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Best Call of Duty League Teams You Must Bet On

Among all the esports leagues, Call of Duty League (CDL) is relatively new. But in a short period, it has exploded into a major esports interest all over the world.

It is common that the first-person-shooter (FPS) games have a decades-long fanbase, this might be the reason why CDL is establishing itself as a major attraction for gamers. Call of Duty League teams are getting more exposure and popularity as a result.

In 2020, the Call of Duty League began its first season with 12 teams from Europe and North America. The European tournaments were represented by the London Royal Ravens and the Paris Legion.  

The CDL is also a city-based sports league same as the Overwatch League. Both these leagues are operated by the same brand, the Activision-Blizzard.

Call of Duty League teams takes turns hosting events in their hometown every week, allowing local fans to watch their local teams in action.

At the end of the season, the top 8 teams advance to the playoffs. OddsMax has put this guide together to help those of you who are interested in Call of Duty betting. We discuss how the league operates and the best Call of Duty League teams that you can bet on.

CDL Season Format and Schedule

When the Call of Duty League was first created in 2019, the format for the season was set then but there was some backlash from the community. As the organizers set that regular season to end with playoffs, the gamers and enthusiasts were not happy about it as professional Call of Duty has never been played like that.

Professional Call of Duty tournaments are being played for years and they serve as the precursor for CDL. The backlash from the community forced the league to make changes to season format and drop the idea of a regular season and a postseason.

Now Call of Duty League teams play tournaments throughout the year, and there is only one postseason tournament that decides which are the best teams in the league.

To provide maximum exposure, a different team hosts each tournament such that each Call of Duty League team gets to host at least one event per season. All the matches are aired live on YouTube, thanks to an exclusive partnership with Google.

Also, CDL games are exclusively played on Sony PlayStation which is also the official platform for the league.

The global pandemic did take some toll on the league’s plan to host the home series events. Taking note of the wellbeing of players and the fans, the league adapted quickly and transformed into an online league instead of a stadium event.

Format of Call of Duty League Matches

If you have ever played the Call of Duty or has seen someone else play, then you know that the game is a fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) that’s popular for quick kills and skilful players.

The later seasons of the CDL might change to the newer versions of the game depending on the latest release, but for the inaugural season, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the game chosen for the battle among the teams.

The matches are usually played by two of the five teams in a best of five series, but over the weekend teams play each other in a “group play” and is commonly referred to as the home series.

4 teams with the best group-play score compete in a mini-tournament

Final 2 teams winning in this tournament play for the home series championship

The winners take home the biggest weekend price while the runner ups also receive a money prize

The home series championship-winning call of duty league teams apart from winning money prizes also gain higher point total.

The total prize pool for the inaugural CDL season was $6 million with the best Call of Duty League team winning the league champion at the end of the season taking the biggest prize.

Playoffs and Finals

The Call of Duty League season is usually split into two parts: Spring and Summer. Between the two seasons, the league also hosts of the mid-season all-star event.

The top 8 teams at the end of the season automatically qualify for the playoffs which the remaining 4 teams play as wildcards.

Technically, every team enters the playoffs, but the top 8 teams have an advantage.

While the bottom 4 teams face tougher opponents.

When 6 Call of Duty League teams remains, the tournament switched to double elimination until only 2 teams remain.

The final winning team becomes the next Call of Duty League Champion.

Interestingly, the inaugural season is still ongoing so there exists no CDL champion at the moment. The best Call of Duty League team that will win the championship will have the honour to be regarded as the first-ever CDL champion, that might also earn them a legend status.

Best Call of Duty League Teams 

1- Atlanta Faze

Atlanta Faze LogoOwned by the Faze Clan and Atlanta Esports Ventures, Atlanta Faze is one of the first teams to have joined the league. Unsurprisingly, they are also the best Call of Duty League team.

Chris “Simp” Lehr is the star player for the team. If you don’t know him, he was previously associated with the eUnited and played a significant role for their success winning an MVP award. There are other well-known names in this CDL team such as Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris and McArthur “Cellium” Jovel.

Thus far, there has been no stopping for Atlanta Faze who have been unstoppable. As one of the most successful Call of Duty League teams, they have won two home series events and a runaway success. There is no other CDL team closer to the team, even the second-best Call of Duty League team, Dallas Empire is 30 points behind.

Looking at the numbers, you realize how much potential is for call of duty betting, wagering on Faze.

Over the last season, the team has won 85% of matches played with over 65% of individual games.

Their strategy is precise as well as their execution is improving week after week. They can be the front claimant for the championship.

2- Dallas Empire

dallas-empire-logoSince the beginning of the Call of Duty League, the Dallas Empire has been a serious contender but their game-winning attitude is not respected by other teams.

Although their fans love them, the Dallas Empire has problems with others and their rivalry with the team next on the list, the Chicago Huntsmen is also ugly.

Nothing is clear but the rivalry between the two Call of Duty League teams probably started when they first met in the opening weekend of the tournament in the inaugural season. The Huntsmen walked away with the win at the London Royal Ravens Home series, and it was the beginning of the rivalry between the teams.

When the Huntsmen hosted the home series, in a tit for tat move, the Empire walked away with the win in the tournament. The lack of any fondness among the teams can lead to some serious action in the matches down the line. For Call of Duty betting enthusiasts, it is an opportunity that such rivalry exists between two good teams.

Here are some facts that you must know about the Dallas Empire. The Empire is owned by Team Envy, one of the most recognized esports organizations.

Just like the Faze, The Empire was also one of the five teams to sign up for the Call of Duty League. Their rooster has a good amount of versatility due to the presence of new and veteran players.

From the viewpoint of Call of Duty betting, you must know that although the Empire are not the first in the list for the league it will not be a wise move to bet against them when they go against a tough opponent. You must keep an eye out for them as the Dallas Empire has shown throughout the inaugural tournament that they can easily dominate.

3- Chicago Huntsmen

chicago-huntsman-logoChicago’s favourite team, the Huntsmen are popular for their gameplay as well as their logo. The green coat of arms with crossed axes is not a typical esports logo, but it does works.

While the name might seem little cruel, but the Huntsmen have a befitting title given how they hunt down their rivals relentlessly. We already mentioned how deep rooted the rivalry is between the Empire and the Huntsmen, but one player who feels the animosity more than others is Seth “Scump” Abner.

By far one of the best players for the Chicago Huntsmen, Scump is also one of the best the Call of Duty League. Although considered a Call of Duty veteran, he still has a lot of game left in him.

The Chicago Huntsmen is owned by NRG. The CEO of the organization is Hector “H3CZ” Rogriguez, who is a known professional Call of Duty player who was associated with the game for many years before he managed professional esports teams.

H3CZ founded the OpTic gaming which was bought a few years ago by NRG and with him, Scump followed his former boss and joined the Huntsmen. With Scump and H3CZ at the helm, the Huntsmen is one of the best Call of Duty League teams and their presence makes the team a constant threat for the opponents.

At the moment the Huntsmen stand at the 2nd place in the inaugural season, but between the midseason and postseason, their ranking can go in any direction. Whether they will make it all the way or not is one of the exciting things about Call of Duty betting.


Call of Duty might be in its nascent state at the moment, but it is going through a lot of changes and soon it will be counted among the major esports leagues.

There are several Call of Duty League teams that have already positioned their flags as cornerstones of the league, but the bottom-dwelling teams are also on the lookout for the win.

Call of Duty League is something the fans have wanted for years and now they have got one. This is an excellent opportunity for esports gamblers to keep a tab of best Call of Duty League teams.

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