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Beating the Odds-NFL Teams that made to Playoffs After Starting 0-3

NFL Wager That Turned Heads – Biggest NFL Bets of All Time

Sports betting over the years has grown, and not only in Las Vegas but very much beyond the realm of the US soil. NFL is one of the most followed sports on the planet which is why we often see fans going out the limits to wager on their favorite teams and players. We are here with some of the biggest NFL betting events that made headlines. We will look at the NFL bets and odds that made millions for bettors leaving memorable stories for us to revisit.

Bettor who walked home with $250,000

Often, we hear about NFL betting stories where a $5 ticket resulted in a huge payout for bettors. All they have to do is to hit 10-12 games in a parlay with success and the winning payout can be easily over a few hundred.

That’s cool.

But when someone walks home with a quarter of a million dollars against his $8,500 parlay, then such a bet makes it in the history as one of the biggest NFL bets ever made. It happened during the 2017 season when an anonymous bettor was confident on his grasp of the game. He wagered his $8,500 on a 5-game parlay that included Ravens, Patriots, Chiefs, Raiders and Lions. His first four best were easily successful and on his fifth hit would be on Lions to win outright against the Giants as three-point underdogs. That was the game when Matthew Stafford led the Lions for a spectacular victory against the Giants with 24-10.

The bettor who remains anonymous created history that day converting his $8,500 to a cool $2,25,000.

Billy Walters Wins, Phil Ivey Loses

Billy Walters is included among the mammoths of the sports betting industry who has several high profile seven-figure wins on his name. NFL betting is one of his all-time favorites and he is known to have made some big money betting against NFL odds.

He hit the bar of football betting when in 2007 he wagered on the USC Trojans vs. Michigan Wolverines game. He put a solid $2.2 million for the Trojans to win and they won indeed making Rose Bowl unforgettable for the betting star. However, it was not his biggest NFL bet of all time. The real marvel of his NFL betting skills was at display during the 2010 Super Bowl. Walters wagered $3.5 million for underdog New Orleans Saints to win against Colts. As we know the Colts were sacked outright by the Saints 31-17, making the win biggest successful NFL bet known to the public.

But the game has become a soar thought for Phil Ivey who also made a sizeable bet in the same game, unfortunately, he bet his $2 million on the Colts. The massive loss is slated as one of the biggest losses Ivey has ever faced.

When big money was lost 

Remember the 2016 season performance of the Carolina Panthers?

That was one of the most impressive performances by the team in years. The Panthers were regularly winning their games that included several blowout victories with a total tally reaching 15-1. When they drubbed the Cardinals in the NFC Championship by 49-15, the Panthers sealed their spot as the favorites for the upcoming big game. Playing against the Broncos, the team was five point favorites with NFL odds heavily favoring the Panthers.

No surprise that most of the best were placed on the Panthers as they seemed invisible, so much that one of the bettors wagered humungous $623,142 on the team to win outright. We need not remind you what happened in the game when the Broncos defense suffocated Cam Newton’s powerful offense, pulling off the upset 24-10.

The game was unimaginably opposite as it is but for someone out there it was a financial massacre.

Birdman Lost Yet Winning 

One of the biggest hip hop names in 2011, Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman hit the headlines when he won big during Super Bowl 45. The game he bet on involved the Packers and the Steelers. Apparently, Lil Wayne who was Birdman’s good friend was a Packers fan that drove Birdman’s decision to wager $1 million on the Packers. It is known how the 31-25 Packers win made a bank for the hip hop star. Although we haven’t included Birdman to our list of biggest NFL bets of all times.

The event we want to highlight is when Birdman decided to bet $5 million on a Patriots-Giants game the following season. He wanted to bet his millions on the Patriots who were 2.5 favorites in the NFL odds. However, no sportsbook was willing to take the risk such a massive amount. Lucky for Birdman fellow rapper 50 Cent prompted him a $1 million wager that Birdman accepted. Long story short 50 Cent won but the real winner that night was Birdman who got to save his $4 million simply because he wasn’t able to place the bet.

NFL betting industry witnesses a lot of historical moments every season. The ones we listed above stand out because of the huge amount of money that made a bank for some bettors while left others with a cash crunch.

We hope our readers go for football betting with a more knowledgeable approach rather than sheer interest-driven strategy after reading stories of the biggest successful NFL bets. The only certain way to ensure long-term success is to understand NFL odds and study NFL Lines. Keep yourself prepared, who knows someday you might make one of the biggest NFL bets.

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