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Esportsbook vs Esports Betting Website: What’s the Difference? 

In the industry, the terms esportsbook and esports betting site are often used interchangeably. This confusion arises from the fact that both of these are sites that you can wager on esports.

However, there is a considerable difference between the two that you must understand before you start betting on esports.

It becomes more important to understand esportsbooks and esports betting sites and their difference particularly if you are looking for something unique.

In this post, we will explain how esportsbooks differ from esports betting sites. We will also share information that will inform you about the factors you need to consider either type of site.


What Is an Esports Betting Site?

Simply put, an esports betting site focuses more on a broad range of sports and competitions, apart from just video games. All prominent online bookmakers like BetOnline, Bovada, Pinnacle, BetJOE and William Hill are examples of such sites.

Some of these sites weren’t always about esports but started as early as the 1990s and built their businesses focusing on some of the popular sports like basketball, football, baseball, soccer and hockey. Interestingly, most of these sites ignored esports for a long time as sportsbooks were more concerned about the markets that had the core customers.

But in the more recent years, the exponential growth of esports and its impact on online gambling has led big players to notice of the market.

Another reason is these sites are drawing more and more betting action from around the world. Today almost every online sportsbook features esports lines. Some sites include them in the main category while others in the More or Other category, but you will find more action on these sites in the context of esports.

If you are really interested in esports betting, then you need to focus more on esports betting sites as they cover the most esports.

What Is an Esportsbook?

Esportsbooks are created to serve the esports bettors only. These sportsbooks are not worried about any other sports than video game matches. No NFL or NBA lines will be on these sites usually, but on some, you will some markets for athletic sports. However, predominantly the focus is on the esports and gaming.

On esportsbooks you will find a larger range of esports markets than on other betting sites. These sites go beyond than simply featuring games like League of Legends, DOTA 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These sites go further to cover even less-common video gaming markets such as Street Fighter II and World of Tanks.

Another important feature of the esportsbooks is that they tailor their royalty programs, especially for esports gamblers. They do not have the one-size-fits-all program for bettors where they earn points through lots of markets.

The bonus offered by esportsbooks is also especially about video games which are an advantage for gamers. All the bonuses, loyalties and deposit bonus you will get on these sites are entirely centred on esports including terms and condition.

What to choose: Esportsbook or Esports Betting Site?

The choice between an esports betting site or an esportsbook depends on how much focused you are on video games.

If you are someone who enjoys traditional sports but also dabbles with video games then any esports betting site will do just fine for you. These sites allow bettors to wager on a variety of markets including popular games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

With a general esports betting site, you will find markets from several genres at all one place. Furthermore, loyalty and rewards also revolve around multiple markets and not just specific to esports. If you do not want to be limited to just wagering on video games but also want to play against traditional betting markets, pick an esports betting site.

On the other hand, if you are all about gaming then an esportsbook is an optimal choice for you.

With them, you will find a wider variety of esports markets. Also, the VIP benefits and bonuses you receive are also related to video game betting. You will not be frustrated to see that all the promotions and bonuses are for NFL, Football, NBA, etc.

But you are not limited to only sign up just at one, you can always open an account at esportsbook and traditional bookmaker both and make the best of both worlds. This will open up a whole new world for you.

On the downside, you will have to make multiple deposits at more than one site. But if you are comfortable dividing your bankroll then you can pick more than one site for the wager. We already have discussed in detail why opening account with more than one bookmaker is a good idea for the bettor

Esportsbook or Esports Betting Site: Factors to consider

While we already gave you an overview of how to choose between an esportsbook and esports betting site, here are some factors that apply to both that you must consider.

Before signing up and making a deposit at any type of sportsbook, here are the general factors to consider.

Available Markets

With big bookmakers like BetJOE you get the widest range of athletic sports and video games. If you are particularly interested in wagering on a large variety of markets then they are perfect.

When making a choice pay attention to the number of esports markets that are being made available because they can vary greatly depending on the bookmaker you choose.

There are some esports betting sites that offer only major likes like LoL and CS:GO where there are some that will feature both major and secondary markets. If you are interested in hardcore esports betting then you might want to consider an operation that goes beyond just a handful of games.


When placing your first bet at a site you can normally choose between a deposit bonus or free bet. With a deposit bonus, you get a chance to earn a match percentage on your first deposit. A free wager allows you to earn back your losses from losing the first bet.

In both the situations, you have the option to make free cash when wagering at a new site. But before you blindly jump to the offer, it is important that you read the terms and conditions well.

T&Cs are stipulations must be read with care before withdrawing your bonus. Sometimes these conditions can prevent you from taking a bonus and going away without actually placing a bet.

There are some esportsbooks that offer you friendlier terms and conditions that translate into a better chance of earning a profit from the bonus.

Deposit Options

There are plenty of baking options available when you consider the esports gambling industry as a whole. Bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, debit cards, credit cards, internet banking and many more options are readily available.

The number of deposit options available differs from one site to another which is why you must visit the banking sections of the sportsbook you are interested in.

You must be able to find at least one withdrawal and deposit method that you can use. It is important to ensure that you are able to move funds in and out of the site without any trouble.

The number of options you have for deposits depends on the country you are from. For example, in the UK there are plenty of banking options available for bettors but in the US, a gambler doesn’t always get to pick from many methods at betting sites.

Payment Methods

Just as important as it is to check the deposit options, the payment methods are equally valuable. With any betting site, you must be able to process withdrawals quickly. At any esports site, fast processing typically indicates that the operation is in good financial health.

It is not unusual for a site that is struggling financially to take forever to process the payment as they often dip into customer funds for the same. Again, you can differentiate between good and bad betting sites in the context of payment methods by reading the reviews.


For betting sites juice a.k.a vig is a prominent way to make profits this is why these sites take the juice from the losing side of the wager.

It is not evil to take vig. as it allows bookmakers to keep operating. But you must pick a site where you are offered the lowest vig. on average provided all other features are up to standards.

To compare the juice between two esports betting sites you can use the sports betting margin calculators. These calculators allow bettors to know about any bookmaker’s profit margin on each wager.

Let’s look at an example of a CS:GO match:

    Rooster -160

    Content +125

    You plug the odds for both sides into the calculator

    The site’s margin is 4.32%

It is typically fair as long as the value remains between 4% and 5%. Still, when given a choice pick a bookmaker offering closer to a 4% margin.

There are plenty of betting margin calculators available for free, just google them. Made for sports bettors they also work for esports as well.

For finding bookmakers offering lower juice, you can also read the reviews about them. There are many blogs that often review bookmakers and detail how their odds stand against the rest of the industry.

Customer Support

One of the most overlooked aspects of gambling is customer sport. Most bettors do not pay enough attention to understand the importance of reliable customer service enough when choosing an esports betting site or esportsbook.

But think about it, when something goes wrong with your account or when you are placing the best it is important that you have customer support you can count on.

Look for features like 24/7 support that ensures that you can contact a representative at any time of the day you want.

Next, when choosing a site look for the reviews that it received for their customer service. The comments and feedbacks left on relevant sites give an easy insight into the quality of a bookmaker’s support department.

It is obvious that any betting site that has been in the business for a while will have some negative comments because it’s impossible to keep every customer happy. But avoid esports betting sites that have continually drawn bad comments from customers.


It is a no brainer, the reputation of an esportsbooks or a betting site is an open window to know how they treat their customers. Any operation that is around for some time you will get the impression of their positive customer relations and they become a solid pick.

While the bookmakers that are lacking in this department are a risky place to deposit. Reason can be bad customer service, poor withdrawal history or anything.

An easy way to figure out about a betting site’s reputation is to check its licensing information. Bookmakers getting their license from prestigious jurisdictions like the UK or New Jersey have to pass a rigorous review process.

Moreover, these sites have to withstand tough standards. For such operators, too many red flags in payouts or customer disputes can mean huge fines or loss of license.

There are other jurisdictions as well but they are not as stringent as with these when it comes to customer service or payouts. Rubberstamp jurisdictions like Costa Rica and Curacao have poor standards and are more focused on collecting licensing fees and taxes.

Simply put, take both the reputation as well as licensing when reviewing any esports gambling site.


Esportsbooks and esports betting sites are not the same and there lies a fine difference between the two. While the former is entirely dedicated to video games, the latter offers a full range of betting options that include traditional sports betting along with fewer options for esports betting.

If you are serious about esports betting then you need to choose esportsbooks as they offer not the only widest range of video game markets but also bonuses and promotions that are dedicated to esports bettors.

With traditional betting sites, you will get more lines for basketball, football, hockey, soccer and other sports as well as a few esports to serve a variety of customers. When you are interested in a lot of games, not just esports, these sites are for you.

Such sites have more promotions and bonuses but mostly centred around traditional sports.

There are certainly some general factors to consider when you are choosing between a general sportsbook or esportsbook. The deposit options, payments, odds, customer support, odds, bonus and other factors come into play.

When you are done with those you need to be critical of the customer service and reputation a betting site has to show. This is important because these two factors tell you about the overall quality of a bookmaker and how they might treat you.

If you are not just into esports seriously, markets are also important. The more betting lines offer you better opportunities to bet more.

Last but not least, the reviews of the esportsbooks and betting sites can also help you understand their operations and overall business conduct.


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