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Daily Fantasy For Beginners: How Can You Improve At Fantasy Sport Betting

Among sports bettors, the daily fantasy continues to gain popularity and we think you should also give it a shot. While daily fantasy sports (DFS) is available in many forms, but football is considered to be the most popular variety of DFS. Another reason for the popularity of fantasy sport betting is it’s easy to learn as compared to traditional betting. 

If you have ever played even a single season of fantasy football, you will be able to pick DFS in no time. We are here to help you if you are struggling to secure your first win with daily fantasy as it is easy to improve quickly here. Keep in mind that with traditional sports betting you are competing against online sportsbooks and oddsmakers but in fantasy sports betting you just have to beat fellow gamblers to claim your victory.

Depending on your skill level, this can be beneficial for you to improve your sports betting skills. To make sure that you are prepared to win some money with daily fantasy, here are some of the tips.

daily fantasy sports betting

  1. Know the sports you like 

Unlike traditional sports betting where there is a learning curve and you are recommended to gain some experience before placing a wager, in daily fantasy you do not have to be a gambling whiz to succeed. This is one of the reasons why DFS is more appealing to sports fans than it is to traditional sports bettors. As we mentioned before, if you have been playing a few leagues in the past, you already know what there is to know about fantasy sports betting.

If you haven’t, just play a few fantasy leagues before putting down your money into daily fantasy. But if you are already not a fan of sports, we recommend you start studying the sport you love.

We might have given you the impression that the entry barrier is low in DFS, but the number of terrible gamblers in fantasy sports betting is also high. You do not want to add to the list which is why gaining familiarity with DFS is important. There are hundreds of resources available on the internet to guide you about daily fantasy, OddsMax being one such resource.

  1. Always keep it simple

Expert gamblers always recommend keeping your sports betting strategy simple. It is not uncommon for gamblers to overthink everything when it comes to betting, same goes for daily fantasy. You must know that average sports gambler loses money which is why sportsbooks are always in profit. There is always a good chunk of gamblers who are terrible at sports betting.

Same goes with DFS, however, there are professional gamblers and poker players as well who participate in daily fantasy and have winning systems in place. They do this for a living and are better at sports gambling then you are. This is not to say that you should not give daily fantasy a shot, losing is part of sports gambling experience and there are individual matchups that you can include in your bet to increase your chances of winning.

When you are selecting a rooster, don’t try to complicate things by forcibly out thinking the competition and including some relatively unknown bets. We understand it might be fun when you do it in low-stakes standard fantasy, but if you try the same during a cash game you will lose money. Sometimes it’s better to pick up the traditional lineup than being a contrarian.

  1. Be smart with bankroll management 

Time and again, we have told you about the true characteristics of profitable sports bettors. And every time we detail how important it is to manage your money like a professional. A common problem with new gamblers is their struggle to maintain their bankroll and they eventually end up in financial turmoil. Daily fantasy can be an excellent introduction point to the world of sports gambling for inexperienced bettors.

We have seen gamblers making a common mistake of betting on too many matchups early because they want to chase action. With daily fantasy, you can select a roster full of players and spend the rest of your day monitoring. Understand that one matchup can provide enough stimulation for you and there is little or no added benefit in playing multiple matchups.

Once you familiarise yourself with such fantasy sports betting and start winning money, you are ready to move to traditional sports betting. Until you get good at the daily fantasy, keep your focus on one matchup a day. This will teach you to be responsible and manage your bankroll effectively to be successful in all types of sports betting.

  1. Participate in 50/50 plays and cash games 

When foraying into daily fantasy, you will have the options to choose from various matchups and type of contests. The best way to come out as a winner and make early money is to take part in 50/50 plays and cash games. In 50/50 plays, you have to score more points than 50% of the competition to win.

We recommend 50/50 plays because they are an easy way to gain valuable experience and potentially win some money. In these bets, the rooster selection has the largest impact on the rate of success. But when you play 50/50s, some of the pressure of selecting a rooster is taken off.

Remember we already mentioned how daily fantasy contests are full of terrible gamblers? The same gamblers try to outsmart the competition and naturally deviate from the norm. This is why they might pick some less common selections rather than a dependable option. When you participate in such competitions, then winning is simply a process of elimination. If you are able to limit your mistakes and pick a lineup full of consistent performers, you are highly likely to beat bad gamblers. 

  1. Avoid high buy-ins

Here we are going to take reference from a poker room inside a casino. If you have been in the poker room, you know that prices fluctuate from table to table. There will be certain games where you are priced out of, unless you are flush with cash. With daily fantasy the same is true.

On the most popular fantasy sports betting sites you will find countless contests with different buy-ins.

Your approach should be avoiding spending your entire bankroll on one contest with high buy-ins and participating in several contests with smaller buy-ins over several days.

Gamblers might find it enticing to have the “go big or go home” mindset but in reality, this can hamper your chances of success and can result in serious monetary loss. When you put a large stake in a single wager you are risking blowing your entire bankroll.

Your aim should be to keep gambling enjoyable and you can only enjoy if you keep yourself from suffering any serious losses. 

  1. Daily fantasy is not the same as standard fantasy

A common misconception among new daily fantasy players is that it is just like playing fantasy against the school buddies. While we mentioned that fantasy sport betting is not that difficult but there are several quality players as well. Unlike your school friends, these gamblers have their money on the line and they will do anything to win cash.

This is why daily fantasy has some players who are professionally inclined to win bets. This is why you cannot take DFS is a standard fantasy.

If you’re not willing to put in enough efforts into daily fantasy, we advise you to stick to standard fantasy. In DFS, winning requires you to search for the best value among players and be smart about putting your rooster together.

This is why you should learn about the teams and players you are about to put in the rooster. It might seem like a lot of work but the skill you will gain with experience is going to help you win more with traditional sports betting.

  1. Pay Attention to Matchup Influencers

Building on the point above, you cannot be lazy about picking your rooster as it is the factor that decides your success in daily fantasy. There are limitless resources on the Internet sharing information about players and teams. If you are already someone with a fantasy background, this should not be an issue for you.

Fantasy football player tips usually recommend you that you have a research process every Sunday morning before you set your lineup. The process typically involves checking the weather reports, injury reports and browsing through the Twitter feeds to get Intel into the teams.

When you are setting the lineup for daily fantasy, the approach is somewhat similar. The only way you can gain an edge over the majority of other bettors in fantasy sports betting is by putting in research and outworking them.

One of the most important qualities of a sports bettor is the ability to find hidden values and figure out which high-priced players are most likely to flounder. Your methodologies can vary, but the more meticulous you are, the more the chances of your winning.

In daily fantasy, you get a more secured environment to learn and grow as the sports bettor. If you put in enough hours into researching and understanding the process of finding values, you can be a highly successful sports bettor when you switch to traditional sportsbooks.


Daily fantasy is an excellent combination of sports and gambling for those who are unfamiliar with the world of sports betting. If you are somewhat interested in sports betting but lack experience than fantasy sport betting is the right starting point for you even if you have limited experience in dealing with fantasy. DFS is easy to understand as compared to traditional sports betting and even if you have played a single season of the fantasy league, you will find it easy.

Do not get overwhelmed if you find yourself struggling to secure early wins in daily fantasy. Just understand and utilise the fantasy football player tips that we have shared above.

You must be somewhat familiar with the sport you plan to bet on, otherwise, your chances of winning are minimal. For gaining experience when you’re getting started, compete in a few free matchups before investing real money.

Furthermore, avoid overthinking and try to keep things as simple as possible especially when you are playing 50/50 leagues. Additionally, handle your bankroll with responsibility. Avoid high buy-ins wagers and participate more in low buy-ins as then you will be able to be in the pit for a long.

Just keep your focus on research and understanding the rooster and you will already be better than most of the terrible gamblers who participate in daily fantasy.

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