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Esports Betting Strategy Tips For Beginners

Esports betting is a gaining a lot of traction and it is making everyone curious. But it might seem like an easy venture, you cannot wager on esports without betting strategy. When you make a strategy, you are more consistent as you have a sense of accomplishment and a goal. In the long term, it can make you a lot more profitable.

Betting on esports is same as any other type of sports betting, there is no luck involved rather you have to work for it to win. It takes patience, wit, consistency and a tactical approach. In this esports betting guide, OddsMax will focus on all these attributes that will help you become better at wagering on digital sports.

How to get started with esports betting strategy? 

Many people who try to make a living sports betting realize that it’s not as easy as it might look. Only a fraction of bettors can survive from the earnings made with their risky hobby, and we are talking about the 0.1% expert bettors who can stick it to the man. These people are the legends of esports betting world can reach such a level of success with hard work, dedication and sheer willpower.

We get in touch with some of the most successful sports bettors. The common characteristic that all these bettors shared was they all had a well-planned out strategy when they bet and it has helped them to remain at the top of the online betting realm. These winners are not lucky or made their money by accident, instead, they developed a complex betting system through hard work, effective bankroll management and value-seeking.

Do not be juvenile and go all-in all the time as it will only result in losses. You have to assess your resources, making a plan and then keep sticking to it in a uniformed approach will get you the success you seek. While the process is time-consuming but it is important for the best results.

Making it big in esports betting is a task that involves a lot of work, and your journey starts with finding out the esports betting strategies that will work for you. If you are not satisfied with the existing ones you can also make a strategy of your own.

To make things easier, you must not consider what we are about to share as strategies, rather treat them as entries in your esports betting checklist you have to master. Once you are confident enough with them you are allowed to start placing your first esports bets.

Know the esports 

Esports betting might give you an impression that all the games are somewhat the same. However, it is not the case and before you can bet on esports you need to learn how to differentiate all major titles. Furthermore, you also need to have a deep understanding of the main esports genre such as FPS (first-person shooters) and MOBAs (multiplayer online battle).

This is just the beginning if you are serious about adopting to new esports betting strategy you have to start following several esports scenes. This covers everything from the biggest events, head-to-head matches, recent transfers, rivalries and more. The more knowledge you arm yourself with, the better are your chances of succeeding in the field of online esports betting.

Pick up the right knowledge

Knowing the ins and outs of the esports titles is just one of the ways to get started, but you need to plunge deeper into the depths of online betting as well. You have to familiar with the betting jargons, comparing odds, FAQ, exploiting bonuses and everything else. OddsMax blog is one of the resources where you can learn about all the good stuff related to online betting.

We are not saying to quit placing bets on esports matches. That will get you the much-needed experience but you have to polish your knowledge to make better betting decisions later on. We know you might think that’s a very slow process, but believe us nothing good ever comes overnight, you need to build a strong base to be able to get making regular profits with esports betting.

There are several apps like Strafe and websites like Liquipedia that can help you learn a lot of stuff based on esports. And for online sports betting guide, you can always count on this blog.

Know how to locate Esports Betting Value

Whether you are dealing with match-winners or specials, it is important that you always look out for the greatest value. For instance, it might seem like Astralis will stomp all over MIBR, but if you bet at -1000, you are just investing too much time and money for, not the best return. However, if you wager on something like Astralis winning both pistols or total rounds on the first map below 25.5, you are up for a far better result. Obviously, the risk involved is higher, but the value offered is a lot more that makes it a valuable entry in singles and accumulators.

Simply put, one of the most effective esports betting strategy is to keep an eye for high-value bets that you don’t expect to occur normally.

Don’t overthink your bets 

Planning your bet, researching extensively and comparing all the relevant stats is one thing but overthinking your bets and needlessly complicating is an entirely different sphere. Overthinking is going to put you into analysis paralysis, it’s a no-no, that too a big one.

It is more common to see bettors who overthink their bets, especially after placing them try to counter them. In most cases that’s not a good move. Not only will it drive you crazy but will also make you outright paranoid making you second-guess every betting decision.

The rule is to keep things simple, not to dwell on the bets already placed and you will be alright.

Master bankroll management

If you are not already aware of what bankroll management is, then you are not allowed to indulge in esports betting as of yet. You need to learn about managing your bankroll as soon as possible. This will open a completely new perspective of esports betting online. Many experts suggest that bankroll management is the single strategy of esports wagering that instantly makes one better at it. It will also entirely change the way you bet on your favourite esports titles.

Bankroll management is simple that’s not too difficult to understand, but it is also true that there are so many factors that you can adjust, customize and do differently that it can become an overly complex set of rules to obey. The golden rule is to achieve the middle ground where the rules are not too lenient and not too strict.

Effective bankroll management is all about guiding your esports betting investments, without forcing anything.

Be familiar with the Esports Event Calendar

Betting on random esports matches is the recipe for perfect disaster. Most bettors who randomly wager on esports quickly splurge through their bankrolls and end up with a long time-out period. To not fall into this trap, all you have to do is to familiarize with the esports event calendar so that you can properly time your bets. This is important to make profits that can be made from such big events.

But do not just stick to the biggies like The International, LoL World Championship or Overwatch League but also keep track of other smaller events of the esports titles that interest you. This is how you will know when to expect the hot matchups and also have enough time to start saving enough money for the next wave of esports betting online.

Don’t forget the Esports Special Bets

We have seen more bettors succumb to the never-ending cycle of match-winner wager than the ones who turn long-term profitable. You have to assess your options well so that the match-winners do not get under your skin or else you might never be able to add a healthy bet variety among your bets.

You need a healthy combination and we can guarantee you that. Player vs. player bets, totals, handicaps or long-terms wagers, with esports specials you can fill in the gaps in your accumulators. And if you are good at finding value, you might also end up with one such opportunity, now and then.

Esports betting mistakes to avoid 

We guess it is clear now how important it is to have a proper esports betting strategy. Knowing the strategies is important as they can make or break your chances of succeeding in online esports betting. But now its time to talk about the most common esports betting mistakes that people do.

Concentrating on the Big Trio

Most bettors somehow end up concentrating only on the big trio-LOL, CS: GO and DOTA 2. But the esports betting realm is vast and there are plenty of titles and opportunities with other titles to be explored and mastered. If you are already well-versed in the gameplay mechanics and the esports scene of a particular title then it will be foolish to just drop it for another title.

However, that still can be your main gameplay, but that must not stop you from concentrating on other esports titles to improve your overall winnings. Especially if you have lengthy accumulators than you can greatly benefit from tier-B titles that have risk free matches. 

Being overly confident 

In sports betting irrespective of its kind, there is no room for complacency as well as overconfidence. If you go down being overconfident in esports, you surely will lose a lot of money that will take a toll on your bankroll. It is important to set a pace and take things at their natural speed. Do not push things and take your time to get accustomed to the ecosystem of your chosen esports. That’s the only way to become profitable.


Being a successful esports bettor is not luck or by accident if you thought so then it’s best that you go back to the basics and try to deeply understand the mechanics of esports betting. This guide can be a valuable starting point to understand pretty much everything you need to know about betting on esports as a beginner.

OddsMax keeps posting a lot more resources for esports bettors so you can check out our other posts on the same and learn in-depth about esports betting. Take things slow to get fully accustomed to the esports wagering ecosystem and you are going to do good.

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