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Esports Bonuses vs. Low Juice-Which Should You Choose?

Esports Bonuses vs. Low Juice-Which Should You Choose?

Esports betting sites just like other gambling sites offer bonuses to new customers. These deals give first-time depositors an exclusive opportunity to earn extra money.

Bettors easily think of esports bonuses as the great offers that must not be passed up but interestingly, these new account bonuses might not always be the best route. Things change when you have the low “juice” on the table.

Juice a.k.a vig is the small amount that gambling sites take from your wagers as commission. 

Some of the esports betting sites that offer lower juice does not offer a bonus.

It can be a tricky decision to make when you have to choose between an esportsbook that is offering and one offering a bonus. The choice becomes easier when you are fully aware of the pros and cons of each.

OddsMax wants you to be to able to make most of the esports betting which is why we put together this post to help first-time bettors.

What Is an Esports Bonus?

When you sign up for Esports bonuses, you will receive it generally in two forms:

Free bet

Deposit bonus

A free bet gives you the chance to make your first wager without any stress of being unsuccessful as it will allow you to earn back your losses. There are certain terms and conditions for you to meet to get back your funds.

It’s easy to understand with an example.

Suppose you make a deposit and qualify for a $25 free bet. Now even if you lose your first bet, you still will earn $25 that will cover loses, provided you meet the terms and conditions.

Technically, this isn’t a risk-free bet exactly, as you must satisfy the website’s terms.

Still, it is better than simply losing your first wager with no chance of recouping any funds.

No to earn the deposit bonus there is a term to add a certain amount to your bankroll. A percentage of this amount is earned as a bonus.

For instance, if there is a 100% match bonus worth up to $50. Then when you deposit $50, you’ll be cash out $50 after satisfying terms and conditions.

The benefit with deposit bonus is that you have the chance of earning money regardless of whether you win or lose.

The only catch is that before cashing out the funds you will normally need to meet tougher terms.

Wondering, what terms and conditions are put on deposit bonuses and free bets?

Here are some of the common terms that are associated with such offers:

Playthrough: This is the amount you need to wager before cashing out a bonus, usually 10x the bonus amount.

Timeframe on playthrough: The time limit imposed on meeting playthrough (e.g. 60 days).

Claiming the bonus: The period to claim an offer from your account before it expires.

Minimum odds: Esportsbooks enforce minimum odds to avoid bettors to just bet on heavy favourites to meet rollover.

Restricted markets: Certain bonuses are available only for certain esports.


Pros and Cons of Esports Bonuses

To most first-time esports bettors, a bonus might seem to be all upside and it is correct to a degree as you win extra on side of your wagers, but it’s not all upside.

In comparison to low juice, esports bonuses do have some drawbacks. Here’s are the pros and cons of esports betting bonuses you must know about.

Advantages of Esports Bonus 

The first and foremost benefit that is obvious is that with esports deal you have an opportunity to win more outside your typical betting wins.

In normal betting circumstances, you do not get the chance to earn back a lost $25 wager. A free bet gives you an opportunity to cut back your losses.

Similarly, you won’t earn any extra money just making a deposit normally. But with a deposit bonus, you have that opportunity.

At times, certain esports betting websites give you offers that are not just limited to welcome deal. These sites keep offering bonuses through promotions that is an additional earning opportunity.

Some esportsbooks are generous enough to offer regular bettors loyalty programs so that they can rack up additional benefits. The more you bet, the more you’re going to win.

Drawbacks of Esports Bonus 

The most concerning problem with esports bonuses is the terms and conditions. Although these terms do make sense considering that betting sites don’t just hand the money upfront.

However, terms and conditions can get quite restrictive. Meeting the playthrough, wagering at minimum odds and doing all of it within an established timeframe, is not that easy.

Another disadvantage with esports bonuses in their limited availability. Some esports betting sites have nothing to offer beyond the initial welcome bonus.

You might be able to avail a free wager or a nice deposit bonus right away but that’s it, there is no scope for any additional benefits down the line.

What Is Juice in Esports Betting?

Simply put, the juice is the commission that esports betting sites charge in exchange for their services. The losing side of the bet pays the vig.

Let’s understand with an example:

A typical wager offered on the number of rounds in a Dota 2 match:

    Over 2.5 (-110)

    Under 2.5 (-110)

The -110 odds indicate that there each side will be risking $11 to win $10, the extra dollar will be paid only by the losing side. In percentage, it comes out to be 10% juice in this scenario.

If we assume that a bettor is splitting his wining and losing bets evenly, then over his lifetime he will be paying around 5% juice.

But is it possible that bettors can get away with only paying 4% vig or even less?

This is the idea behind low juice. Some esports bookmakers charge less vig on average as a lucrative factor to attract more customers.

Pros and Cons of Low Juice

Just as esports bonuses, low juice also seems like win-win. We all want to pay a smaller commission to bookmakers but not everything is perfect with low vig. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about low juice.  

Advantages of Low Juice

We mentioned above that deposit and welcome bonuses are short-term rewards. Joining up you might get a welcome bonus and further access to a few other promotions, but all of these are few and far between.

A low juice on the is essentially a permanent reward.

Think about it.

Paying a 4% vig instead of 5% boosts your winning profits.

Also, low juice will always be there and you will not be dependent on some promotions or bonus deals in your inbox.

If you are frequent bettor then in the long-term you will be benefited from low juice. It’s in the numbers, placing 100s of bets at 1% less vig is much more valuable than a one-time welcome bonus.

Drawbacks of Low Juice 

The whole concept behind lower vig is that you will be paying fewer commissions on average. However, this does not guarantee that every single bet will feature low juice.

At times, the losing side may end up paying roughly the same juice as with other bookmakers.

This goes against the entire benefit of having lower vig.

Most esports betting sites that will offer you lower juice will have no bonus offer. It makes sense as these sites are already giving you a discount in the vig department, they cannot spare giving away profits as bonuses.


Now it all boils down to, whether you should chase bonuses or lower juice?

Fortunately, there are some esports betting sites that offer you both so that you do not have to compromise between lower vig and bonuses.

But in case you are forced to choose, then before making the decision, you must consider the betting volume.

If you are a high-volume gambler then low juice is definitely better for you. The amount you will save from lower vig on average will often outweigh the amount of the welcome bonus.

Here’s an example. 

Suppose you are making 1000 bets worth $11 apiece. Let’s break it down:

500 bet on wins x $11 = $5,000

500 bet on losses x $11 = $5,500

The total betting volume= $10,500

If you are paying 5% juice on average:

10,500 x 0.05 = $525 vig

However, if you choose a bookmaker offering you 4% vig.:

10,500 x 0.04 = $420 vig

Your total savings: 

$525 – $420 = $105

Unless you are getting a joining bonus of $105 with the bookmaker, the lower vig is a better deal. And if you are making more bets than 1000, you are increasing your profits.

However, if you are a recreational gambler then a betting site with bonuses is a worthwhile choice for you.

If you are planning to play only a handful of wagers a month. Then the welcome bonus is the best route for you.

Another advantage of choosing bonuses over low vig is that you get the cash upfront after meeting the terms and conditions. If you have a small bankroll this can be a really nice benefit.

The takeaway is, you have to consider your individual situation when making the choice between low vig or bonus(es).

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