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CSGO Power Ranking Summer 2020

CSGO Power Ranking Summer 2020: Know About Best Teams for CSGO Betting 

CSGO betting is rising in popularity like never before. Esports betting sites are actively focusing on promoting the game but 2020 has been a pretty weird year for CSGO. We know the same can be said to almost everything this year as a pandemic is upon us. Most LAN events are already cancelled while the majority of the games were reformatted into online regional competitions keeping the fans on the edge.

CSGO Power Ranking Summer 2020

This is why uniformed CSGO power ranking makes no sense. OddsMax is here with new CSGO Power Ranking Summer 2020 that is based on the recent performances of the team. Several teams have been at their best in this year so far but none have shown the potential that they can be the biggest. Overall, the German side has benefited most from these regional matches as their overall performance has reached massive heights. Some of the teams from the last year such as NaVi, Vitality, and G2 are also worth mentioning. Even though their performance has dipped slightly still they offer good competition.

Why CSGO Betting is Advised?

Our whole aim to bring you the CSGO powering ranking 2020 for EU is to help you improve your CSGO skin betting next month. Esports betting has taken the front seat ever since the pandemic has forced everyone to be at home due to the lockdown. Gamblers are finding themselves betting on online games such as League of Legends and CSGO.

But if you have not involved yourself in CSGO betting, you might think why you must now. What’s so special about CSGO that it captivated so many gamblers across the world?

We can think of so many reasons from betting on esports. For starters, the game has a massive fan base. When the love for CSGO of these players is combined with their enthusiasm and competitive spirit you got yourself a wicked combination for CSGO betting.

More and more CSGO betting sites are coming up. Also, many esports bettors are in it for money and winning big. They have fancy systematic approaches and long-term strategies to win bets in different ways like CSGO skin betting.

Still most of the enthusiasts are betting on CSGO just for the sake of the thrill of the chase. These people do not bet a lot of money or often bet but when they do, they are keen observers who enjoy every moment of the game.

2020 EU CS:GO Power Ranking

Enough with the details and let’s check out the 2020 EU CS:GO power ranking. We are starting our list with the best European CSGO teams in 2020 thus far, it’s going to be exciting.


At the top of our 2020 EU CS:GO power ranking we have a team that has been beating competitors left and right in all of 2020. BIG is one of the finest European CSGO teams that started its year with a surprising win on DreamHack Open Leipzig.

While the event was not such a major action platform which makes their win little less popular but BIG went against the teams like Renegades, Heroic, and Virtus.pro on to win the title.

Even though BIG’s one-off triumph was magnificent but not many people took notice. We cannot blame them as the German teams are sinking further and further down the rabbit hole with each passing year. But as time progressed, BIG proved that their win was not a one-off thing.

With turbulent first three months, the team found its Mojo with k1to and syrsoN finally synced up with the rest of the team. The new synced up team started their winning streak with two minor titles – #HomeSweetHome Week 1 and 2 winning $30,000 from both the events. But the real win was the formidable run of form that entirely captivated the European scene for the last couple of months.

Speaking of major events, DreamHack Masters Spring EU was the one where BIG made its presence felt as a contender. In the grand finals, the team defeated G2 after already dominating other top-tier teams beforehand. The next huge win for BIG was CS_Summit 6. This time Vitality got handed a defeat.


NaVi or Natus Vincere is always one of the favourite teams in the world of CSGO betting, being most popular in Europe. Their star player S1mple, is one the identifications for the team. He is also considered by many as one of the best players in Global Offensive history.

But how the team plays as a collective is also impressive. Other players include Boombl4 who has finally developed into a proper IGLand, and overall, the team looks like the one that is ready to go down in history books. Assuming that NaVi will not make any changes to the team anytime sooner and S1mple keeps playing at a godlike level, the team is a clear favourite for CSGO betting.

NaVi started the year with an impressive win at the Intel Extreme Masters XIV World Championship in Katowice that earned them $250,000. During ESL Pro League S11 as well the team was pretty solid. They continued with their dominating performance in DH Masters Spring and BLAST Premier Spring tournaments. Although, the team easily managed to reach into the playoffs they never managed to push through to the grand finals.


After the European juggernauts its time to shift our focus to the two French teams who have been wrecking the competitors in 2020 so far. The first team of interest is Vitality, a team run by ZywOo who got rid of the ALEX bringing in the 17-year-old misutaaa to fill his shoes. The young French prodigy has kept his game alive.

Throughout 2020, team Vitality has been pretty consistent but in a bad away. Things turn around for them with the arrival of misutaaa. As the young French star needed time to adjust to the new environment, the first few events were pretty lacklustre. Once he got the hang of things, his performances significantly improved and Vitality started contesting for titles.

If we take a closer look, Vitality ended up on the fourth spot of ESL One: Road to Rio EU. This came after their grand final finishes in both CS Summit 6 and BLAST Premier Spring. Although they lost both the contents to Complexity and BIG respectively, the fight they put up was thrilling. Such action attracts money in CSGO betting.

If we speak of the individual form, ZywOo still remains the man for the team who is both a myth and a legend. To tell you of his repute, ZywOo is the best CSGO player in the world and there exists none who can be listed as close second, not event S1mple. If misutaaa keeps developing his skills the way he is, then Vitality can soon become one of the top contenders in the game.


Another French worthwhile team, G2 can be considered the most consistent team in all of 2020. But as evident, the luck was not on their side and even after competing on three grand finals of notable events, the team lost all the three matches. Worst of all is the fact that these three tournaments were best of 5 contests.

We need to address the obvious fact here that at present G2 does not have the coldhearted clutch potential that is required to reach the top of the food chain. Although the new additions to the team have developed them into a great, well-rounded attack force with likes of CR4ZY, huNter, and nexa. The Balkan duo proved to be an important factor in G2’s success. The up-and-coming ex-CR4ZY stars are already proving their worth for the G2’s starting roster.

As many CSGO betting enthusiasts believe that, G2 has what it takes to remain a consistently high-performance team that can be a serious threat to the top flight of competitive CS:GO in Europe. We believe that when the team returns to the real LAN events. With KennyS getting back in great form and supported by the likes of nexa and hunter and the right mentality and coaching prowess from maLeK, the team could do wonders.


In 2020, Astralis were clearly not in the best form but they are still a force to be reckoned with. No matter what team they deploy, they are always of interest in CSGO betting. The temporary departures of gla1ve and xyp9x have left an impact on every round.

The good old Astralis roster was one of the best in the CS:GO history and it is unlikely that JUGi and es3tag will ever be able to permanently replace gla1ve and xyp9x, but both are doing their best to rise up to the occasion. For any gamer playing for Astralis maybe like a dream come true but in reality, it can be rather stressful, especially with such big shoes to fill.

But it can be deduced that the troubles for Astralis did not start after the departures but the team was playing at the same level from the beginning of the year. If we consider 2019 as the best year for Astralis, the year 2020 is nowhere near 50% of that performance and stats support that too.

Faze Clan

Now for the last spot in our 2020 EU CS:GO power ranking, we have Faze Clan. The team was once the biggest, most star-packed roster in CSGO tournaments but at present, it is a mixture of legends and promising youth stars. With olofmeister and GuardiaN out of the equation, Faze Clan has introduced some upcoming young blood in their starting roster. Of the new players for the team, coldzera isn’t exactly a young player but bymas most certainly is. The youngster has proven quite a profitable bet for the team.

Since his inclusion in the team, Faze Clan reached semifinals in both DH Masters Spring and BLAST Premier Spring. Although the team did had a disastrous CS_Summit 6 campaign, but that’s another story altogether.

Going forward we can expect FaZe Clan to prove their excellence in the upcoming ESL One Cologne and ESL Pro League events. The current roster with likes of NiKo and Coldzera in the same team powered by the game sense and positioning of Rain and trophy thirst of bymas and broky, the team setup can be a perfect recipe for success. With plenty of time, not players to sync up, expectations from the team will be high, but the question remains-will Faze Clan easily choke under pressure like they usually do.

Upcoming CS:GO Events to Bet on

Now that you know the biggest EU CSGO teams at present, here are the two biggest betting opportunities you will find on the esports betting sites.

Betting on ESL One: Cologne

After the end of the players’ 2020 summer break, the next real event is going to be ESL One: Cologne. The LAN format of the event has been cancelled a long time ago and it has been reformatted into four regional events competition. The action which begins from the middle of August will feature some of the best CSGO teams in the world.

It is obvious that CS:GO bookmakers will cover this event, meaning for gamblers there will be plenty for you to bet on. Betting on ESL One: Cologne can be very profitable if you are well aware of all things CSGO betting.

Betting on ESL Pro League Season 12

The online ESL Pro League event that was held earlier this year, will host its eleventh edition next month. Practically, there were two events, one for Europe and one for the Americas. The European trophy was won by team Fnatic while Team Liquid lifted the American iteration.

For next month as well, we are expecting two events again. A lot of top-tier encounters are expected as well as the ESL Pro League betting coverage will also be high. As this will be one of the biggest CSGO events of the year, there will be no lack of coverage.

Betting on Smaller CS:GO Events

ESL’s One and Pro League events are the highlights of the realm but there are a handful of smaller CS:GO competitions as well that you can consider if you want more CSGO betting action. DreamHack Open Summer is one such event starting from August 8th, then there is Legend Series Season 6, ESEA Season 35 Premier Division and Nine to Five #4, all of which will be hosted soon in August and will be played simultaneously with the above listed major events.


CSGO betting is one on the rise and if you are concerning yourself with the biggest events to bet on, pay attention to the best teams in the 2020 EU CS:GO power ranking.

We can rest assured that Europe remains one of the most chaotic battlegrounds for CSGO betting with the likes of Astralis and Fnatic have fallen down and unknown teams stepping up on the occasion and taking the top spots.

BIG is one such team as well as the French teams, G2 and Vitality, have been high performers as well.

Next month, two major CSGO events are to be hosted and we are sure that there will be enough coverage of both the events by CSGO betting sites. At this point, you cannot be sure which team will be the winner in these events, that adds to the excitement.

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