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Esports Betting in 2021: What to Expect?

Well, well, well… New year, new me, huh? Nope, that’s doesn’t sound right! New year, new season of competitive esports! Yep, The first two months of 2021 pack quite the punch in terms of notable events.

Lots of competitions have already been announced, with more coming in with each passing week. 2021 esports betting opportunities won’t be lacking, that’s for sure!

The generosity of esports betting websites keeps increasing with each passing year. In 2021, we can expect even better bonuses and freebies for esports markets. As the esports betting industry continues to grow, bookies are finding new ways to connect with users who are interested in these games might want to take advantage of the available opportunities.

As some of the biggest esports events have already been announced, the 2021 esports betting calendar has already began. You must get registered with a few bookmakers to get some early esports bonuses. If you are wise enough to use these bonuses with a strategy your bankroll will always be thankful.

While there are all sorts of esports bets available, some bookmakers have already began offering future bets. As these kinds of betting opportunities give you higher success rate, we think you should take up on the offer. The events we are going to mention below are some of the most popular esports betting venues. Some of these are already offering future bets, but as the participating teams are not yet known it is not predictable how many of these events will have such bets.

Biggest 2021 Esports Betting Opportunities

The 2020 saw some really big events taking place and bettors had a ton of stuff to bet on. Throughout the year, despite all the social distancing and lockdown measures, gamers and bettors were able to do a bit more with their time.

This year we can expect the same action-packed events as we can expect the return of LAN events that will also include some of the most prestigious esports betting events with professional teams. While it is not possible for us to cover all the biggest esports events of 2021 but we are listing the seven most important esports betting opportunities that you should focus on this year.

The International

In 2020 The International had to be cancelled. There was a lot of drama surrounding its cancelation as it is deemed as the biggest esports event of the year. But, as the safety of players and fans was involved, it had to be done.

Hopefully, in 2021 we will get to see the best The International event.

As the stakes will be high and esports betting enthusiasts will be hoping for a proper spectacle, Valve has to work a lot harder to ensure that expectations from this mega event are fulfilled.

Dota’s Comeback

Dota 2 has already been falling behind CSGO and League of Legends, so 2021 has to its year of comeback the game has to stay as one of the popular esports events. Without a doubt that this MOBA masterpiece has a large player base with a healthy esports ecosystem, but the losses in 2020  have been monstrous. For some of the losses there was no TI to make it up for them.

Also, the losses were furthered by the steady drop in viewership that must have raised some red flags for Valve.

This is why in 2021, apart from The International, we are bound to see several top-notch Dota 2 events. The new 2021 Dota Pro Circuit will bring forth Regional Leagues instead of Minors. There will also be two seasons each capped with a Major, which implies that in 2021, there are only two Dota 2 Majors scheduled. We agree that the quality of Majors has taken a dip, it doesn’t mean in any way that Dota 2 Pro Circuit will not be entertaining.

CSGO Major Championship

While there is still no information on when the CSGO Championship will be beginning, it was scheduled for May 10th but now has been rescheduled to an unknown date. But it is for sure, that in 2021 we will get to witness at least one CSGO Major Championship. Fans already waited for two long years without any action, so the craze will be high.

As we feel no need to tell you that next CSGO Major Championship is going to the biggest and most prestigious installment to this date, you must keep an eye for it. Not only for esports bettors, but the event is also a major attraction for participants as well as it is set to feature the largest prize pool in the history of CSGO. Rumours are that the 2021 CSGO Major Championship can have a whopping USD 2 million prize money. And for action chasers, you will get to witness the world’s best teams competing that guarantees an awesome CSGO betting experience.

Apart from the CSGO Major Championship, as an esports bettor you must also keep an eye on other CSGO notable events. There will be numerous 2021 CSGO Events to bet on and you must be ready to make most of your esports betting wagers on such events along with some thrilling LAN action.

The competitive CSGO arena is expected to kickstart with the highly anticipated BLAST Premier Global Finals. There will be eight participating teams competing for USD 1 million prize money. The Spring Season will start shortly after the end of Global Finals that will be followed by another impressive events-the IEM XV World Championship and ESL Pro League S13. All this action will be happening in the first quarter of 2021, so you definitely can expect a spectacular year ahead for CSGO betting enthusiasts.

LoL Worlds

Year after year, League of Legends World Championship is breaking its own viewership records. Whether you believe it or not, LoL Worlds is by far the most popular esports events. It is not a surprise given how many fans follow the LoL regional championships both casually and enthusiastically. The massive for this video game is not going to go slow anytime soon.

This is why the 2021 is slated to the be a proper LoL spectacle with numerous events lined up. This is why there is a lot of opportunities for esports betting experts this year, especially for League of Legends fans. This is a prime event for them to experience and bet on.

Regional LoL Championships have already begun.

If you are interested in proper 2021 esports betting action throughout the year, then you must focus on regional LoL championships more. There are going to be plenty of opportunities for you to bet on during the regional tournaments, but we recommend you doing so only if you follow LoL esports.

You do not have to wait for the action to begin as the regional LoL action is just about to start. LCS, the North American iteration of the game will start on February 5th. LEC has already begun on January 22 which is bringing forth the most amazing season of prime European LoL action.

Valorant Champions Tour

One of the masterpieces from Riot Games, Valorant is not a MOBA but an FPS which is uniquely different given the popularity of multi-player games. This wonderful game has also already created a stir as one of the most promising tactical FPS games globally.

Again 2020 didn’t go as planned for this Riot Games wonder but in 2021 things look a lot more promising. The grand Valorant Champions Finals are scheduled for December 2021. Most gaming industry experts believe that this event will get Valorant a seat among the biggest esports titles that are out there. This is why 2021 is one of the most anticipated years for the game.

For Valorant betting opportunities, 2021 can be a huge year.

It is no secret that Valorant failed to deliver on the huge hype it has built before its official release. Although the Valorant First Strike series that was released close to the end of the year was a pretty solid delivery but everyone was expecting a lot more from Riot Games’ potent tactical FPS. This is why we expect this year to deliver much more in terms of esports betting scene.

Valorant Champions is expected to be the defining event of the year and the pinnacle of the game’s competitive season. The year-long Valorant Champions tour going to provide a lot of entertainment as well as ample esports betting opportunities.

Overwatch League

Overwatch League is offering esports betting opportunities year after year. Another year and we expect another season of Overwatch League’s competitive FPS with MOBA elements experience. There is a huge demand for this game not only from viewership perspective but also Overwatch betting perspective.

Although, they even started from January 4 but we still do not have any concrete stuff to bet on just yet. If you are interested in betting on Overwatch League then you should wait for the BLIZZARD’s franchised competition which is supposed to be a spectacular season.

Six Invitational

In early December last year, Six Invitational 2021 was announced. This will be the 5th iteration of the biggest Rainbow Six competition that will start in early February. We are already aware of the 19 of the 20 qualified teams, and the final participant will be decided in the upcoming Latin American qualifiers. It will be a LAN event, however, due to Covid restrictions there will not be a live audience.

Although there is no word on total pool price as of yet, but the base prize money stands at $500,000 and can go up to $3 million depending on the Road to S.I 2021 battle pass sales. They will be adding 30% of the total battle pass sales to the prize pool.

It is no doubt that Rainbow Six betting options are on the rise. As the game’s popularity is doing so well, the viewership is increasing. The last SI iteration in 2020 had 130,000 viewers on average; peak viewership was slightly above 300,000. These numbers indicate a positive trend that we expect to continue in 2021 as well.

PUBG Global Invitational S

in 2021, February and March are going to be flooded with competitive PUBG events. The biggest annual event is set to start from February 2 that will go all the way through March 28. It is expected that, 32 top-tier PUBG teams will participate and create a highly competitive environment. The prize money of $3.5 million will further motivate the competition.

If you are looking for some action right now, you don’t have to wait till February as PUBG Weekly Series EA pre-season has already begun. It has over US$ 1 million in the price of and is a great way to start your esports betting adventure in 2021. Although, there will not be much variety in these events, PUBG Global Invitational S is the main event that you should focus on.

What to expect from 2021 for Esports betting?

We are all focused on the positives. Like everyone else we expect 2021 to bring the best of the LAN events and make up for a dormant 2020 season.

For esports betting enthusiasts, The International, a CSGO Major Championship and a new iteration of the LoL Worlds will be offering enough betting opportunities throughout the year. We are anticipating a happening esports betting year ahead, what’s your take?


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