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Betting Tips for Winning At Major League Soccer

Soccer might be the most followed sport globally, but if you ask fans most of them do not hold Major League Soccer in high regard. The reasons are many, but mostly the lackluster of star power that drives the European soccer scene results in lack of interest. Also, the quality of soccer in the US is simply not the same.

major league soccer

But speaking from purely a bettor’s perspective, a $100 betting win from Premier League is worth exactly the same as a $100 bet win in the States on the top league. Even some of the bettors believe that the relative lack of interest in the Major League Soccer might present some unique opportunity to capitalize if you have the right strategies.

If you want to win with MLS betting you need to know more than just what to look for before placing a bet. You also need to be able to use all the information you can gather about the match.

Do not mistake that knowing soccer betting at the international level will provide a sure shot edge in Major League Soccer. It is important that you learn the specifics of MLS. Here we are about to share with you what to look for and how to use that information to create a winning Major League Soccer betting strategy.

1. Assess International Player Impact

Over the years, the MLS has attracted a fair amount of European players who have travelled across the Atlantic to join the teams. Most bettors seem to always overvalue the importance of these players acquired from the European teams.

There is no doubt that the players who come from the top European teams or the Premier League have a clear impact on the game, but it is not enough for an average team to overshadow a team with an overall better performance.

Sportsbooks are well aware of the bias bettors have towards the team with well known foreign players which is why they set the odds accordingly. We are not suggesting that you must overlook the importance of the international players but be wary that you understand the odds and if there is enough value to make a good play.

2. Consider Betting on Draws

If you are betting on American sports for long you might be under the impression that most games do not often end in a draw, but soccer matches in the US end in a draw for a fair good deal. It is evident that from the competitive standpoint it is not an advantage but for betting strategies, there is a major impact.

Effective sports gambling is all about understanding the value in a bet. As a general rule of thumb, any bet that requires you to put more money than you stand to win is a “low-value” play.

For a draw, the odds can vary significantly, but it is not always a bad choice to take a shot when you have an opportunity when two closely matched teams are up against each other. Let’s understand this with an example.

You might wager on Team A at $100 bet at -120 (a close game) to win.

You will have a better chance of a big win if you choose to place $40 bet on a tie at +250.

You might also wonder that such a strategy will also set you up for a major loss if the team you wager on loses. This is true, but consider that two of the three possible outcomes (win, loss, or tie) will result in you winning good money.

Obviously, there is no way to win both the bets which makes this a risky play, but if you have a bigger bankroll you can make some serious money. An opportunity to win on two out of three outcomes is a very lucrative one.

3. Prop Bets

Prop bets are a controversial idea that some bettors advise against. We do not recommend you to make them a consistent part of your strategy, but still, if you have some spare money in your bankroll it will not hurt to try your chance at placing a couple of bets.

In fact, soccer is one of the most popular sports that attracts prop bets which is surprising to some. Betting on who will score a goal and when it will happen is a hugely popular bet that attracts some big money and is a routine part of prop bets.

Another reason why these plays are so popular is because of their difficult nature odds offered by sportsbooks for pro bets are often very enticing. You can make a handful of prop bets and win just one, still, you will come out with a nice profit.

In MLS, even if a team has some of the best scorers you can easily find odds around +250 for betting on an individual player scoring a goal. Most players are around +400 to +600. Simply put, if you lay bet the same amount on three different players at +400, even if you win one bet, you will come out as a winner and cover the losses for the other two bets.

Another type of prop bet which is popular is the total number of goals scored. This is not same as the over/under bets as here you need to predict the exact score. It is tough, but if you predict it right, you are paid handsomely.

Most gamblers find this bet particularly attractive because they can pack a range of goals and still win money.

Consider a scenario where you find the total odds at: 2 goals at +400, 3 goals at +450, and 4 goals at +500.

Now if the game finishes with a total number of goals between 2 and 4, you win.

Furthermore, another type of prop bet that is hugely popular is betting on when a goal will be scored. Now every sportsbook has its own time ranges, but mostly you will find the option for the first 10 minutes, late in the first half and the beginning of the second half.

The odds on prop bets offered to make them worthy of the play, but make sure that you are getting the best value out of the play. Also, remember that it is okay to place multiple bets in the same category. It ensures that even if you lose at a couple of your plays, you still come out as a winner.

4. League Differences

It might be the same game, but Premier League and Major League Soccer’s postseason system can have a major impact on your gambling.

If you have been an active bettor from the European matches, you might be influenced by the way things are done there. The differences in MLS might not be significant for a beginner but as an avid bettor, you must keep those in mind.

When it comes to overall records, the top teams in MLS are not as significant as in other leagues. This is why in matches where top-tier teams go against lower-tier teams, the competition is much complicated than what the table standings might suggest.

In MLS, there is no relegation like the Premier League where the bottom three teams get demoted to a lower league and must earn their way back to the top. This is why in such leagues it is better for bettors as the teams fight hard to avoid relegation that opens opportunities to place bets.

In Major League Soccer there is no such fight back, usually in absence of a relegation, the teams that suffer a down year have no incentive to win and typically fade out towards the end of the season.

Before placing a bet, it is important that you keep notice of these differences and more. Do not treat MLS same as the European leagues.


Even if you are not aware of the soccer, you still have the opportunity to make money with MLS bets. As the popularity of the league is growing all over America there is no better time to consider the market for betting.


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