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Early Predictions for UEFA Euro 2020

Early Predictions for UEFA Euro 2020

In 2020, soccer will be entering a new decade. While a decade is a long period, in the near future, we are about to witness UEFA Euro 2020. The last football event that we witnessed was the 2018 World Cup. This year, excitement and anticipation are much more because of the new format. The UEFA has decided to host Euro Cup 2020 at multiple locations and there will be more qualifying teams than ever before. Before the Euro 2020 qualifiers have even begun, fans and experts have started sharing their predictions.

Every season there are some favorites that always make it to the list like Germany, France, England, Spain and Italy. But the Euro 2020 predictions are also weighing in on countries like Portugal, Croatia, and the Netherlands. It’s not uncommon for favorite teams not to qualify for tournaments even when they clearly have the talent.

OddsMax has worked up its own list of Euro 2020 predictions. We hope our predictions will help you make a better decision when wagering against Euro 2020 odds.

10 Early EURO 2020 Predictions

  1. Portugal’s journey will be limited to the Group Stage

The Euro 2016 winners will try to defend their title but it is highly unlikely that Portugal will be able to put up a winning show this season. We have reasons to believe that the team won’t be going past the group stage in Euro 2020.

Among other reasons, the major one is, Portugal heavily relies on Cristiano Ronaldo who will be 35 years old at the time of the tournament. At this age, his international career is reaching its end and the young Portuguese talent lacks the firepower. This signifies that Portugal will be entering into a whole new era, and not a good one.

  1. Turkey will be qualifying with an impressive show

One of the important Euro 2020 predictions is the inclusion of Turkey in the final race. Since Euro 2008 when the team qualified for the semi-finals, they have continuously disappointed every following season failing to qualify.

Fans over the years have been frustrated over the underwhelming performance of the team, but now there are rising talents in the team who can guarantee that the nation makes it to the advanced rounds of Euro 2020. With the liked of Cengiz under, Emre Mor and Enes Unal, we not only expect Turkey to make it to Euro 2020 qualifiers but also put up an impressive show for the fans.

  1. Spain will make it to the final 

Spain has three underwhelming tournaments so far and pressure will be intense on the team to make it to Euro 2020. While the team has crashed early in some of the recent events but they had a winning streak in which they won Euro Cup 2008, The 2010 World Cup and the Euro 2012. Even though the Spanish talent pool might have not materialized win in the recent tournaments, it will be a mistake to rule Spain out. Euro 2020 qualifier predictions concur that Spain not only has the chance to qualify for the tournament but also reach final and win it.

  1. Belgium will win the tournament 

Euro 2020 is another chance for Belgium’s golden generation to win the tournament. The team is already listed as early favorites in Euro 2020 odds. Last season, the team put up an excellent show when they defeated Brazil and England to reach the semis. While France managed to narrowly defeat them, Belgium remains one of the teams, worthy to win the Euro Cup 2020.

If no major injury affects the team, then we predict that Belgium can easily be victorious in Euro 2020. With players like Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne, Belgium has one of the best teams in the world which is why our Euro 2020 betting predictions favor them.

  1. England’s campaign will be a disappointment 

Most Euro 2020 predictions are ruling out the English team to win the tournament as they have so many underwhelming performances so far that it is hard to count on them.

England gave little hope when they qualified for the 2018 World Cup and went all the way to the semi-finals but that was it. Fans will be really excited about the upcoming UEFA Euro Cup but the English team does not have the talent pool that we think can make a difference. We do not want to dishearten the fans but England seems to have minimal chances of making it big in Euro 2020.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo will not play 

We already predicted that Portugal might not qualify for the Euro Cup this season and the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo is apparent as well. After Uruguay eliminated Portugal from the World Cup in 2018, there have been doubts over Ronaldo’s presence at the Euro 2020. While the Juventus star himself had given no clarification or answers, we believe that the soon to be 35 years old will want to focus more on domestic football to extend his career rather than playing international soccer.

Portugal’s younger team is nothing as talented as Ronaldo, which is why we are not particularly favorable for the team’s successful campaign.

  1. For the Netherlands, it will be a third consecutive miss 

Well, 3rd miss of a major tournament.

The Netherlands is a team that has been early favorites for every single tournament they have played in the last decades. Still, the team has won Euro Cup only once in 1988 powered by Marco Van Basten’s efforts.

We do not see any talent to match up the competition currently in the Netherlands which is why the current generation cannot put up a show in Euro 2020. The team has already missed its Euro 2016 and 2018 World Cup and this tournament will most probably be their third consecutive loss of a major league.

  1. France will not go beyond semi-finals 

Our Euro 2020 betting predictions do consider Kylian Mbappe to put am impressive show in the tournament but doesn’t necessarily mean that the team will win Euro 2020. We know that France is the early favorite of so many fans because of the incredibly talented younger team. However, as we saw throughout the 2018 World Cup, that French side had an average performance.

This makes us believe that although France will easily beat the underdogs to reach semi-finals in Euro Cup 2020, it will love against heavyweights. We expect Belgium to get its revenge against France for its 2018 World Cup ousting.

  1. Denmark will make it to the Semi-Finals

In the 2018 World Cup, Denmark had an impressive showing before they were eliminated by Croatia in a penalty round. In the past two years, the younger players of the team have gained experience that can help the team lead in Euro 2020. In the most recent World Cup, Denmark reached semi-finals and we expect that under Christian Eriksen’s guidance, the team will go even further in the UEFA Euro Cup.

Based on their overall talent and performance in recent years, our Euro 2020 predictions are in favor of a successful campaign from Denmark.

  1. Poland will see revival in Euro 2020

The over-dependence on Lewandowski put Poland under bad light when the team has underwhelming performance in the 2018 World Cup. Before the World Cup, everyone expected the Polish side to be better underdogs. But as they have learned their lesson, we expect Poland will materialize this chance to bounce back un Euro Cup 2020. We expect the team to have a strong showing in the tournament with an overall balanced play.

Do let us know what your Euro 2020 predictions for the upcoming event. Don’t miss to check out our Euro 2020 odds and live scores.

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