reduced juice bookmakers. You can easily find out where the esportsbook you choose is offering a smaller vig than the competition by reading reviews. In reviews, it will most probably be mentioned if the betting site is known for reduced juice.

Now, the signing up bonus might seem more lucrative but a lower vig is normally more favourable in the long run. If you are planning to make a lot of bets, we recommend you choose sites that offer a lower vig.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Again, back to banking, one of the factors to consider when choosing an esportsbook is the deposit and cashout limit.

Both are important as esports betting sites always have set limits on how much money you can deposit or withdraw. While it must not be a problem if you are wagering only small amounts, but if you bet big you need to look for the limits.

The most important are the ceilings on the cashouts as they come into play when you will be collecting the big winning sooner rather than later.

The deposit or withdrawal limits are often directly related to whether the esports betting site is a “squarebook” or “sharpbook.”

Squarebooks are the sportsbooks that cater to recreational esports gamblers and have lower deposit/cashout limits. These esports betting sites do not allow bettors to deposit or withdraw more than $5,000 at once.

Sharpbooks are the sites that are willing to accept both recreational and highly-skilled bettors. These sites often allow a high amount of deposits and withdrawals. You might be able to deposit up to $10,000 and cash out $50,000 or so.

If you are a small-time bettor you do not need to worry about limits, but if you are big bettor and want to have access to large wins, then you must check them out beforehand.

Fees on Withdrawals

While most esportsbooks have no fees on deposits, as they want to retain you at all costs and be up in the competition.

However, when the withdrawals are in the talk, these sites have an entirely different take. As a bettor, you will be asked to cover some or all of the fees associated with cashouts.

Depending on the bookmaker you choose and the method of payment you pick, the associated costs will differ. Usually, withdrawing money through Western Union attracts higher fees than using any of the e-wallet services.


Picking a betting site where you can wager on esports must not be a chore, but it is a fast process either.

There are factors to consider beyond just the glossy features such as markets and banking options. Most bettors decide to go with an esportsbook based on these two factors alone. But you must look for the overall reputation of the site. Glorified aspects such as bonuses are not decisive factors.

Pick the bookmakers that have a history of delivering timely payouts and excellent customer support for bettors.

Banking methods are another crucial factor for you to consider. Head to the banking section and make sure there is a deposit and withdrawal method that suits you. Furthermore, you must also be aware of the deposit and withdrawal limits, especially if you are big bettor.

Don’t get surprised with the feed associated with the withdrawals that most esportsbooks put. Compare different esports betting sites to find out how their fees rate stand in comparison to your favourite banking option.

Along with bonus terms and conditions, pay attention to general rules and regulations as well. The goal is to ensure that the site is offering fair terms and not the abusive ones.

Finally, you won’t be able to find a good esportsbook with momentous effort or monumental time investment, spending a moderate amount of time with the site will let you know how quality it is.

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