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Champions League Predictions

It’s been a long time since the Champions League was in action. Football fans were getting restless but they will surely get satisfaction midweek. Starting on Tuesday, the last 16 stage of the UCL is going underway and it brings some fantastic fixtures. First, we have Atletico Madrid hosting the defending champions Liverpool. This match-up could be one of the best in this round which is why fans are waiting for it with anticipation. Next, we have PSG traveling to Germany to face Dortmund. Both sides are in fantastic attacking form which should make for an amazing match.

On Wednesday, we have newcomers Atalanta playing against Valencia as both sides are still struggling to find their best form. Last but not least, we have last year’s runner-ups Tottenham hosting the German side RB Leipzig. We finally have Mourinho back in the Champions League and we are all hoping that he will show his antics at some stage. However, more about the fixtures below in our predictions.

Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool >> click here for live odds

The Spanish side is currently having a lot of problems in La Liga. They have a lot of injuries which caused them to drop a lot of points in the last couple of weeks. They are barely holding to a TOP 4 position but they need to put all of that behind them. Midweek, Atletico is playing to arguably the best in the world right now, Liverpool. Historically, Atletico have had good results against the holding champions. They played in the Europa League back in 2010 when Atletico kicked Liverpool out of the competition. Before that, these sides featured together in the group stages of the Champions League back in 2008.

Both matches there finished with 1:1 draws. Atletico have the home turf advantage in the 1st match; however, Liverpool are playing excellent football away from home. It will take a special performance from them if they are to get a positive result against Liverpool.

The Reds are on their way towards their 1st Premier League title in 30 years. With a 22 point advantage over the 2nd placed team, Liverpool can focus all their efforts towards the Champions League. Luck wasn’t really on their side because Atletico Madrid are a side that every team would rather avoid. While they might not be at their best right now, Simeone’s defensive tactics have proven deadly for the best sides in the world. Liverpool don’t have a good history with them; however, the last times they played each other it was a much different Liverpool side.

Now they are the holding champions and will surely try to win 2 in a row. Liverpool have a historic chance to win a Triple crown this year, a feat that only 3 other teams have ever done in the history of football. Although, first they will have to beat Atletico Madrid.


The visitors have more quality and are performing much better at the moment. That’s why bookmakers have given them good odds for an away victory. However, Atletico Madrid enjoy playing matches where they are underdogs. With the home turf advantage on their side Atletico can surely surprise Liverpool or at least get a draw in the 1st match. For that reason, we are backing a Both Teams to Score outcome.

Borussia Dortmund vs PSG >> click here for live odds

When the last 16 draws were made it looked like PSG got an easy draw. Dortmund were performing bad, they were even out of the TOP 6 in the Bundesliga. However, things changed drastically in the last couple of weeks. Their form rose up drastically and they are once again back in the title race in the Bundesliga. Additionally, they will be very dangerous in the Champions League, especially in attack. Dortmund have shown they can score against anyone and PSG don’t really have the best defense. Meetings between these sides are really scarce as they have played against each other only twice in history.

Back in 2010 both teams featured in the group stages of the Europa League and both group games finished with a draw. Dortmund need to use their home turf advantage and get a positive result because the 2nd match in Paris is going to be hell.

The French Champions have been performing amazingly in Ligue 1 in the last couple of years; however, they always fell short when it came to the Champions League. Last year it was the shock exit by the hands of Manchester United and every year before that, something unexpected happened. However, this time PSG look like they have the squad to go as far as possible in the Champions League. PSG have been undefeated in 22 matches in all competitions. Additionally, they scored 3 or more goals against their opponents in most of those matches. This is exactly what will make this fixture fantastic. Both sides are not adamant in defense but their attacks look scary. PSG should be able to go through to the next round but they might not be able to win the 1st match that’s played in Germany.


While Dortmund are performing admirably right now, their squad is still far from the best. Compared to PSG, they are definitely the weaker side. In the 1st match, Dortmund has the home turf advantage and they will surely use that to get a positive result. However, it might not be enough to win against this PSG side. We are backing an Over 3.5 Goals outcome.

Atalanta vs Valencia >> click here for live odds

The Italian side are the surprise of the tournament. They started the group stages with 2 losses and everyone considered them out of the tournament. However, they managed to come back in the game and eventually be a part of the last 16 phase for the first time ever. Atalanta had some trouble in the league during the 1st part of the season but now they look stronger than ever which is why they are back in the TOP 4. They haven’t played a professional match against Valencia so we don’t have any stats to follow. Atalanta have one disadvantage though and that’s the fact that they are not playing the UCL home games on their stadium. Valencia will try to hold on to a positive result and then get a win in the 2nd match when they play at home.

The Spanish side is having mixed performances in all competitions. After a terrible start to the season, Valencia seem to be getting a grip on their performances. The are finally in the TOP 6 as they managed to hold Atletico Madrid to a draw in the last round. Things were the same in the Champions League. They started off good, then they were on the brink of crashing out of the tournament, only to manage to take Ajax’s spot in the last 16 in the last fixture of the group stages. Valencia haven’t gone past the 16 phase in the Champions League in many years as they are not the club they were 10-15 years ago. However, now they have the perfect chance to book a spot for the quarter-finals. Atalanta are a fantastic team but they lack the experience in European games and Valencia should take advantage of that.


Based on current form Atalanta are considered favorites for this one. However, since they don’t play home games at their own turf, the Italian side doesn’t really have an advantage over Valencia. “Los Che” have more experience than them when it comes to European games and that should give them a small edge. For that reason, we are backing a X2 Double Chance outcome.

Tottenham vs RB Leipzig >> click here for live odds

Last but not least, we have a fixture between last year’s finalists and the German Red Bull side. The Spurs are having a very unorthodox season but since Mourinho arrived, they have been playing much better. As a Champions League veteran, couch Mourinho should be able to lead Tottenham at least to the quarter finals of the tournament. They have never played against Leipzig before which just shows how inexperienced the German side is when it comes to the Champions League. Tottenham should use the home turf advantage and win the 1st match, gaining enough of an edge to take them to the quarter finals even if the 2nd match in Germany doesn’t go in their favor. The Spurs have several injuries to key players but even without them, they should be able to win on Wednesday.

The Red Bull side has been a part of elite football for just a couple of years. They went through the lower tiers of the German Bundesliga swiftly and became a part of the elite. As a matter of fact, in recent years, Leipzig have been the only team that challenged Bayern for the Bundesliga title. They have been featuring in the Champions League as well and they are now part of the last 16 phase. Leipzig have a bit of a performance crisis right now which is how Bayern climbed top of the table. However, the Champions League is a different story and Leipzig will surely try to win against the Spurs on Wednesday.

They might even take a defensive approach which will lead to a draw or a narrow loss. Playing at home has been their strength and they will try to use that and eventually eliminate the Spurs.


If we look at squad names, the Spurs have an advantage over Leipzig. However, performance wise, both sides are pretty equal which means the only advantage the Spurs have in the 1st game is that they are playing at home. Additionally, Mourinho knows how to win UCL elimination games. This should be enough for the Spurs to get a win, even if it’s a very small one. For that reason, we are backing a Home Side Victory.

For more Champions League Predictions, tune in with us next week!

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