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Esports Streamer Betting: Regular Action for Gamblers 

Esports is no longer considered a waste of time by the masses rather has rapidly become a mainstream event that’s allowing gamers to carve out a career playing video games. Today over $7 million in scholarship are being awarded to promote gamers and encourage the younger generation. It is no wonder, there are plenty of esports betting opportunities arising.

While esports betting is still in the nascent stage, some sites are offering you an opportunity to wager on streamers. Esports betting opportunities are in a rise in a variety of ways. We know that esports games are live-streamed on Twitch but how exactly gambling side of esports works?

Since you have landed on this OddsMax blog page, you will get all your questions answered and will get to have a closer look at how the esports streamer betting.

How Esports Betting Works? 

Esports betting sites started as a dedicated platform allowing punters to wager on skins and pros. Still, a large number of these sites are limited in their options, some have started to incorporate streamer betting into their esports betting selection.

Just like other sports betting options, odds are made available here as well. The odds are offered based on a streamer’s gaming potential and punters can gamble on these odds.

If you are a regular in sports betting then you will have no problem understanding the underlying mechanic of betting on esports. However, more often the question is raised on the reliability of the odds offered for streamers out there. How to know whether the odds offered are honest or not.

Well, you will be relieved to know that no human is deciding the odds based on the performance of these streamers, rather these gambling platforms have an AI at the core analyzes the streamers’ past results, in-game factors and the competition. Based on all these the AI generates odds that are very much similar to the ones that esportsbook handicappers could come up with.

Usually, when you are wagering on esports, all you have to do is to navigate to the streamer section of the site. There you will find odds on all prominent gamers who stream their sessions. As a bettor, you can watch the streams as well to see if your wager comes through or not. Several sports betting sites are now realizing the potential of this untapped sector and trying to offer esports betting options.

Now many of the advanced betting sites are even allowing bettors to combine pros and streamers into accumulators, offering them a chance to blend wagering on their favorite streamers and pro teams.

Esports betting is available for most video games but a majority of offs are offered for streamers who play Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering Arena and League of Legends.

But it gets even more exciting. Certain platforms let amateurs challenge their favourite streamers. This opens doors for player-vs-player gambling that can actually be the next big thing in esports betting. The ability to challenge top streamers brings in interactivity that is a lot more appealing.

How esports betting on streamers can be advantageous? 

Esports betting at present is mostly focused around major gaming events like the Dota 2: The International, Fortnite’s World Cup and League of Legend’s World Championship. But what happens when these Super Bowl type contests are over. Does that mean esports bettors have to sit idle for the rest of the year?


Esports leagues and tournaments are many and they run throughout the year. It’s just that the smaller events do not draw as much attention as the big leagues. So apart from big action, today esports betting can be done at any time of the year, thanks to the informal streaming world.

Betting on sports is traditionally happening all year round, and bettors seek action. Another advantage of esports betting apart from variety is the ability to wager on popular streamers. Twitch channels draw thousands of views every day and viewers do appreciate the opportunity to be able to bet on the same sessions they are watching. This is the beauty of esports betting, you can put a bet as soon as you get interested.

Convenience is another benefit that esports streamer betting has. There is no wait time for bettors as most streamers are not formal as to when they will start playing like official pro-matches. Therefore, you can quickly and easily find wagers without having to wait.

And finally, esports betting presents an opportunity for bettors who are not particularly great wagering on pros. Such punters can specialize in streamers and form a different strategy to be successful.

If you are planning to wager on player-vs-player games we recommend that you thoroughly know the amateur challenging the pro. This will give you an edge and you can easily place a winning bet.

Less talked downsides to betting on streamers

As we mentioned above that the uncertainty of streamer gambling is a major advantage that allows one to become a specialist and find more success in betting than wagering against pros, still there is underlying high volatility.

In pro matches, there is comparatively less volatility as most of the variables are known about professional gamers. But with streamers, you do not know much until you have spent enough time trying to unearth everything about their performance.

This underlying vulnerability can go both ways-can be a chance to score big wins as a specialist or be a total dud. Due to intensive uncertainty, there are more hot and cold streaks.

Another downside with streamer gambling is that there is a very high potential for match-fixing. As no regulatory bodies are controlling such practices the non-sanctioned matches can easily be breeding ground for malpractices. Pro leagues are better in this regard as there is an administration in place to ensure fair play. While the League governing bodies cannot entirely eliminate the possibility for match-fixing, they certainly do minimize the risks.

As most streamers make nowhere as much money as the professionals, in esports betting they are more likely to bet on themselves and manipulate their game as a result.

This is no way a common practice and we believe that most Twitch personalities keep away from such practices, but the possibility in lack of sanctioning is always there.

What about traditional esports betting?

Streamer gambling is one part of esports betting and not the entire realm. OddsMax weighed both the pros and cons of streamer betting, and it remains entirely clear that many bettors find wagering on streamers a lot more interesting than betting on pros.

This raise concerns over the dominance of tradition esports betting.

But can streamer gambling can affect the prominence of traditional esports betting?

Not in the near future.

Pros will remain the biggest attraction of the esports betting world for the foreseeable future. Professionals have spent a part of their lives honing skills that got them to the top of the food chain. This is why amateurs are very less likely to match their skill level.

While fulltime streamers who have their own appeal because they allow wagering on relevant contents but gaming fans still love to watch players who can do the impossible. It is easy to believe that the streamers have the skills that can match the pros, but if they are as good as professional gamers, then they are already participating in pro-level competitions.

Traditional esports events like The International and World Championship cannot be incorporated into streaming.

Game streaming involved a bunch of random amateur personalities broadcasting their sessions and chatting with the viewers. As the major esports events still draw the most viewers, they inherently also attract the most betting action.

The Takeaway

Esports betting is growing in a variety of ways. Traditional sports betting can’t be this versatile. Streamer betting is just a part of the potential that esports wagering offers.

Available on several platforms, this type of wagering allows bettors to put up against the odds offered on streamers. For most bettors, streamer gambling offers the type of interactivity that no standard sports betting can offer. You have the ability to gamble every day on amateur challengers to popular streamers.

When the most prominent esports events are not taking place, streamer wagering offers an opportunity to bettors to keep continuing with the action.

That being said, this type of gambling is not perfect. It is very prone to volatility than traditional esports betting. As there is less knowledge about streamers and amateurs, the lack of information can cause losses in the long stretch.

Match-fixing is also a real downside of streamer betting as there are no governing bodies or pro leagues sanctioning these sessions. Gambling on fixed events can cause big losses for bettors.

Whatever may be the present infrastructure of streamer betting, yet it holds a notable spot in the whole esports gambling arena.

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